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Chapter: 26

Act 2 – 26: Leaving Rox Kingdom 1

As Shirone and her comrades in arms started regaining their power, the zombie army quickly dwindled in numbers and was successfully pushed back.

Kuroki, on the other hand, was currently walking through the main street by himself. All he could hear were the citizens’ jubilant cries as they all cheered and praised Reiji all around him. Kuroki didn’t really feel bothered about it as he thought that their praise was justified since Reiji and co had done their very best to save this kingdom.

Reiji’s magic that he saw in the last moment of the battle was terrific. It happened right after he had destroyed Zarxis’ magic circle and returned to the surface. He was really surprised to see Mizuouji Chiyuki and Todoroki Naomi waiting for him in front of the entrance of the underground passage. But, since their attention was focused on the scenery above them, Kuroki could easily slip past them unnoticed.

After he managed to get away from them, the night sky suddenly turned bright, just as if it was truly a bright day. When he looked up, he saw a light beam being fired from Reiji’s front. The light beam had travelled in a straight path, infinitely illuminating the boundless night sky.

Normal magic couldn’t stop that light beam, he thought.

Reiji hadn’t used that spell in their previous battle back in Nargol. Seeing its power right before his eyes, he concluded that he might have to prepare a countermeasure against that magic for when they fought again.

Honestly speaking, Kuroki never wanted to fight Reiji again. But, he understood that he might have no choice but to fight them if Reiji and his companions invaded Nargol again.

The real problem; however, was Rena.

Things would be settled peacefully as long as she gave up her attempt to attack Nargol.

— I wonder what it’ll take for me to convince her to give up on trying to kill Modes?

Kuroki racked his brain, trying to find a solution to that particular problem. It wasn’t helping that he had now become even more confused of that Goddess’ intention after he failed to know what she was doing in Rox Kingdom.

He couldn’t really remember much, but after their night of drinking, when he woke up the next morning, Rena had already left Rox Kingdom. Though he had no idea what she was planning to do, he still felt that he must remain vigilant.

Moreover, after today’s incident, there was also another matter that had been occupying his mind.

It was Zarxis’ matter.

(Just who in the world is that man?)

Kuroki couldn’t help but worry about Zarxis’ parting words. He had called Modes a traitor and had also proudly proclaimed himself as the God of Destruction, Nargol’s, right hand.

The first thing that had come to mind when he heard "Nargol" was the fact that it was the name of the land governed by Modes. But, Kuroki felt that the "Nargol" Zarxis mentioned had another meaning.

(Let’s try to ask Modes about this matter once I return to Nargol. But, I have to achieve my primary goal of coming to this place before that.)

Kuroki planned to leave Rox Kingdom tomorrow morning. Before that, he was thinking of saying goodbye to all the people who had taken care of him during his stay in this kingdom, he wanted to tell them he was leaving.

After finalising his plans, Kuroki raised his head to look ahead, only to see a familiar figure walking towards him.

「If it isn’t Rember-dono… something the matter?」

The one who walked toward him was Rember, but the expression on his face was rather unnatural. It was the expression of someone worrying about something. Moreover, Rember shouldn’t have been here in front of him as there was currently a banquet in the Royal Palace dedicated to Reiji and his companions for their efforts during the battle.

Even the Freedom Fighters, Gallios and his subordinates, were invited to attend the banquet. It was a special invite to reward their efforts in suppressing the zombie riot, preventing the spread of the damage.

Their actions had also saved many citizens and tourists’ lives.

On the contrary, rather than Rember, the ones who should’ve been the most miserable in this whole ordeal were the Temple Knights. Even though they were all brainwashed under Orua’s spell, it still did not change the fact that they had attacked Reiji, whom they were supposed to protect.

It seems that now, they were charged with doing the jobs of Rox Kingdom’s soldiers  while this kingdom’s soldiers were appointed as Reiji and his companions’ guards until their return to the Holy Republic of Lenaria. That kind of job was a humiliation for elites like them.

