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Chapter: 108

Chapter 107

I pretended I didn’t hear Paimon and focused on the hand that covered Aedis’s cheek.

His face, which gave off the impression of a villain, was dyed with a look of embarrassment as I watched.

Still, he remained quiet.

I stared at Aedis for a few seconds then smiled nicely with my eyes closed to signify that he passed.

"You didn’t run away, you didn’t throw me away, you did really well. I’ll let you go today."

Aedis didn’t move even after I had removed my hand.

I thought he’d try to maintain the distance straight away like before.

"What’s wrong?"

"…… You seem like you are too much for me."

"Am I like that?"

As a playful smile spread across my lips, Aedis put on a disappointed expression.

"Why do you make it difficult for me to understand this right away?"

"Because I want to hear from you instead of guessing?"


"And is it fun, too?"

"I am glad that the wife enjoyed it."

Aedis spoke in a gloomy voice and raised his finger.

Soon after, the remnants of the glassware that Mary had shattered returned to their original shape as they attracted and pulled together like magnets.

Even though it wouldn’t have left even a tiny shard of glass on the floor, Aedis lifted me up and placed me on the plush sofa.

Then, of course, Aedis released me without a moment’s delay.

It was a simple contact as usual, but in fact, it was only after I first heard that he was conscious of me that I approached him again and again.

I stared at the husband as he contemplated whether to sit next to me or not. This was not in the middle of the enemy camp, but next to the pretty wife.

Even though I had said I would let him go today, it seemed that he still didn’t trust me yet.

Despite this being the case, there were still parts that I didn’t quite understand.

I mean, he was too nervous.

"Aedis, am I your first love?"


["Ohh, why are you so creepy? I’m going…… ,"]

Paimon shook his head and flew out the window. Good idea. I continued to ask Aedis questions.

"Do you think of me dozens of times a day, and do I appear in your dreams?"

Aedis did give me an answer.

"Even if I don’t sleep, it doesn’t affect my life."

"Ugh, that’s right."


"But you don’t say no?"


I pretended to have a casual face, but I was also in a state of confusion.

Far from dispelling my curiosity, the more I got to know Aedis’s past, the more question marks floated in my head.

I knew that my husband had a tumultuous past, but unlike Paimon’s unconditional hatred of humans, he had two sons, and he was loyal.

He also interacted quite closely with the previous Grand Duke.

If it was the previous Grand Duke, he would have tried to introduce anyone to Aedis.

It wasn’t even a small piece of land on the outskirts of the country, he trusted Aedis enough to pass the entire northern part of the country, but there was no way he would just do it out of the blue

"….By the way, the person who made the marriage contract was also the previous Grand Duke, wasn’t it?"

As the thought reached that point, Aedis showed signs of retreating.

Oh, no running away!

It was okay for Paimon, but not my husband.

I quickly dragged Aedis over and made him sit next to me.

Aedis smirked as I grabbed his arm tightly.

"I’m not going anywhere, so please let me go."

Anyway, if Aedis wanted to shake me off, I would just be pushed aside.

But Aedis didn’t and I knew he wouldn’t do it, either.

It’s not that he didn’t do it, it’s that he can’t do it.

How strange. It must have been that he had no desire for me.

No, is it possible?

To what extent is possible and to what extent impossible……?

The confusion was aggravating because Aedis didn’t tell me exactly.

Aedis relaxed as I slowly let go and began to play with my hair.

He was considerate of me as I watched him closely, lest he would run away.

For a few seconds, the room became quiet enough to hear the rustling of my hair.


First of all, Aedis also confessed, so I have to tell a proper story, but I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get.

I examined Aedis’s complexion.

The bright blue eyes were unbelievably cold and beautiful.

This time I thought he might really try to run away, yet he confessed frankly.

"You are my first love in this life, too."

"…… In this life?"

Aedis’s voice pierced my conscience.

No, technically, we entered a contract marriage because of our previous ancestors. Why do I feel like I was caught playing with fire?

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"Remember when I said I knew my past life? I died early because of bad luck, but I was not very young."


