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Chapter: 17

Act 1-17 : The Pervert’s Identity

Located right in front of the Temple, standing in the center of the plaza, was a giant statue of Alrena. That statue, depicting the Goddess, was situated right at the center of the Holy Republic of Lenaria.

Several ostentatious buildings surrounded this famous plaza. These buildings housed several key establishments and figures such as the consul, which dealt with several country issues except for government affairs, and the homes of the upper echelon of this country.

Through one of the windows belonging to the Temple, overlooking the plaza, stood a room with a heavy atmosphere permeating it–Chiyuki and co. were currently in the middle of their emergency meeting.

「I can’t believe such a thing happened while we were chasing after the Perdas.」

Hearing her companions talk about the manticore’s subjugation, Shirone was rather surprised by such events. Shirone and co. had all been participating in the Perdas’ extermination mission. However, regrettably, they had to return before completing it after being summoned by Chiyuki. Once they returned, Chiyuki explained all the events that happened in the outer city to Shirone.

「That’s really surprising. I mean, we were confused as to why you asked us to come back with Rino-chan as well.」

Nao spoke as she looked at Rino.

Following Chiyuki’s request, they had returned with Rino in tow, whose speciality lay in mental magic, in order to treat Gendor’s illness.

「Sorry for asking you to return in haste, Rino-san. Do you by any chance know what happened to Gendor?」

Rino shook her head in response to Chiyuki’s question.

「U~hm. All I know is that the old man kept having nightmarish illusions. I’ve cancelled the effect of the magic on him, but it seems his mind is already broken.」

Chiyuki sighed upon hearing Rino’s reply–it was regrettable that they couldn’t extract any information from Gendor.

「Did you manage to see the nightmares he was experiencing? It’s not like I sympathize with this villain or anything, but his nightmares might enlighten us about this situation.」

It was as Reiji had said, Gendor was a villain. Through their later investigations, they had discovered that he was the man responsible for all of those disappearances. He had hunted down those innocent people and fed them to his pet, the manticore.

「According to witnesses, he was as healthy as ever until just a week ago. In short, something happened during this one week.」

「So the problem is this "something", huh… Chiyuki, you visited the Black Fang’s base a while ago, right? Did you find something during your investigation?」

「I wouldn’t be this troubled if I had found some clues in there. Their base was already half destroyed when I arrived there, even retrieving the manticore’s corpse alone was already close to impossible.」

Chiyuki had gone to visit the Black Fang’s base after she was briefed about the failed operation by Kyouka and Kaya. By the time she had arrived there, the base had already become a mountain of debris due to Kyouka’s explosion magic.

(The zero casualties on the knights’ side is the only silver lining of this situation.)

Of course, upon hearing that the knights were safe and had only suffered some minor injuries, Chiyuki’s entire being was engulfed with relief. However, the evidence had still been lost amid the destruction of the base, which made her rather annoyed. It was troublesome as it meant that further investigations were rendered impossible and they were stuck at yet another dead end.

「I’m sorry, I unintentionally released my magic when he suddenly groped my ch*st.」

Kyouka apologized to Chiyuki. It was rather unfortunate, but Kyouka couldn’t control her formidable magic power properly. She would accidentally release it whenever she got too excited, which was what happened in the prior incidents.

「It can’t be helped then. Don’t mind it, Kyouka.」

Naturally, Reiji covered for Kyouka. However, this made Chiyuki slightly dissatisfied. She wished that Kyouka would master her strong magic power properly.

(She is too spoiled in spite of having such powerful magic.)

Chiyuki felt extremely regretful about Kyouka’s case since, if she trained properly, she could potentially become their main firepower.

「By the way, what about the suspicious person who defeated Kaya? The fact that he can throw Kyouka’s magic to another direction alone makes him quite abnormal.」

Everyone in the room agreed with Nao.

Kyouka’s magic was very powerful, the only problem was that she couldn’t control it. Grabbing and then throwing such a volatile spell was a feat that not even Chiyuki, the party’s strongest mage, could perform.

「Yeah, he’s definitely not a normal person. He could’ve easily killed me if he felt like it after all.」

Everyone was at a loss for words upon hearing Kaya’s remark.

「But still, that person didn’t want to kill you, right? That means that he might not actually be a bad person, seeing as he didn’t hurt Kyouka-san at all as well.」

Sahoko asked with a cheerful voice.

「I agree.」

Chiyuki felt the same as Sahoko after hearing that the suspicious person apologized to Kaya after flinging her. At least this action showed that he didn’t want to hurt them.

「Hmm… So what then is the reason behind him approaching Kyouka while hiding his face?」

「Yeah, I really don’t understand. His actions are still definitely suspicious, Shirone-san. However, he might have his own circumstances.」

Everyone pondered for a while upon hearing Chiyuki’s remark.

