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Chapter: 816

"Great tribe chiefs? Do you have anything to say to them?"

Raccoon gave a surprised look at Hyeonu’s words, which he never expected.

"I’ll tell you when we get there, Raccoon." 

Hyeonu didn’t tell Raccoon beforehand. He would explain it in the presence of others, just as Raccoon had done to Teika.

"Is it interesting?"

"Let's see? Wouldn’t that depend on the listeners?"

Hyeonu’s proposal might be interesting to some great tribe chiefs, but for others, it was likely to be just that.

"Really? Well, you’re not the type to talk about strange things... Let’s go."

Raccoon gladly accepted Hyeonu’s offer. Raccoon trusted Hyeonu. 

Raccoon, Hyeonu, Yeongchan, and Teika used a magic circle to travel to Viper, the capital of the League of Different Species. Hyeonu, Teika, and Yeongchan gathered together and talked among themselves while Raccoon called the great tribe chiefs.

"Have you learned fighting energy well, Teika?"

"I learned it well. It is a really good stat. I also like the Fighting Energy Emission skill."

Teika was very grateful to Hyeonu. Thanks to Hyeonu, he got the fighting energy stat from Raccoon and also a good skill called Fighting Energy Emission. Additionally, he was the first player to change to a different species.

‘That is why I got a title.’

Teika earned a title after becoming an orc. ‘The First Orc’ was a fairly useful title for the name. It was a title that showed the performance of a considerably great item. This was achieved due to a simple favor from Hyeonu. It was even stranger not to thank Hyeonu.

This was why Teika immediately delivered the conversation in the meeting room straight to Hyeonu.

"It is all thanks to Alley Leader. I will definitely repay this favor. Let me know if you need my help later. I will walk over with both hands."

"Really? Then sooner or later, we should do a joint live stream or something. After this guy becomes an elf, the three of us together." 

Hyeonu was pleased with Teika’s words. There was no need to talk about a favor but there was no need to refuse when this guy wanted to repay it.

"I understand. Please contact me when the schedule is decided. I’ll appear right away. In the meantime, should I take a break from streaming? This way, people will be more interested, right?"

"There is no need for that. People will come just by doing a joint live stream with you, Teika. Additionally, this guy is going to become an elf."

Hyeonu pointed to Yeongchan.

An orc and an elf—the combination of the two had always been able to attract people’s interest. Therefore, it didn’t matter if Teika revealed that he had become an orc.

"I’ve gathered them all."

Raccoon called all the great tribe chiefs and found Hyeonu.

"Let’s go quickly. Everyone must be busy."

Hyeonu moved quickly toward Raccoon.

‘I think I’m the busiest...’

In fact, Hyeonu’s schedule wasn’t that relaxed either. The work had to be done quickly and then he would move to the north.

"Honestly, I didn’t think we would ever see each other again, but we met sooner than I thought. How have you all been? Your faces look good."

Hyeonu made eye contact with the great tribe chiefs of every species sitting in the meeting hall.

"We know this, so say it quickly. Why did you call us?" Raccoon urged from where he was standing behind Hyeonu. He had been curious since earlier. What was Hyeonu going to say to the great tribe chiefs?

"Great tribe chiefs, do you know what is happening on the continent right now?" Hyeonu glanced at Raccoon before nodding and opening his mouth.

"I heard the news that a large army of the undead has appeared in the north. The kids who were outside came back and told me."

There were also members of the different species living in the north. They escaped from the threat of the undead. However, the process wasn’t that difficult. No one touched the different species returning to the League of Different Species. It was because they had clearly seen the end of those who touched the different species.

"That’s right, a large army of undead has appeared. They are threatening the empire. So let me tell you. I hope you will send reinforcements from the League of Different Species."

This was what Hyeonu wanted to say. He was asking for support from them to deal with the undead army.

"Do we even need to go out? The dragons haven’t even come out yet."

A great tribe chief reacted bitterly to Hyeonu’s words. He didn’t feel the need to sacrifice himself. The human empire was formidable and the dragons, who were called the coordinators of the demon world, hadn't appeared yet. It looked dangerous, but he decided it wasn’t really dangerous.

"Even at this moment, the damage continues to grow. Victory is a matter of course. It is just that the damage caused by the war must be minimized. You don’t know that, do you?" Hyeonu asked while glaring at the great tribe chief who gave his opinion.

Yeongchan and Teika had no choice but to watch Hyeonu’s appearance with anxious faces. They didn’t know what Hyeonu was thinking, so it was best to just stay still. On the other hand, Raccoon had a strange smile.

"War… it is a pity to fight with corpses, but... won’t this be interesting?" Raccoon was just interested in being able to fight. In particular, he was encouraged that he could give his son and successor, Cancun, a new experience.

"I also think you are mistaken. I’m not forcing the great tribe chiefs to make unconditional sacrifices. I am asking for a fair deal," Hyeonu continued speaking.