"Aedis? Are you okay? The shape of your eyes are sticking out. So angular too."

"I’m not okay."

Ah really. You’re so cute, what am I going to do?

I sincerely reassured my husband, who had lived for over 500 years at the most and was only now having his first love.

"It’s my first marriage."

Aedis asked the question with a look of exasperation.

"What about a lover?"

"Well, it’s been so long I’ve forgotten a lot, but as far as I can remember, we never met for a long time."

In my previous life, I lived a really simple life.

Going to school, graduating, working, working overtime, some crazy bastard I can’t get along with and waiting for a text message…… It was a normal life after all.

Memories of the time of death were faint from the first time I remembered my previous life.

Anyway, all I know is that it was an accident and I was only a few years older than I am now.

However, I cried for a long time because of the money in the bankbook that could not be used forever.

My second mother must have wondered why the child, who had just started to babble, was so upset with money.

Then, I held a toy with a real jewel in my hand, and after realizing that my name was Maevia Morgana, a character and a nobleman in Esmeralda’s Crescent Moon, I put away all the regrets about my previous life.

There is nothing more important than being faithful to my rich present life.

Suddenly, Aedis’s ran his fingers lightly across my cheeks.

"…… I was unilaterally in love with you."

Where did I hear the question before?

I tilted my head.

"Are these things you asked before we got married?"

"Even now, I was still looking forward to meeting you."

Aedis asked questions as he pleased.

Thanks to that, all other useless thoughts were put aside.

"Won’t you ask if I have any real children?"

Aedis’s fingers ran up my cheeks and gently brushed across my eyes.

As if trying to erase the disturbing emotions from my face.

Until recently, he had a hard time reaching out to me, and when I seemed to be having bitter thoughts, he suppressed his emotions and immediately comforted me.

After a while, he withdrew his hand.

He was making such a terrible temptation, who is vicious to whom?

Noticing my gaze, Aedis smiled.

"I can see that I have caused a lot of trouble to my wife."

"Aedis, you’re the only one I love. Do not believe the rumors of the Grand Duchess’ affair elsewhere."

The smile on his lips deepened.

"My heart is already torn. I will never take my eyes off you from now on."

"Oh, you don’t believe me?"

"No. I don’t trust anyone other than the wife."

The problem was that it didn’t sound like a joke at all.


After Paimon finally returned, I was flanked by him and Aedis on each side as the butler reported the results of the investigation into the people who had searched my room.

He said that a total of five people took part, with one even trying to kill herself so as not to reveal who was behind it.

Then, when he said that Mary had blown it all up, she changed her mind, and took the initiative to tell the story.

"First, we have identified the Lord’s location. If you give the order, I will attach a watchman."

"Let him do what he wants. Because there are only a few days left."

His biological father did not withdraw his promise.

He wouldn’t be there in person, but someone would come to see Gilbert.

Instead of questioning my words, the butler asked for my opinion.

"Shall we go through the dismissal process?"

"Get ready."

"And this."

The butler presented the receipt.

"Total expenditure for maintenance of central gardens and facilities."

Last time, the central garden and nearby facilities, which Shaula broke down and claimed to be fighting Gilbert, were barely repaired.

I got the receipt and confirmed the amount.

Looking at my trembling hands and face, Paimon asked.

["If you’re going out, would you like to go with me, Eve? You look like you’re going to kill someone right now."]

I thought of Shaula, who was enjoying luxury because of Sarah’s care.

No matter how much money we had in our house, it was bound to hurt my bones to spend such a huge amount.

Shaula. Starting tomorrow, I have to start her on one meal a day.


It was midnight. Gilbert stood in his place, motionless, waiting for someone.

There was a sense of earnestness and fear in the gaze that stared into the air.

It had been eight years.

It must be a glorious reunion.

The image of his father that Gilbert remembered was blurred.

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One thing was certain, his father often called him a success story.

His biological father threw Regen and another brother, who were only babies, into the desert, teaching them not to forget his superiority in the future, as they were failures.

And remember the respect they have to give to that superiority.

"If you don’t, it will be you next," he said with a smile.


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