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Chapter: 107

Chapter 107

Dumbfounded, Paimon turned invisible and retreated to a point outside the maids’ ability to kick.

["Eve, I don’t even bite, but it’s very clumsy. Is she feeling guilty for going through your room?"]

Cyclamen Castle operated with a small staff size compared to the power and wealth of Grand Duchy Kallakis.

It had been a long time since they last got a job, and it was a difficult environment for spies to enter.

That maid, too, was not professionally trained and must have fallen for candy or intimidation.

I couldn’t watch it, though.

I entrusted my hands to Sarah and Daisy.

While the two maids wiped my hands with a towel soaked in warm water, the pale-faced maid Daisy while biting her lip with an irritated look. Her lips will bleed like that.

That maid must not have expected to be in the same room with Aedis.

I glanced briefly at my husband, who as usual sat still. He looked like a flawless final boss who would bathe in human blood every night, but I was unafraid.


Paimon found it difficult to stand, let alone run at me, so Paimon fell to the floor.

I suddenly remembered how to blow my nose without using my hand.

"You say you trim my nails, but who should take care of the dragon’s claws?"

Sarah and Daisy raised their heads at the same time.

"A dragon? Are you talking about the spirit?"

Paimon fussed.

"You missed the modifier before. You should call me the Great Paimon."

"Yes. Come to think of it, Sarah hasn’t seen it yet, right?"

Sarah nodded her head.

"I can’t even imagine how the spirit came into being."

"It must have resembled a cat. Cats are the prettiest, nicest and most adorable animals in the world."

Daisy spoke in a voice similar to that of Count Elliot when he sang praises to the Fairy.

No wonder, as she and the Count got along really well, so there was something in common.

In addition to taking care of me, Daisy was also responsible for taking care of the cats living in Cyclamen Castle.

Occasionally, I had heard eyewitness testimony that Daisy drools while looking at the cats and smiles indefinitely.

I lowered my chin slightly.

Paimon was watching Sarah curiously.

"But Eve, are you close with her? Should I treat her well?"

I know that Paimon had lived a long time. However, in my opinion, his mental age was still adolescent.

He had a very soft heart and suffered from loneliness.

If he had met even one or two good people before being sealed, I think he would not have unconditionally hated humans.

Rather, it was obvious that he would have given his affections to useless places.

He’s still interested in Sarah for the reason that she’s close to me.

He was also not good at hiding in a state of being invisible for a long time.

"I don’t know if Paimon resembles a cat. Wanna see for yourself?"

Paimon, who was rubbing his cheeks on the carpeted floor, was startled.

"What? Do I have to say hello?"

Sarah’s eyes brightened, and Daisy also enthusiastically announced her presence.

"Are you really going to show me?"

"Me too, Your Grace! I am here too!"

The maid with the dark brown hair had been silent the entire time and suddenly showed a face that was looking forward to an opportunity that she could not see even if she paid for it.

But there was only one exception. Clink!

The sound of glass bowls breaking could be heard in the distance.


The sound of Daisy rebuking the maid could be heard in the distance.

It was thanks to Aedis, who quickly picked me up and evacuated me to the other side of the bedroom.

"Um, Aedis? Even if I hadn’t escaped this far, the shards of glass wouldn’t have hit me."

The maid, Mary, fell on her face, begging.

"Forgive me, I have sinned to death!"

"It’s okay. Things like that happen, too."

"Your Grace…… ?"

Sarah read something in my expression and stepped back.

I went to the terrace and shook my head at the maids.

"Come on. I said I’d show the spirit."

Paimon immediately understood my intention to scare the maid and, without wasting any time, put a grumpy expression on his face.

"Can I go back to the main body?"

"I look forward to your cooperation, Paimon."

Paimon went outside and canceled his invisibility.

Soon, bright red flames engulfed the sky like a disaster.

The flame that spread like a snake quickly took on the shape of a giant dragon.

While Sarah went downstairs and informed the people who were surprised that it was my spirit, I turned my back on the dragon and opened my mouth leisurely.

"Then you said your name was Mary……"


Mary screamed and sat down.

What, I haven’t said anything yet.

"Please, please save me! I am……I do not know anything! I did what I was told!"