"Do you know what type of adventurers are involved in the war against the undead army? Among the adventurers, those who have a talent superior to others are gathered. Don’t you know what this means?" Hyeonu asked in a soft voice.

"A place for publicity..." Teika’s words came out like a sigh. He realized what Hyeonu was talking about.

"If we show a good performance during the war, adventurers will flock to us by themselves. Is this what you are talking about?" the elf great tribe chief, Nile, asked Hyeonu as if to confirm it.

"That’s right. It can attract adventurers." Hyeonu nodded.

"Are you telling us to go to war to show off? It is ridiculous."

A great tribe chief was furious at Hyeonu’s words. If they went to war, someone had to be sacrificed. They couldn’t sacrifice their own species in order to bring in some adventurers.

"Then let’s do this. I’ll take care of it myself. Raccoon, what species is this great tribe chief from?" Hyeonu turned to look at Raccoon.

"He is from the dog people tribe. They look similar to lycanthropes or werewolves, but if you look closely, their ears look like dogs." Raccoon revealed the identity of the great tribe chief who refuted Hyeonu’s words.

"None of the great adventurers will ever change their species to the dog people tribe. Not a single one," Hyeonu murmured softly with a hard expression.

"What?!" the great tribe chief of the dog people tribe stood up and shouted at Hyeonu.

"Naturally, the dog people will be weeded out. You will have to watch with your own eyes the creation of one or two gods in other species. Still, what can I do? The species is so precious. Too many humans have already died."

Hyeonu’s eyes were very cold. It was sharp at the same time. It felt like he was going to cut something with his eyes.

"Are you threatening me now?! This human dares!!" the great tribe chief of the dog people shouted at Hyeonu again.

"It isn’t a threat. The deal has gone wrong, so I naturally have to take appropriate action."

Hyeonu gently raised the corners of his lips and smiled.

It happened at this moment...

The great tribe chiefs started to talk about joining the war.

"The elves will support it in reasonable numbers." 

"The orcs will come out as well. It isn’t the orcs that refuse to go to war."

"The dwarves will focus on supplies rather than supporting warriors. We’ll hand over the equipment at a low price. It is equipment at a level that adventurers can use."

The orcs, elves, and dwarves who had a friendly relationship with Hyeonu immediately accepted Hyeonu’s offer. Raccoon wasn’t the type to refuse to fight and it was the same for the orc species. Nile owed Hyeonu a debt, so he naturally participated in the war. Additionally, the elves were mostly elementalists, magicians and archers. They were rear resources with an extremely low probability of losing their lives.

The dwarves had a similar situation. They would support with equipment rather than fighting. It wasn’t free, but it would be offered at a low price. There was nothing to lose.

"The rest should decide now. I think it will take quite a bit of time to get to the battlefield."

Raccoon stood behind Hyeonu and started to pressure the other great tribe chiefs. It was as if the two of them were on the same side.


In a space filled with colorful decorations, a man shouted into his phone with an urgent expression, "Brother, please contact him just once. Brother!! Please. I beg you to do this."

This man was really ready to fall to his knees. His body gradually descended and got closer to the ground.

-Well, I can’t get in touch with him either. Additionally, didn’t he say he would participate this time? Just put your mind at ease.

Unlike the man’s desperate appearance, the voice on the other end of the phone was calm.

"Still... can’t you contact him just once? The territory can’t fly away, Brother. How much money has been spent there? The seven fools won’t put up with it."

-That is your situation. If it is that urgent, then just keep calling. I don’t know.


The man’s knees eventually hit the floor. The man held the broken phone and collapsed like this for a long time.

"It isn’t the time for this. I need to make the call. The call..."

The man shook his head and started to tap on the phone again. It rang for a while before the phone managed to connect.


Korean was heard over the phone. It was different from the previous calls where Chinese was heard.

"How have you been? I am Liu Shei."

The name of the man with the desperate expression was Liu Shei. It was the man called the 1st dragon of the Kowloon Guild, one of the top guilds in China.

-Ah, Liu Shei. I’m doing well. Liu Shei, how are you doing?

This time, English came out, not Korean. Liu Shei was talking to Hyeonu. "Ah, yes. I am doing well too, except for a small problem." 

-Do you have a problem? I hope it gets resolved.

"I also hope so. Can I ask, when are you coming to the north?"

-Huh? The north? I plan to go in a few days, but... is the problem related to the north?

Hyeonu thought for a moment before replying to Liu Shei, who asked about his movements.

"It is our guild’s territory that the undead army is attacking this time. That is why I’m very worried, Alley Leader. If you can just help me once..."

This was the reason why Liu Shei’s expression wasn’t very good. It was because the territory of the Kowloon Guild was in the way of the advance of the undead army. The territory was a huge flow of money for the Kowloon Guild. If such a territory was taken away...

It would be a fatal blow for the Kowloon Guild.

-Ah, is that so? Don’t worry too much. I’ll bring a strong support force.

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