Kuroki recalled how his fellow Freedom Fighters laughed at the Temple Knights when they received an invitation to the banquet at the Royal Palace.

Though Gallios seemed to be reluctant to attend this party, in the end, he had no choice but to attend as the leader of the Freedom Fighters. Kuroki, on the other hand, though invited, refused to attend since he didn’t want to meet Reiji and the others.

That’s why he was walking by himself right now.

As a knight of this kingdom, Kuroki thought that it might not be a good idea for Rember to ditch such an event.

「Eh… Ah… It’s Kuro-dono, huh.」

Rember looked at Kuroki with gloom surrounding him. It seems that his condition was really unusual to the point that he didn’t recognize Kuroki despite him standing right in front of him.

「Is something the matter? Why aren’t you in the Royal Palace?」

「Well, I just didn’t feel like it… Kuro-dono. The Royal Palace will be alright even without me there.」

Rember muttered as he averted his gaze away from Kuroki.


(Rember-dono seems to have a lot of things weighing on his mind… Is there something I can do for him?)

Kuroki was indebted to Rember; he had helped him a lot during his stay in Rox Kingdom. His problem might not be any of Kuroki’s business, but he couldn’t just leave him alone without doing something for him.

「How about we go for a drink, Rember-dono? My treat.」

Though Kuroki had yet to reach the legal age for drinking liquor, he thought it would be better to invite Rember for a drink rather than leaving him on his own with his depressing mood.

「There was someone like that?」

Reiji showed a frustrated look when he heard about the masked man in the underground passage.

「Sorry Chiyuki. If only I had come with you…」

Reiji apologized to Chiyuki.

(How dare you say that when you were too busy saving princess Almina, d*ckhead!!)

Though she was grumbling inside, in the end, she didn’t say anything, because she realized that this was Reiji’s limit and flaw. He had no choice but to choose when two women were in danger right at the same time.

His choice to save Almina at that time was correct since unlike Chiyuki, Almina was a normal human. But as a result, Chiyuki ended up in such a predicament.

Chiyuki knew that such a situation didn’t mean that Reiji didn’t care about her, he just knew that she could do something on her own with her powers, the situation just happened to be beyond both of their expectations.

Chiyuki didn’t feel that angry since Reiji used to do the same back in their world too. Moreover, she herself was confident that she didn’t need a man to save her.

Yet, the situation she experienced in the underground passage was simply too terrifying. Just thinking about what would have happened to her if that mysterious pervert hadn’t saved her back then was enough to send chills down her spine.

It was the second time she was saved by a man, Reiji being the first one.

Chiyuki wanted to thank that man, but he ended up never coming out of the underground passage. She had then gone back in to check up on him, only to find the underground passage completely empty. Neither her savior nor the masked man were there, only traces of their battle.

From those traces, she could imagine the kind of violent magic battle that happened in that room. Parts of the floor had turned to ice, while the rest had melted into lava. She concluded that both sides used extremely advanced magic. She also now clearly understood that the man who saved her was not only a martial artist, whose prowess far surpassed that of Kaya, but he was also extremely well versed in magic.

Chiyuki couldn’t help but keep on wondering who her savior was.

「Hey, Chiyuki-san, the person who saved you, is he a dashing man?」

Shirone, who loved heroic stories, asked Chiyuki with sparkling eyes. Chiyuki, on the other hand, wryly smiled at her question.

「I don’t know. He hid his face after all. But, from the things I’ve seen and the brief talk I had with him, I feel that he is a gentle person.」


Nao joined Shirone in her excitement.


Shirone and Nao smiled at each other.

Nao had been unconscious when she and Chiyuki were saved by the mysterious pervert. That’s why she didn’t get a chance to form an opinion on her savior.

「You were also in there… in the same situation as me, Nao-san.」

Chiyuki rebuked Nao.

In fact, Nao was in an even more dangerous situation than Chiyuki. That’s why Chiyuki felt the need to remind her about how dangerous the situation was back then.

