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Chapter: 818

[Defend the City]

[Defend the imperial cities from the undead army that has emerged from the north.

Rating: SS

Conditions: Defend the territory against the attack of the undead for 10 days 0/1.

Rewards: Experience, a gift from the emperor.]

‘A gift... Good.’

Hyeonu arrived in the north after leaving the imperial palace and smiled as he looked at the quest window. The others were doing unpaid work, but he was different. Hyeonu’s self-satisfaction ended there. Just then, a guest arrived.

"Raccoon, thank you for coming like this."

They were the different species who came to the north with reinforcements.

"What thanks? Favors are rewarded with favors." Raccoon, who was in the forefront, stopped in front of Hyeonu.

"That is only true for some species. It isn’t like that for the rest, right?"

"A guy like this is saying that? Tsk, tsk…" Raccoon clicked his tongue. It hadn’t been long since he personally witnessed Hyeonu make masked threats in front of the great tribe chiefs. Yet Hyeonu was now shamelessly saying such a thing. Raccoon couldn’t just let this matter pass even if he tried.

"Everyone wants to help and live. Who doesn’t want such a good thing? Raccoon, you became a species god with your own power, but... it is impossible for others to do so," Hyeonu replied with a smile.

Then he quickly walked behind Raccoon and shouted at the other species, "There is a separate place for you to stay once inside the castle. Food is also prepared at a separate place. I hope you can relax before the war."

Hyeonu had used a large amount of gold to prepare for the welfare of the different species. Of course, the money didn’t belong to Hyeonu personally. It was the people’s money, which was given to him to help prevent the city from collapsing.

‘I guess Liu Shei was in a hurry.’

Liu Shei was pleased to hear that Hyeonu would bring the different species and said he would provide all the support. Hyeonu told Liu Shei what the different species needed, and it was all prepared within a day. Then Hyeonu turned again to look at Raccoon. "I heard that the undead will arrive in three days. Raccoon should rest in the meantime."

"I don’t like feeling itchy like this... Spar with me." Raccoon came one step closer to Hyeonu.

Hyeonu took a step back. "I’m busy with work..."

"Busy? With who?" Raccoon’s gaze began to heat up.

Hyeonu hurriedly shook his head. "Of course, Raccoon comes first. After all, you went to war like this for the sake of my cause."

He followed Raccoon with a bitter smile.


The news that Hyeonu arrived in the north spread, and the number of people looking for him increased.

"Alley Leader has arrived in the north? Then you should’ve contacted me right away!" Kalen, the master of the Venom Guild, shouted with an urgent face.

The Venom Guild hadn’t made much of a buzz since the video of the undead that they released with Hyeonu. The presence of a very small guilty conscience and the name value of being the first to announce the northern undead army—the combination of these two prevented them from leaving the battlefields of the north. For that reason, the heat naturally cooled down. They weren’t the driving force of the issues that followed.

"I didn’t know because he didn’t show his face until the arrival of the different species today. You also know that," Crimson firmly countered Kalen’s words. He was confident because he had done nothing wrong.

"That is the case. I will try to contact him first." Kalen nodded and quickly changed his attitude. Then he immediately sent a whisper to Hyeonu.

-To Gang Hyeonu: Alley Leader, can you contact me now?

A reply came back quickly as if Hyeonu had been waiting for Kalen to contact him.

-From Gang Hyeonu: Yes, it doesn’t matter. What’s going on?

-To Gang Hyeonu: I want to talk about the way going forward.

-From Gang Hyeonu: Ah, that? Then shall we meet up now and talk in person? It is a bit too much to do it through a whisper.

-To Gang Hyeonu: Then we will meet in front of the east gate. Other places have many watching eyes.

Kalen arranged a meeting with Hyeonu in an instant. He left the other Venom Guild members and moved to meet Hyeonu alone.

"I’m here, Alley Leader." Kalen raised his hand to Hyeonu, who was walking on the wall.

"How have you been?" Hyeonu greeted Kalen with a bright expression. It was bound to be so. He used the excuse that Kalen had called to slip out of Raccoon’s grasp.

‘He is terribly strong.’ 

Hyeonu was still under the illusion that his hands were shaking. He had become a lot stronger, but he still had a long way to go. Raccoon was too strong. He wasn’t the Raccoon that Hyeonu used to spar against in the past. The difference was so great that it was impossible to fathom how much strength Raccoon had been holding back when they fought previously.

"I have been busy fighting the undead in the north. Nothing has happened other than that. Streaming has been mediocre," Kalen replied.

"Is that so? That isn’t particularly good news." Hyeonu frowned slightly. The Venom Guild was still in a position to rise steeply. It was because they didn’t have that many subscribers. However, the growth rate must be very poor if it was called mediocre.

‘It isn’t something I should worry about, but... I think it will be helpful to raise it a little bit.’