"No, I’m just starting……"

"Really! Trust me! If you save me, I’ll tell you everything! In fact, last night I went out secretly without permission from the maid chief, but the first Lord secretly called me!"

The effect of the burning dragon was great.

Daisy stared at Paimon as if possessed.

I looked back at Mary belatedly.

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"What do you mean? You’re doing as you’re told? First, why does the Lord call you in the middle of the night? And you went out without even reporting to the maid chief?"

I can see another reason for Gilbert’s defeat in the novel.

His eyes are terribly blind to people. Of course, this was all self-inflicted.

That’s why you should’ve looked more into talented people you can use on a regular basis. Losing all motivation, I called the butler.

"Did you call?"

"Take her and investigate."

Worth researching since it’s all already been said

No, but I left it to the butler for now.

But I don’t know how the Kalakis family handles this.

Things worked out so easily, I felt like an adult caught up in children’s pranks, yet I felt I would lose if I dealt with it in the normal way.

I wanted to know how to deal with it at least once, so I followed the butler and the maids along the steps.

As I was about to leave the room, Aedis called me in haste.



"I have something to tell you."

I blinked and the maids went out and closed the door.

Paimon had already shrunk his body and slipped into the room. I waited patiently. Aedis took a few breaths and walked over to me.

He spoke as the distance was getting closer, and I could see the deep blue eyes.

"It was not unpleasant. When the Wife held my hand."


At least he was a conscientious husband. How hurt have I been? However, even with my tone of reproach, Aedis’s face did not straighten.

On the contrary, his lips were wildly distorted.

"I know I’ve been rude to the Wife lately. But I don’t hate the Wife. It is not burdensome either. Just……"


"That is. If I touch the Wife, I will….."

"I will?"

As I continued to prod, Aedis gave strength to his sharp eyes.

"You already know, don’t you?"

"I, I don’t know anything?"

Aedis’s face was somewhat flushed, his eyes fluttered, and he couldn’t find a place for his hands, so he clenched and opened his fists, but I still didn’t know anything.

"My wife is also vicious."

Paimon tilted his head as I took revenge instead against Aedis.

"Eve, the kids who just left made you worry?"


"The Demon King had a face that looked like he was going to tear and kill someone."


Uh, Aedis’s face was serious, showing a look mixed of trouble, conflict, hesitation, and regret.

If you do not explain quickly, the image of my husband will change!

Aedis closed the door with one hand.

"Don’t go, please. I don’t think I’ll be able to say anything about it now."

"But your image is being tarnished."

"It doesn’t matter."

"It matters to me!"

Aedis ignored it.

"I am looking at the same place as you."

It was a choked, desperate voice.

Well, anyway, even if I told them about Aedis’s strengths, no one would believe me, just like before.

I’ll have to brainwash them while negotiating a salary.

I decided to change course and focused on my conversation with Aedis.

When I combed Aedis’s hair, I said I thought we felt the same way every time we looked at each other, but maybe that wasn’t the case. I remember that.

"I don’t know what you mean. Are you saying that because it’s sunny today, you want to see us together?"

I put on a sheep’s mask and blinked innocently.

"…… Again, the Wife is quite vicious."

Aedis stepped out of the door a little and reached toward me.

I saw his fingers trembling. It seemed he didn’t know how to touch it.

In the end, he couldn’t grab my hair and clenched his fist.

"I. Truly."

At last, Aedis was about to say something directly, but Daisy slammed the door open.

"Your Grace!"

Of course, it was something she shouldn’t have done as a maid.

Because she knew her inappropriateness best, Daisy’s voice was mixed with weeping. She couldn’t even raise her head.

What the hell did Aedis look like before……

"Sorry to be rude! I remember I didn’t clean the broken glass! I will clean it up right now!"



"It’s okay, later."

Daisy hesitated and left, and I reached out to Aedis’s shady face.

My hand reached so easily that it covered his red cheeks.

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It felt like he was not breathing, so I was a little worried, but my husband was the strongest in the world, so I believed he would be fine for a while.

As the atmosphere was ripening again, Paimon suddenly muttered.

"Oh, that’s strange. Why do I suddenly feel like I have hives all over my body? I’m a spirit. I can’t feel that, can I?"

Be quiet.


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