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Chapter: 106

Chapter 106

Meanwhile, if it seemed inevitable that the schedule was going to change, the chief handmaiden asked me for permission as soon as possible. Aedis was next to me, so she couldn’t come near me and asked the butler to deliver it for me.

But today, there was no separate report from the chief handmaiden for the butler.

I had a feeling.

Maybe this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened?

I scratched Paimon’s chin and thought deeply.

I couldn’t ignore the possibility that the entire floor assigned to me had been searched already.

If so, the room where Paimon was would have been the last turn.

On the day I shared each room with Aedis, Sarah’s supervision was stricter than for the other rooms on the same floor as I had slept there.

"Do you want me to take care of it?"

Aedis first asked for my opinion.

I’d like you to close the distance between us and talk.

It’s so far away I can’t even hear what you’re saying.

"Once I figured out what they were searching so hard for. I can’t guess anything, though."

Unlike the far distant husband, Paimon felt soft and warm when I reached for his hand.

Aedis frowned as I thought that it would be perfect to hug him while sleeping.

My husband seemed to guess the same as me.

Cyclamen Castle was peaceful.

No one had much objection to the fact that I had become the Grand Duchess.

On the contrary, it made me wonder if everyone was so nice to me because there was no Grand Duchess for decades.

Even though there were some problematic people among the vassals outside the castle. Like Robson Paisley, who was not even a noble. But even that guy wouldn’t be able to do such a big deal like investigating the Grand Duchess.

There was no other person who came to mind after having such an idea.



Paimon moved his chin following my hand and answered with a hoarse voice.

"Can you go back and check if they are still there? If yes, can you hear what they were talking about?"

"If that’s the case, I will."

"Aedis, you have work to do separately."

I emphasized with a stern look. "It’s very important."

Paimon poked his head out of my arms.

"It’s only this time. I’m really lazy."

"Thank you."

I hugged Paimon.

It was soft and warm, probably because it was a spirit, so even when the scales touched flesh, it didn’t sting too much.

Aedis’s expression became astringent as I calmly rubbed the dragon.

"How long do I have to watch that?"

Of course, the ‘that’ Aedis was talking about was Paimon.

He was ready to find a way to forcefully break the contract with the spirit, but I didn’t intend to give it time.

After Paimon left, I dragged a chair and moved it to Aedis’ side. It was just the wife approaching, but the husband was nervous.

I pretended to not notice and rested my head on Aedis’ shoulder.

"Oh, good. It is stable."


"I’m talking to myself. A Soliloquy."


"I don’t know what you’re thinking right now, but it’s my mood. Feelings."

Reassuring Aedis, I stretched my hands toward his.

Aedis’ pupils dilated slightly, noticing my black heart.

"Eve, I’m only asking just in case."


"Is this what I should do to my wife?"

"That’s right."

I got you!

One of Aedis’ hands came into my hands.

I pulled the hand toward me a little.

"You have to help me to restore my peace of mind."

As I calmly spoke, my hands clapped my husband’s hands vigorously.

It was neat and pretty, in case someone didn’t know my husband’s hand.

It was just sad that no one knew except me.

Sarah also had a face that said she got goosebumps after hearing my review.

一Huh, the Grand Duke is as cute as a puppy? His hands neat and tidy?


一I have a lot of respect for Your Grace, and I enjoy working here, but I think I still need to learn more about social life……,gasp, sorry!

At that time, Sarah was sincerely sorry for me, so the shock and hurt was twice as much.

Still, because it was Sarah, and I think if I had told Procyon or Shaula, I would have gotten worse answers.

My fingers intertwined with Aedis’ long fingers.

Aedis’ entire body, including his fingers, back of hands, and arms, was hardened as he pondered whether to surrender.

It was like Aedis that he couldn’t even shake it off.

I’ll just touch it a little bit and let it go, so he can relax.

Aedis’ hand didn’t feel as soft as when I touched Paimon, but it made my heart happy.

It really worked to calm my mind.

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Wouldn’t something be improved if we continued to increase physical contact in small but steady doses like now?

However, Aedis’ condition gradually deteriorated, as if I would give the first kiss only when I turned 80.

