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Chapter: 15.1

Act 1-15.1 : Encounter With Hero’s Little Sister

Since the outer city’s buildings were all built haphazardlly and the roads weren’t paved, the soldiers found it difficult to find what they were looking for. Moreover, the outer city housed a huge number of people that it proved to be impossible for the operation to run as smoothly as they expected.

Nevertheless, the soldier had somehow managed to encircle their targeted building.

Lucullus, the leader of the Temple Knights’ 3rd unit was entrusted as the leader of this operation by Boven. He stood tall in front of the large shabby building, behind him and his army, curious onlookers gazed at them, waiting to see how this situation would develop.

「Why must we do this, captain? I mean, it doesn’t matter what happens to the citizens of the outer city anyway. Well, it’s a different story when it comes to cute girls though.」

Lucullus kneaded his furrowed brows after hearing his subordinate’s arrogant statement.

「So Hyullus, does that mean you’ll just ignore a manticore running rampant, leaving it to eat people left and right?」

Hyullus was a Temple Knight who had turned 19 years old this year, he was younger than Lucullus by 8 years and had only been knighted last year. He was also a noble born and Boven’s nephew.

Others might say that he only managed to join the Temple Knights’ unit due to his relation with the Temple Knights’ leader and his status as a highborn, but the truth of the matter was that he had immense talent in both swordsmanship and magic—he was the real deal.

However, it was a pity that Hyullus had such an arrogant and unruly personality as well as extremely bad habits; he would always ditch his duties and go play around. If not for his talent and high status as Boven’s nephew, he would have already been expelled from the knight order.

As for Lucullus, he could only become a knight thanks to Boven’s help, that’s why he was looking after Hyullus—he wanted to pay his debt of gratitude to Boven.

「But still, there are so many people in there. Are you sure there’s a manticore inside of this building? How could it house so many people and a beast at the same time?」

「Yes, I’m sure. This building is the Black Fang’s base and our prior investigations have revealed that there’s a manticore inside.」

「I see now, but don’t you think we’re going overboard with this formation?」

Hyullus questioned him as he looked at his surroundings.In addition to the Temple Knights’ unit, the troops also consisted of the Heavy Warrior unit, the Archery unit, and the Mage unit. Yet, Lucullus still felt that it was not enough. If he could he would have increased the army’s manpower for this operation, because he knew just how dangerous that manticore was—he had lost many of his teammates during the manticore’s subjugation three years ago.

「Hyullus, you might have no idea since you never fought a manticore before, but this is still far from enough. Don’t underestimate our enemy.」

Lucullus glared at the building as he warned Hyullus.

「Okay, okay. By the way, captain, who are those girls over there? Are they going to fight the manticore too?」

Hyullus was pointing at the group of armed girls in front of them.They were the only group who seemed to be out of place in this kind of situation. Amongst them were a girl wearing a maid uniform and a girl who brought a parasol and held it up to shield herself from the sun. It was as if they had come here for sightseeing.


「That’s the hero Reiji-sama’s little sister’s private unit. YOU-ABSOLUTELY-MUST-NOT-MESS-AROUND-WITH-THEM.」

Lucullus was well aware of Hyullus’s womanizing habits. But, even though Hyullus had a high status and looks that can be considered as handsome, he knew that those girls were simply out of his league.

The Hero of Light, Reiji, was a man loved and blessed by the Goddess. He was famous for exterminating many monsters and saving people. Due to his heroic deeds, he was surrounded by many beautiful women, all waiting upon him. These women were forbidden fruits for everyone except the hero. A horrible execution would occur to anyone who dared to put their hands on those women.

The same went for his little sister.

In fact, Lucullus knew that the hero’s little sister had her own problems as well. She was a ticking time bomb in every sense of the word.

「Hee, so that beauty is the famous hero’s lil’ sis, I guess I have to do my best to woo her, huh.」

Lucullus face palmed in agony upon hearing what Hyullus just said.

「You, do you want to turn this place into a vacant plot of land due to explosion magic?」「Eh? What do you mean?」

Hyullus seemed to be puzzled about Lucullus’s random question.

「An idiot tried to make a pass at her before… And that idiot got that angry princess’s explosion magic right on the face. That incident also damaged the main street and caused some casualties. That’s why, do not try to woo her, this is an order! Now go back to your rank and prepare for combat!」

Lucullus gave his order as he looked at the building.There was almost no movement from the Black Fang’s members, who should have been inside this building.

