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Chapter: 92


Chapter 92

It had been a long time since the sad feelings had already been resolved, but I was curious about what Aedis would give me, so I adjusted to the rhythm.

Then Aedis handed out a package of keys.

There were more than ten elongated keys made of pure gold. It seemed to be worth a lot by itself, but I felt a strange power.

I took the key package from Aedis.

Now, thanks to the blood of the beast, my senses were extremely sensitive. I was convinced that the slight tingling of the skin in contact with the key was not really an ordinary thing.

"What’s this?"

"I condensed my magic."

Aedis answered in a light tone.

He said it as if it was a very simple thing, and I had the illusion that it was actually the case.

If the magicians of the tower see Aedis like this, they will foam and faint…

"You can use it to summon Paimon, or you can use it for other things. Please use it as you wish."

In the shape of a golden key.

l looked carefully at the mass of pure magic.

I was about to rob a secret warehouse as a bribe, but something I didn’t expect appeared.

Well, if I could summon Paimon, it was something I needed. More than sparkling jewels.

Besides, it’s not someone else’s, it’s Aedis’s magic.

Ummm. It might be a waste to use.

"How much magic power is in each key?"

"To the point that you won’t regret?"


Aedis’s smile felt just a bit suspicious.

Aedis chuckled, as if he could clearly see my expression.

"I think it will take a few more days to complete the magic tool. I think it would be better for my wife."

"Thank you. I will use it well……?"

Now, is it okay to use it well?

The golden key in my hand felt more like a bomb that could blow up the Cyclamen Castle at once rather than a bribe.

All of a sudden, my gaze fell on the round ring holding the keys together. And it stayed there for a long time.

I opened my mouth, feeling the urge to put my finger in the key ring for nothing.

"Aedis, are you not interested in jewelry that you wear on your fingers?"


Aedis looked puzzled. I explained in detail, but with a voice the size of an ant.

"A wedding ring or…… couple rings…… "


"Not the seal of House Kalakis."


Why aren’t you answering? I’m anxious.

"I also like couple rings…… Aedis doesn’t like it?"

Fortunately, he gave me an answer before my heart tightened.

"Eve, if you like it, I’ll like it too."

It was only half the answer I liked.

"You should not like it because I like it, you should like it yourself."

"I do."

"You’re not familiar with a cheek kiss, right? Don’t worry, I’m not used to it either. And if I said I was used to it, it would have been rather shocking."

Aedis laughed softly.

"Wife, please choose."

"Will you say you don’t like it later?"


Hey, are you following what I said here?

I changed my posture and tried to look back at Aedis, but Aedis suddenly came out of nowhere with a comb.

He started combing my hair.

"I wanted to keep doing it for you."

"Aedis, I’m asking just in case. You don’t like my hair more than me, right?"

Aedis laughed out loud, so I put on a sullen expression for a moment.

Aedis’s hand that was touching my hair was tender. I murmured only a few words, then quietly laid down my head and fiddled with the key pack.

Oh, the ring is bent.

It’s been a while since I drank the blood of a beast, so I kept forgetting that my hands were stronger than usual.

I asked Aedis as soon as I thought about it, applying pressure to my fingertips to correct the bent shape of the ring.

"You know that I drank the blood of a beast, right? Will you say anything about breaking a promise?"

"I won’t. It was the best thing to do in that situation."

I could feel that the pink hair that got tangled after rolling around in the bed was loosening gently with the brushing.

Noticing that I broke the ring, Aedis asked.

"By the way, Eve, didn’t it last long this time?"


I counted the time.

"……Is that so?"

It was just after lunchtime that Regen went crazy. Even in the middle of the night now, my hands were overflowing with enough strength to easily bend a thick keychain.

"Are there any other problems?"

"Perhaps, yes."

It was a voice I wasn’t even sure I could hear.

Aedis put down the comb.

"I will keep an eye on you until it’s less effective."

I nodded and put the key pack in my arms.

Will I return back to normal tomorrow?

The declaration was withdrawn within one day, and my power was still overflowing.

The effect was still there the next day, when I fell asleep after hugging Aedis.

Outwardly, there was no significant change, but even if I held something with my hand, a disaster did happen.