However, there was no connection between the Venom Guild falling into this state and Hyeonu helping them. It was just that there was a possibility that the Venom Guild would be of some help to Hyeonu in the future. Thus, Hyeonu was trying to take care of them. It wasn’t for them but for Hyeonu himself.

"Have you ever watched my live streams in the past, Kalen?" Hyeonu asked Kalen.

"I haven’t watched all of them, but I’ve watched most of the footage you uploaded to your channel," Kalen answered. Kalen had his own job to do, so it wasn’t easy for him to watch Hyeonu’s live streams. Even so, he would take the time to watch the videos that Hyeonu uploaded. It was so he could know what Hyeonu was doing.

"Then it would be easier for us to talk. I don’t know how many times it was before, but didn’t I say it in the main scenario? There is someone taking information from the other side."

Hyeonu was talking about Sunny in the fifth main scenario. Even then, the opponent was Edward. To be precise, it was when they were dealing with Alkyl. Sunny passed on the information she knew to Hyeonu, and Hyeonu delivered it to Lebron.

"I remember. It turned out that Sunny gave the information back then..." Kalen remembered it. It was related to the main scenario, so he remembered it more clearly.

"That’s right, Sunny handed me the information at that time. This time, I want the Venom Guild to play that role."

"Do you mean that the entire Venom Guild should be spies?" Kalen asked.

Hyeonu nodded.

Kalen was right.

A spy—this was the role that Hyeonu wanted.

"It will be controversial," Kalen spoke with a stiff expression. He knew that controversy was essential for channels and live streams to grow. Yet even taking this into account, the issue was too serious to enjoy the controversy.

"Yes, this will be a big topic of conversation. People will flock to it. The Venom Guild who joined the undead empire—attention will be drawn to you."

Unlike Kalen, Hyeonu had a casual expression. This was acceptable by Hyeonu’s standards. To be honest, it wasn’t something to be criticized for. It was because a game was ultimately just a game.

"That... To be honest, the Venom Guild has very little foundation in the empire. You might be called a small but elite guild. However, no matter what anyone says, influence and contribution are important. It is true that the big ones have an advantage when it comes to both," Hyeonu persuaded the hesitating Kalen.

"I need to think about it. I might be the guild master, but I think this matter is too important to decide on my own."

"Then think about it and call me. However, the deadline is until the war against the undead resumes." Hyeonu left with these words. Even at this moment, there were people calling him.


The large guilds, including Hyeonu, didn’t stay in the city stupidly. They all went hunting, with the exception of the guilds who decided to watch the movements of the undead army. Of course, Hyeonu wasn’t included in this. New World, Hyeonu’s guild, took over the role.

Hyeonu spent his time in the demon world while listening to the news from others.

"Go well. Don’t forget to come back in five days," Lebron said while patting Hyeonu on the shoulder several times. Lebron wanted to go to the north personally if he could. He was concerned about the empire and had the desire to test his new achievements.

However, Lebron wasn’t in a position to move. He had to concentrate on training with John Blake for the battle that would take place in five days.

"You don’t have to worry too much, Teacher. Didn’t I say that the different species came to help?"

"It is true, which is why I didn’t come out on my own."

"What can you do? You can’t go anyway. Just keep calm and wait. I’ll be on my way." Hyeonu gently removed Lebron’s hand from his shoulder and moved to the middle world. There was nothing more for him to listen to.


Once Hyeonu left Lebron and returned to the north, he was able to meet a very welcome face.

"Master dude, did you just arrive?"

The identity of the friendly face was Tang-E. It was welcome, but it was true that they met at an unexpected moment.

"Tang-E?" The meaning of ‘why are you here’ was hidden behind Hyeonu’s words that didn’t come out.

"I came with my father. Uncle Raccoon contacted my father. There was a war, and Raccoon asked him to come," Tang-E explained why he appeared in the north without Hyeonu summoning him.

Hyeonu nodded at Tang-E’s convincing explanation. "Really? So where is Hugo?"

"He is with Uncle Raccoon on the wall. Will you come with me?"

"Yes, let’s go." Hyeonu hugged Tang-E and headed up the wall to where Hugo was. Hugo was indeed on the wall. Next to him were Raccoon, Cancun, and Dakan.

Hyeonu ran to Hugo and greeted him, "Hugo, I didn’t know you were coming."

"If it wasn’t for this, when would I ever leave Bung Bung Island? I am going to have a good experience thanks to you." Hugo greeted Hyeonu with a smile. However, he and Hyeonu weren’t given time to chat. In the distance, the endless group of undead appeared.

"Is that the undead army?" Hugo asked while pointing to the undead army in the distance.

"That’s right, Hugo."

"They don’t look very strong. Am I still unable to exercise my strength? Well, whatever. At times like this, I have to step on the buds," Hugo uttered unexpected words and kicked off the wall, rushing toward the undead army.

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