「Captain, don’t you think that they’re too quiet even after seeing this encirclement? It’s as if there’s no one inside of the base.」

Hyllus was right.

「You’re right, it’s too quiet. Did they notice us beforehand? What about the lookouts, any new reports from them?」

Lucullus had prepared lookouts around the building before the operation’s commencement. It was a safety procedure in case anyone was tipped off and tried to flee before they arrived. According to them, none of the upper echelons or the Black Fang’s leader left the base since yesterday.

「This is bad, captain. They might have outwitted us this time.」「It seems so. Someone, come and take a look inside their base!」

Ten soldiers followed Lucullus’s command and broke into the Black Fang’s base. A few minutes hadn’t even passed before they came back out with worried expressions.

「Reporting! We can’t find any trace of people inside at all!」

As he listened to every word of this report, Lucullus became more and more flustered.

「Damn it! They got us! ALL MEMBERs CHARGE!!」

There were so many soldiers surrounding the Black Fang’s base.

Kuroki had been observing the situation since the beginning, posing as a curious onlooker. Before he even realized it, it was already noon.

In this world, armies would never march or attack after sunset. This status quo was set as such due to the nature of the majority of monsters—they were all nocturnal beings and could perfectly see and fight in the darkness of the night. It was the opposite for humans though as they had limited vision in the darkness, the night’s darkness was not the best condition for them to fight.

The Black Fang members were all human, so they also couldn’t escape during the night prior to the operation. However, it was unfortunate that the knights who led the battalion didn’t seem to be capable of thinking outside of the box.

「Did Dozumi and his companion manage to safely leave this country?」

Kuroki felt worried for Dozumi.

Even though he had only known Dozumi for a short time, they had chatted quite a lot during these few days and had bonded over many things. He also knew that Dozumi was really happy to be able to get a lover after so many years of singlehood. That’s why Kuroki wished for his and his lover’s safety.

Around this time, Dozumi and his lover should have already left the Holy Republic of Lenaria and started heading back to his homeland.

「Uhn? I don’t really understand humans, but they probably took the chance to escape when it was presented to them.」

Kuroki nodded as he agreed with Nut.

(Yeah, I gave Dozumi this chance. I hope he safely managed to get away.)


Kuroki recalled the moment he parted with Dozumi, the latter cried his eyes out as if asking why they had to leave him behind.

Dozumi shouldn’t meet any particular problem on his journey since Kuroki had given him quite a lot of gems as a congratulatory gift for his marriage with Rinea. The other members also shouldn’t face any problems since he had divided Gendor’s long amassed wealth between them all. He just hoped that they would use this newfound wealth to live a proper and honest life from now on.

Nevertheless, Nut had played a huge role in their escape. Thanks to his daily investigations he had allowed Kuroki and the others to outwit the soldiers dispatched by the temple. It was also thanks to him that Kuroki could pinpoint the lookouts’ exact locations, which made him decide to use his magic to cheat their eyes, creating an illusion that nobody left the base and giving the Black Fang members the chance to flee without being noticed.

The whole building was empty, only one person was left in there—the party’s former leader, Gendor.

The reason why they left Gendor behind was because carrying him along would only slow them down, but they didn’t plan to leave him behind for long as there was a possibility for him to be treated by the temple.

He had yet to wake up from the nightmare magic Kuroki had casted upon him and there was a high possibility that he’s receive medical treatment that could dispel the curse if left in the base to be found, which could pose as a great threat to Kuroki who didn’t want his involvement be known. It would completely destroy his goal of coming here incognito to investigate the hero’s party. That’s why he was just waiting for the right time to retrieve him.

Kuroki observed the soldiers surrounding the building as they investigated it.

The Temple Knights were by far the most eye-catching in the whole formation, mostly due to their superior armament, which was considered one of the best.

The Temple Knights’—also known as Cygnus Knights—armament consisted of a dwarven made white full plate armor that was light yet extremely durable. The weapon was a longsword with a long handle, perfectly designed so that their attacks could reach their enemies even when they were mounted on a horse. The shield was kite shaped and was long enough to protect the knights’ feet when riding a horse, the surface painted with a swan crest, the Goddess’s holy bird. As for the helmet, as if to imitate a swan, elegant wing shaped ornaments adorned it on either side, near the position where the ears would be.