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That’s why I didn’t feel good because I broke the glass of water in the morning.

Moreover, as soon as Aedis went to the bell tower and I returned to my private room, Shaula came to visit.

Apparently, Shaula was always watching closely when I would leave Aedis’s bedroom.

"Your Grace, let’s play!"

Ugh, I groaned and waved my hands.

"I’m busy."

It would be annoying if Shaula, who was not interested in the weak, and only wanted to compete with the strong, caught on to my current condition.

Even if she didn’t ask what method I used to strengthen my body, it’s obvious that she’ll rush to fight.

But I didn’t know how to use a sword. And I don’t even want to hang out with Shaula. But Shaula didn’t even pretend to listen to my refusal, she lay on the floor and protested. It was like a five-year-old kid who was begging in a toy store.

……Or a very big dog.

I said with a stern voice to Shaula, who was openly making a fuss.

"Shaula, the Grand Duchess isn’t your next door friend, is she?"

"I know that too? Your Grace’s bedroom is upstairs, isn’t it?"

She doesn’t seem to know at all.

I was afraid to refute that I’m not even her upstairs friend.

Shaula, who thought my room was as comfortable as her own, asked.

"What about the Lord?"

As for this question, it was a little surprising.

"It’s a big deal. You are being worried about others."

Shaula chuckled.

"Yesterday, was that fog caused by the Lord? Don’t you think he will become very strong in a few years?"

……Then yes. It wasn’t pure intentions at all.

"Even after our Lord has grown for several more years, you are not allowed to fight with him. Play with Gilbert."

"It’s not fun because he’s stupid."


"You didn’t deny it?"


If Gilbert’s intelligence was going to increase just because I denied it, I would have done so.

"Why does Your Grace hate him so much?"

"Because he treats people like objects."

To be exact, me.

Then Shaula giggled and laughed.

"Still, he didn’t seem to treat Your Grace as an object."

What are you talking about? I am the number one ‘thing’ he wants the most.

"Did Your Grace not feel it?"

"I didn’t feel it. I didn’t care."

I took the key pack out of my pocket.

"Shaula, if you have so much free time, can you help me with my experiment?"

"If it’s a physical thing, it’s fine."

"Aedis gave me magic power? But I don’t know how powerful it will be. Guess I’ll shoot you."

"Kek. Do you want me to die?"

As if thinking I was really going to shoot a beam, Shaula jumped up, messing around with the carpet.

Shaula’s hair, a mixture of blue and gray shades, stretched out like a dog’s fur. If I looked closely, her clothes were also messy.

I’ll have to call the maids later and tell them to scrub and wash her.

I pulled a golden key out of the ring and shook it.

"If you get hit by this and survive, I’ll play with you."

But Shaula didn’t unravel her serious face.

"Even if I think twice, is this a business that I am losing money on?"

"……Did you think twice about it?"

If you tell me you thought three times, I’m in big trouble……

I clicked my tongue and put down the key.

At that moment, Shaula, who had been watching my hand carefully as she was wary of the key, stopped.

"Wait a minute."


"What in the world, Your Grace?"

You wanted to ask what it was?

Shaula, who suddenly approached, grabbed my hand.

It felt like she was pulling me a little bit, but I didn’t feel much power, so I stayed still.

And that seems to have been "a little" only by my standards.

Shaula’s eyes narrowed.

"Are you holding up well?"

"Uh, I don’t know what you mean."

While avoiding Shaula’s gaze, the key I had put down before her caught her eye.

……The round part of it that was not grooved was crumpled.

Crazy, this is a mass of magic! Is it okay to get damaged so quickly?!

"Your Grace."


Shayla lowered her voice. It didn’t suit her.

"How did you do it? Shall I not ask you if you are in a difficult situation?"

Contrary to her voice, her eyes twinkled, as if she had discovered a new toy.

I’d rather you asked……

As she stared at me, her eyes trembling violently, Shaula greedily licked her mouth.

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"I won’t ask, so will you play with me? Huh? Shall we work hard and play?"


Her will to not accept rejection was intact.

Even if I saw a horror movie, it’d be less scary than her……


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