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Chapter: 825

"Hi, hisashiburi." (Long time no see in Japanese)

Hyeonu waved toward Teika, who was standing in a distant place with a bewildered expression.

"Huh? Why is it Alley Leader...?"

Teika looked at Hyeonu with a slightly flustered face. He entered because of the ranking battle and the opponent was the person next to him. There wasn’t a single person who wouldn’t panic in such a situation.

"Aren’t I the only one possible to show the changes in Teika, who is a solid 2nd place in the rankings. Additionally, the viewers might be familiar with waiting, but there is no need to make them wait," Hyeonu said with a smile. However, Teika couldn’t smile at all. It was because meeting Hyeonu in a ranking battle was the worst out of all the scenarios that could be experienced in a ranking battle.

‘How badly will I lose today?’

None of the top rankers in the arena wanted to meet Hyeonu. He felt naked standing in front of Hyeonu. It was only natural because he received such a shocking defeat that it seemed customized.

"I understand..."

Teika gritted his teeth and pulled out the spear.

‘Shall we see how strong he has become?’

Hyeonu emitted a sharp energy as he scanned the running Teika. From the beginning, red energy was flowing out of Teika’s body as if he was going to use Fighting Energy Emission.

‘Still, there is a long way to go.’

This was just at the level of cuteness. It hadn’t been long since Teika obtained the fighting energy stat and learned Fighting Energy Emission. It was miniscule compared to Hyeonu.

Hyeonu released a deep fighting energy toward the approaching Teika. It was fighting energy so intense that it couldn’t even be compared to Teika’s. Teika’s body, which had been running with great momentum, abruptly stopped. His movements were restricted by Hyeonu’s strong fighting energy.

[The other party has the ‘fighting energy’ stat.]

[The other party is stronger than you.]

[The player’s stats will drop.]

[The player has the ‘fighting energy’ stat.]

[Resistance has failed.]

[Player ‘Teika’ has entered a ‘slowed’ state.]

‘Is it here again?’

Teika felt his mind wander at the message that appeared before his eyes. He didn’t think he would see this message window again.

‘Besides that monstrous orc... I didn’t expect to see this.’

Teika actually gained some confidence after getting the fighting energy stat and learning Fighting Energy Emission. Unlike the previous times when he was helplessly defeated, Teika started to show a meaningful chance in fights against Cancun. Confidence was inevitable.

From then on, the spars against Raccoon and Dakan started. That was the beginning of hell. Fighting energy was of no use. The basic stats were too low. There was a very small stats increase.

That was all.

‘I am being pushed in such a ridiculous manner despite having fighting energy?’

Teika firmly gripped the spear in his hand. It was a blow full of anger. Teika’s spear crossed through the air like a beam of light, leaving behind a red trajectory.

Hyeonu didn’t stand still either. He quickly pulled out the Mysterious Sky Sword that was in the sheath. Hyeonu and Teika passed by each other. Hyeonu immediately turned around as if nothing had happened. It was the same with Teika. The two of them casually ran toward each other again.

A red wolf appeared as Teika threw the spear again. Hyeonu casually swung the Mysterious Sky Sword downward and split apart Teika’s wolf. This time, Hyeonu tried to attack Teika. He lightly extended the Mysterious Sky Sword. The tip of the Mysterious Sky Sword was facing Teika’s spear.

Purple pure energy was released from the end of the Mysterious Sky Sword. It was a continuous light like a laser. Teika extended his spear strongly toward the approaching purple pure energy. Hyeonu’s attack was one he remembered seeing over and over again.

‘It is a much stronger attack than it seems...’

Teika had been through it a few times. There was enormous power contained in this pure energy. Teika’s spear quickly became a giant tiger. The tiger swallowed the purple laser in front of it. The red tiger swallowed the purple pure energy and exploded. Nevertheless, Teika didn’t stop. It seemed as if he thought this would be the case in the first place. He used the elasticity from hitting the ground with the spear to shoot faster toward Hyeonu. 

However, it was the same with Hyeonu. Hyeonu hadn’t thought that his attack would work. He had been prepared for a follow-up attack from the moment Teika threw his spear. Hyeonu’s body repeatedly scattered and merged like a mirage. At the same time, he approached Teika very quickly.

"It is a fraudulent technique..."

Teika eventually lamented at the sight.

Mysterious Sky Steps—in front of this powerful mobile movement, Teika had no choice but to helplessly lose the initiative.

‘Even so, there is something worth trying.’

However, there was a method of breaking it that he had thought about before. It was the method everyone had thought of. Teika stopped moving and stood in place, stabbing the spear hard into the ground of the arena. The ground cracked and sand and dust rose up high. It was a blow with the intention of not allowing Hyeonu to comfortably step on the ground. It was too complacent an idea. He had forgotten that Hyeonu could step on the air.

Hyeonu casually ran in the air and got close to Teika.

‘It is all-in.’

In the end, Teika made a choice. Today and in the future, he intended to continue fighting against Hyeonu like this. Shut up and attack again. If that didn’t work, coolly admit defeat.