It was truly a superb ensemble.

Kuroki had heard before that all the equipment was provisioned for the knights. It was truly extravagant as normally, knights should be the ones responsible for their own equipment and its procurement. Moreover, the equipment was provided by the country since most knights were its young nobles.

In front of those knights were soldiers who held spears and giant shields; they were the Holy Republic of Lenaria’s prided Heavy Warrior unit.These soldiers were trained to fight in a group instead of one-to-one combat. As such, their job in this operation was to fend off any enemy attack. Each one of them held a rectangular tower shield, they all stood next to each other, forming a wall in the process. Pikes could be seen poking out of the shield wall. Each soldier was equipped with his own spear, so the formation looked like an enormous hedgehog.

It was precisely this formation that allowed that Heavy Warrior unit to play a great role during the war against the centaurs in the past.

Behind the Heavy Warrior unit, the Archery unit was stationed, making full use of the former’s protection to launch a counterattack against their foes.

He also caught a glimpse of a Mage unit.

Since some monsters could use magic, the Mage unit’s knowledge about magic would be useful during such moments.

(What an impressive line up and yet… Aren’t they a bit overboard here?)

Kuroki was walking while looking at the people encircling the base.

「Uhm? What’s that?」

He couldn’t help but mutter those words as he noticed some people who stood out from the rest.

They were a group of girls with extremely striking appearances. He knew just by looking at their dresses that those girls weren’t citizens of the outer city—their clothes were made of high quality fabric.

Some of those girls were dressed like warriors and others were dressed as maids. That group of girls was really conspicuous amongst the troops who encircled the building.

Kuroki was looking at the center of that group.

(What is that beautiful chick doing in this kind of place?)

The girl who stood in the center of that group was an extremely beautiful girl. Furthermore, Kuroki felt that he had seen her face somewhere before.

That girl was definitely a well-bred woman or a princess, her hair was silky smooth, with a beautiful sheen to it, and her eyes were filled with strong determination. Both her clothes and her accessories were made of higher quality materials than the girls around her.

That princess stood in the center of the group, it looked like everything and everyone should revolve around her.

(Who is she, I wonder?)

Kuroki was pondering about that matter while looking at the girl.

「Kuroki-sama. That’s the Exploding Princess you know.」

Nut stated as he glanced at the princess-like girl.

「Exploding princess?! What the heck is with that name?!」

Kuroki was baffled and wondered about the cause behind her getting such an ominous nickname.

(I mean, something must have happened for her to get such a weird nickname.)

Upon seeing Kuroki’s confused face, Nut started explaining the origin of the name.

「I heard that she got that nickname after she demolished various things with her explosion magic.」「Eh…」

Kuroki was dumbfounded hearing such a simple reason.

「In addition, she’s also the hero’s little sister.」「Eh?」

Kuroki was even more surprised by the second revelation.

(The hero’s… little sister?! So that means she’s Reiji’s little sister.)

Kuroki was really surprised after finding out she was Reiji’s sister. He was also shocked after recognizing the fact that there were other people who were summoned to this world other than the ones who raided the Demon King’s castle. He felt some sort of irritation when he thought of the fact that he was the only one left out and summoned to the other side of the conflict.

(But still, this is also my chance.)

Kuroki started devising a plan to approach Reiji’s little sister. This was his biggest chance since his original goal was to know the situation on the hero’s side.He strained his ears to listen, trying to pick up any useful information from the little sister.

(Eh? Why can’t I hear anything at all?)

Kuroki who had gained superhuman hearing after being summoned to this world should have been able to eavesdrop from afar as long as he strained his ears a bit. Yet, he couldn’t hear the conversation amongst the girls’ group.

(Let’s try to get closer to them.)

Was what he thought, only to realize that he couldn’t get closer since she was surrounded by so many people.

「Ah! They’re breaking into the base!」

Nut, who stood on Kuroki’s shoulder, exclaimed as he looked at the Temple Knights.It seemed they had decided to enter at once after they sent a few people to enter first and scout the building.


When the person who looked like the commander of this operation gave his order, the Heavy Warriors went into the building, followed by the Temple Knights.

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