「Well that’s right, but I felt reassured when I found out that someone had saved us from the shadows; we absolutely must find that person.」

Nao spoke with a curious tone.

「Yeah, I have to thank him for saving you guys…」

Reiji agreed with Nao.

Though there were many misunderstandings about d*ckhead because of the bad rumors surrounding him, it didn’t mean that he never offered his gratitude to those who helped him. The source of those bad rumors were mainly from the unpopular guys who were jealous of d*ckhead’s luck with women. [EN: Translator-san, your hate is showing.][TL: I Know, can’t be helped, this guy is just so annoying xp]

Though some of those rumors were true, the majority of them were exaggerations while others were fake. However, the reason they spread so much was because d*ckhead himself hadn’t even bothered to clarify them.

In addition, some of those bad rumors were obvious slander as they claimed that Reiji had "friends" of the same sex, but in reality, most of the men who approached him were actually just aiming for the girls around him, thus they were driven away by Reiji.

If Chiyuki had to use animals for example, Reiji was a male lion surrounded by his harem. He wouldn’t allow any male outside of the pack to approach his pack. Any outsider who dared approach would be bitten to death by him.

「By the way, what happened to that dangerous masked man?」

Sahoko asked anxiously.

Chiyuki herself was curious about that part too.

Though her savior seemed to have won the battle since the dark mist had dispersed, she had no idea what had happened to the masked man.

「I honestly have no idea what happened to him.」

Chiyuki shook her head.

「Hey, Chiyuki-san, is that masked man actually the Demon King’s underling?」

Chiyuki nodded to Rino’s question.

「When I asked whether he was a Nargolian, he said yes.」

「Then, he must be the Dark Knight’s ally, right?」

「Yeah. Why are you asking, Rino-san?」

— What’s Rino trying to say by asking those questions?

「Let’s see… we came here to stop Dark Knight’s plan, yet, strangely enough, we never even saw his figure this entire time.」

「Ah, you’re right. That’s strange indeed. Seriously, just what in the world is that guy trying to do?」

Chiyuki tilted her head in confusion.

「No need to think too deeply about that. We’re going to kick his ass once he shows himself for making Chiyuki-san and Nao-chan go through such a dangerous experience!!」

Shirone spoke with an enraged voice.

「That’s right, Shirone. Everyone, we’ll beat him for sure this time!!」

Reiji spoke with a strong timber in his voice.

「Wait, Reiji-kun. I know it’s dangerous to leave them to their own devices, but let’s be more careful this time. Our lives were really on the line this time after all.」

Just in case, Chiyuki made sure that they wouldn’t make another blunder like this one. This time, they were going to fight together. It also seemed that finally, Chiyuki’s opinion coincided with Reiji’s this time.

「Uhm, everyone. Dinner is ready.」

As they were finishing their discussions, the door suddenly opened and Almina entered the room.

Chiyuki and the others’ attention headed towards Almina right away. Her dress was the first thing they noticed as it glaringly screamed "I’m going to seduce you, Reiji-sama!".

Her line of sight was also locked on Reiji. Her favorable impression towards Reiji, who had saved her yet again like a knight in shining armor, had literally shot through the roof. She couldn’t help but send a feverish gaze towards Reiji.

Chiyuki had seen this gaze many times before.

「Let’s go enjoy the banquet then.」

Reiji finally broke the silence as he spoke.

The Royal Palace had decided to hold a banquet to praise Reiji, who had saved this kingdom, and that banquet was held in a separate room.

According to Almina, it seems that they had also prepared an even more wonderful thing to show their gratitude for their efforts in investigating the Striges’ tower.

Moreover, it wasn’t just a party involving them and the Royal Palace, but apparently, some citizens, who had cooperated with the Hero’s party during the incident, were invited too.

Chiyuki thought that this might be the best thing this kingdom could offer as their gratitude.

Thus, she decided to just enjoy the banquet.

「Yeah, let’s go.」

Thus, they all followed Almina.

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