"Eve, stop it……"

About the time the veins started to swell on the back of Aedis’ hand, Paimon returned with a paw sticking out.

"Eve, I’m here! I heard about it, too!"

As soon as I turned my head, Aedis rescued his hand that had been caught by me.

However, as Paimon continued to speak, I did not look back immediately.

"They were talking about your temporary ability?"

Then that’s right. It was aimed at the blood of a beast.

Of course, they must not have known that it was the blood of a beast.

Paimon gave my guesses a boost.

"Anything is fine, so they need a clue. That Gilbert guy was looking for it? I should have killed him, not just gotten rid of his aura."

Paimon flew with a snort and landed on my knee.

"There were only three people including those who kept watch. Shall I burn it down? Otherwise, eat it?"

"It’s okay. You’ve already done enough, haven’t you? You must have hated this kind of request, but thank you for your help."

When I did not spare praise, the smaller dragon was embarrassed.

"E, Eve, you seem to be treating me strangely as a child? Is my body too big? And no matter what humans do, I don’t want to see them scouring my contractor’s room and swearing?!"

Eventually, Paimon swung its front paws like a ball of cotton and made a loud bang.

And turned to my husband, who was wiping his face dry.

"I think Gilbert is trying to turn his attention to the next best thing…… Aedis? Are you alright?"

I was worried that the skin of his face would be torn off because he wiped it too vigorously without water.

"It’s fine."

It doesn’t look okay……

So, since you said yes, let’s continue.

"Did he think that if he got the blood of a beast, he would be able to face you?"

"Then he was wrong. My wife deals with me quite easily without using such things."

Aedis looked down ominously at the hand I had held, as if it had been cursed for erroneously touching an ancient royal tomb.

Hey, here’s the one who held your hand. I’m hurt.

"I won’t touch you anymore, so don’t look at your hand with eyes like you’re asking Paimon to help you. That’s your hand. It’s not someone else’s hand."

"You won’t touch it?"

"…… Are you happy now?"


What do you mean, no?

["Eve, do you have any questions now?"]

Paimon tapped me with its blunt front paw.

In its eyes, I could clearly see that it wanted me to pay attention to him, who accomplished his mission brilliantly, rather than such a mean demon king.

I asked, still staring at my husband.

"Of course a lot. So, did they bring anything?"

"A girl with long hair says it’s a waste."

Then at least one is sure to be a maid.

They must be very nervous and annoyed by now.

It’s the same for me as well.

Aside from the fact that the husband was constantly trying to get hot and cold, the room might be chaotic, so there was no way they felt good.

What should I do? I lightly grabbed the string.

"Then let’s try doing our nails."

"You want to bake it?"

"I didn’t mean to do it in that sense."

I briefly explained the nail trimming process to Paimon and then called Sarah.

They distanced themselves a bit, but three more maids entered as Aedis watched with his eyes open.

Daisy was also a maid for cats and was the most familiar, but I only knew the name of the two.

It also meant that they rarely served me, so the two maids turned white as soon as they saw Aedis.

Sarah, on the other hand, became slightly conscious, and Daisy took a deep breath and slowly regained her composure.

The maid with freckles on her pale eyebrows was on the verge of crying.

She trembled as she put down the nail tools one after the other, and then she asked in a voice exuding a feeling of injustice.

"In, in the first place, like this, is the Lord watching?"

I had a small voice on my other side, but unfortunately I could hear it all in my ears.

Daisy had a look that indicated even if she worked in Cyclamen castle, she didn’t even know.

"He cares so much about Her Grace, and he always checks every move she makes."

Uh, my husband’s image is starting to get a little suspicious?

Actually, he hates me even if I just hold his hand.

It’s a good thing that the maids are less afraid of Aedis, but I think I’ll have to ask Sarah to take the survey again soon.

Daisy stared angrily at the trembling maid.

"What’s the matter? Where have all those spirits who asked for a chance to accompany Your Grace go?"

"I…… That is…… "

"Don’t make a mistake in front of Her Grace, and if you can’t do it, tell me now. I will call another one."

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"N……No! I, I, I’ll do it!"

Daisy bowed her head at me.

"I’m sorry, Your Grace. I will educate that child harshly."

I frowned at the side where Paimon was.


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