‘From now on!’

Teika was carefully monitoring Hyeonu’s movements before carefully stretching out his spear. Teika’s spear, full of red magic power, pierced through the air. Teika’s spear was pointed precisely at Hyeonu’s chest. The half-shot attack properly hit.

However, Hyeonu was no different from a machine. He didn’t show any signs of being flustered, like someone with no emotions. He just swung his sword and bounced off Teika’s spear. Teika didn’t give in and stepped forward little by little, stabbing the spear. Teiika’s spear split into several pieces. He stabbed so quickly that he left afterimages.

Hyeonu’s response was straightforward. He just inserted his magic power into the Mysterious Sky Sword and crushed Teika’s spear. There was a loud noise that was bigger than any explosion he had ever heard. There wasn’t just the sound of an explosion. The ground also exploded.

An area that was several times larger than when Teika struck the ground was destroyed. The dust that had risen in a thick manner settled down and the figures of Hyeonu and Teika were revealed.

Teika’s knees were more than half inserted into the ground. At first glance, it seemed impossible to move.

"I will surrender."

Teika put down the spear before calling out to surrender.

[Player ‘Teika’ has surrendered.]

There was no change. He became an orc, but the result was the same.


The viewers made all types of comments after watching the ranking battle between Teika and Hyeonu.

-This much... to be honest, won’t it end in one shot?

-Is that a single-edged sword or an axe? Isn’t the power too overwhelming?

-What is the point of being an orc? The opponent is like that.

-To be honest, I think it is right that he has become stronger. Teika feels stronger than before.

"It seems to me that Teika’s specs have definitely improved. He has become stronger. In particular, he used a technique similar to Alley Leader’s one. It is just that the opponent isn’t good," Yeongchan nodded and opened his mouth. In Yeongchan’s eyes, Teika’s change was clear. The appearance of fighting energy and the power felt from the spear that was thrown—he was definitely stronger.

"It is just that Alley Leader is a monster. Think of it this way. Other people are normal while that person, or that monster, is abnormal."

However, the opponent wasn’t good. Yeongchan knew Hyeonu’s specs, so he couldn’t help thinking this way.

"Abnormal? Who is abnormal?"

At this moment, Hyeonu returned from the ranking battle and placed his arm around Yeongchan’s shoulder.

"Yes, some people kept saying weird things in the chat window," Yeongchan lied without blinking.

"Really? Did you see such a message? I didn’t see it?"

Hyeonu put his arm around the shoulders that were as straight as a ruler and placed his hand on top of Yeongchan’s head.

"It isn’t there now. I’m not the type to watch things like that. I will cut anyone who interferes with my friend’s streaming like a knife. That is what I mean," Yeongchan lied again without changing his expression.

"Don’t talk nonsense. Change your habit of swearing at others behind their backs."

Hyeonu pulled Yeongchan to the back. It was obvious who he would’ve cursed at even without looking.

"Teika, thank you for your hard work. It was a surprise event. How could you not be flustered?" Hyeonu ignored Yeongchan, who had fallen back, and spoke to Teika.

"Ah, yes. I was a bit surprised, but… it is okay. It was a good experience. I also knew it wasn’t enough yet, but I feel like I’ve made better progress than before. I think it is good in many ways."

Teika gave a long speech. He conveyed without hesitation what he felt during the ranking battle with Hyeonu.

"Then let’s say one last thing to the audience before finishing the streaming. First, Teika."

Hyeonu nodded and proceeded to the next step. The question and answer and the ranking battle. Next was the end of the streaming.

"The livestream today was very fun. Everyone, an orc is really good. I hope many people start as this species. I’ll be back tomorrow on my personal stream," Teika gave a clean closing statement.

"Next up, Argon?"

Hyeonu naturally turned his head to look at Yeongchan.

"Ah, yes. I also enjoyed streaming today. Elves are good. If you are just starting out, then consider the elves. I don’t know about existing rankers, but if you are new and just starting Arena, I recommend that you start with the elves or other different species."

Yeongchan praised the different species like Teika. With this, the joint livestream ended.


"Teika, you worked hard today. Yeongchan, thank you."

After the streaming ended, Hyeonu approached Yeongchan and Teika and thanked them.

"By the way, why are you promoting it so hard? Did you receive back money from somewhere?" Yeongchan approached Hyeonu and asked playfully.

"What back money? It is just because the different species is really good. I hope the viewers do as well. It is a good mindset. It won’t disappear just because you share it."

Hyeonu passed over Yeongchan’s words lightly and waved his hand before disappearing. He had to hurry. There was someone who had been waiting for Hyeonu for over an hour.

Hyeonu left Yeongchan and Teika and appeared in a northern city where the war with the undead was taking place. Hyeonu appeared in the city and walked somewhere without hesitation. Someone was already waiting in the place where Hyeonu stopped.

Hyeonu approached the person who had arrived first and opened his mouth, "Have you made the decision, Kalen?" 

The name of the person who was waiting for Hyeonu was Kalen, the guild master of the Venom Guild.

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