「Well, the simplest reason is because he wanted to grope Kyouka-san’s br*asts.」

Rino placidly stated.

「No, that’s rather…」

Chiyuki waved her hand to dismiss the theory that seemed too good to be true.

「Only a pervert would do something like that, Rino-chan.」

Even Sahoko was surprised by Rino’s theory.

「He was… aiming to grope my br*asts!」

As she exclaimed, Kyouka kept trying to hide her br*asts with her arms.

In their group, Kyouka’s br*asts were the second biggest after Sahoko. Even Chiyuki didn’t feel like something was off if a pervert, an extremely skilled one on top of that, was only aiming at groping Kyouka’s br*asts by approaching them.

「The girls with small br*asts are so lucky.」

Kyouka muttered as she looked at Rino and Nao’s br*asts.



Both Rino and Nao sulked after hearing Kyouka’s comment. As the owners of the smallest br*asts in their group, they were both always overly worrying about this matter.

「But, what will we do if that guy turns out to be a real pervert? He might try to approach Kyouka again. Can you try to use Past Vision to see his face?」

「It’s useless. I’ve tried to see the incident with Past Vision and yet, I can only see dark mist surrounding that person. It might be the after effects of Kyouka-san’s explosion magic. Past Vision is an extremely delicate magic you know, we can’t always see the past we want to see.」

Chiyuki explained to Reiji.

Past Vision was indeed a magic spell that allowed the caster to see past encounters, activities, events, and incidents, but, sometimes, the past couldn’t be clearly seen due to the strange flow of mana during the event in question. That’s why Chiyuki couldn’t see anything but darkness when she tried to use Past Vision on this particular incident–the mana flow had been extremely chaotic due to the battle between the suspicious person and Kyouka and Kaya.

「Oh my, I actually saw his face you know.」

Kyouka spoke with a composed face. As soon as she made her remark, everyone turned their attention to her, staring at her with heated gazes.

「Wait a second there, Kyouka-san! This is the first time I’ve heard of this!」

「Well it should be, Chiyuki-san. This is my first time telling you this after all.」

Again, Kyouka replied with a composed voice.

Everyone was completely at loss for words and bewildered with her nonchalant statement.


Chiyuki couldn’t help but internally grumble. It seemed that Kyouka really hadn’t told anyone about this matter before, which explained Kaya’s surprised expression. Chiyuki really couldn’t fathom Kyouka’s thought process–they had wasted so much time using spells and thinking of theories when she was keeping such a vital piece of information.

「You saw his face? Tell me, what did he look like, Kyouka?」

Kyouka pondered for a while upon hearing Reiji’s question.

「Let’s see, his look is rather plain, without any noticeable traits. But, I feel like he’s rather familiar, dear brother.」

「Rather familiar? Is he a citizen of this country we know?」

Kyouka shook her head upon hearing Reiji’s question.

「No, it’s like seeing a Japanese person. His face does look Japanese after all.」


Everyone was speechless upon hearing Kyouka’s unintentional bombshell-like reveal.

「Hey… Does that mean there’s another summoned person from Japan aside from us?」

Everyone was dumbstruck once they realized that fact.

「Yeah, that’s also one possibility. Come to think of it, it didn’t seem like he was using translation magic when he apologized to me. In addition, his martial arts style bore some resemblance with Shirone-sama’s.」

Kaya agreed with Sahoko’s statement as she explained her observations.

「It bears some resemblance with my martial arts style…?」

Shirone couldn’t believe it.

「But still, your style should only exist in Japan, right?」

Upon hearing Nao’s remark, Shirone nodded with a still unconvinced look on her face.

「In short, there’s another summoned person aside from us.」

Kaya nodded to Reiji’s conclusion.

「That’s the most reasonable explanation for this.」

「Sure enough, it makes sense for someone from our original world to be able to defeat Kaya-san. I don’t know why I can’t see his figure, but…」

Chiyuki agreed with Kaya since it was more logical for someone who also came from their original world to be able to dodge Kaya’s attack and fling her; it wouldn’t make sense if it was someone from this world. Naturally, it wasn’t strange if he could use magic as powerful as theirs.

「But still, what should we do now? What’s this person’s identity? Does that mean that Rena has abandoned us and summoned a new person?」

「That’s a little bit too hard to believe.」

Nao responded to Rino’s question with furrowed brows.

「Wait a minute, don’t you think that you’re too quick to jump to such a conclusion? There might be another person who’s summoning otherworlders you know.」

As expected, Reiji started defending Rena. [TL : D*ickhead]

「It’s just as he said, that possibility does exist. Although, we now do have tons of questions for Rena too.」

Chiyuki felt an urgency to confirm a few things with Rena as soon as possible.

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