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Chapter: 4.2

Act 3-4.2: The Hero’s Party’s 2nd Assembly Meeting


Reiji let out a dumbfounded voice. No matter how you looked at it, he didn’t swing that way.

Though she was as expressionless as usual, everyone could see that Kaya was slightly more excited than usual. They were really surprised upon seeing the cool beauty act this way.

「But, that would definitely look nice~」

Rino spoke happily.


Nao agreed with Rino.

「Not you too Nao-san…」

Chiyuki massaged her temple seeing the reaction of her comrades.

(But, I have to agree that the X-rated scenes between him and Reiji would look much better than with the Demon King.)

Even Chiyuki got infected by the fujoshi virus. Reiji had a nice and handsome face and, remembering their battle at the dragon’s mountain, she also found that Shirone’s childhood friend had a rather good looking face too.

Chiyuki ended up imagining various things and almost went straight to becoming a kifujin, the superior form of a fujoshi.


「E~h, that’s bori~ng.」

Rino replied to Reiji’s flustered denial with a rather dejected tone. And though she didn’t show it on her face, Kaya looked equally dejected.

「Look, we’re in front of Shirone.」

Unable to accept the fact that he had just become the victim of his own joke, the d*ckhead tried to change the topic in a hurry.

「U~hm. I’m sorry to say this to everyone but, I’m sure that Kuroki is also a straight man who loves women. His eyes would literally lock onto my chest when we would wear our summer uniforms…」

Rino, Kaya, and unexpectedly, Reiji too, made dejected faces upon hearing Shirone’s remark.

「He would also always insist that he’d never done that even though it was way too obvious. That’s why I can reassure you that he is a straight man!!」

「Shirone-san. That’s not reassuring at all. Moreover, knowing that such a person approached you is a bit…」

Sahoko spoke with a slightly disgusted expression on her face upon hearing Shirone’s attempt to protect her childhood friend, not realizing that she herself had already become the victim of a pervert called d*ckhead.

「Sahoko is right. That’s unpleasant indeed.」

Chiyuki agreed with Sahoko, forgetting the fact that she just showcased her body in front of literally the entire male population in Rox Kingdom. She would never want a lecher to become her comrade; again forgetting the fact that a lecher already existed in her party. [EN: They’re honestly all so dumb.]

「By the way, Chiyuki-san, Kuroki-san should have extremely powerful resistance against all magic, right? I mean, I felt it back when we fought him.」

「Nao-san’s right. Both domination magic and charm magic doesn’t work on someone with powerful magic resistance. And since he’s still alive even after receiving my most powerful magic head on, he surely has extremely powerful resistance against magic.」

「Then, how do you think the Demon King is controlling him?」

Upon hearing Rino’s remark, Chiyuki thought for a bit before responding.

「It shouldn’t be by normal means then. For example, they might have used a magic potion, a love potion to be exact.」

「A love potion? What’s that?」

Reiji asked in a hurry.

「Well just as its name entails, it’s a love potion. Anyone who drinks that potion would fall in love with the first person they see. I happened to come across its description in one of the books I read, and it seems that it’s strong enough to make even a God succumb to its effects.」

「Then, could it be that Kuroki is being manipulated because of a love potion?」

「That may be so, Shirone-san. But there’s still the possibility that he’s being controlled by any of the spells I explained a few minutes ago. Honestly, we need more information before we can conclude anything.」

In the end, their investigation hit a wall. Chiyuki had researched all sorts of other ways of manipulation aside from using magic, but she didn’t end up with anything substantial.

「Since the way to free him is also different depending on the magic used on him. We need more research in this regard.」

Chiyuki ended their meeting with that conclusion. They couldn’t do anything about it until they knew more about his own situation.

「But, I guess we should ask Rena for help in this matter. She might be able to find something…」

Since Rena knew that the Dark Knight was intending to cut the Holy Dragon King’s horn, she must’ve known about the Dark Knight being Shirone’s childhood friend too. Chiyuki made such a deduction since the Goddess seemed to know a lot about Nargol, especially what was happening inside. However, she also guessed that something might have happened to Rena back in Rox Kingdom since she hadn’t appeared lately. She was now a completely useless Goddess to them.

「Rena, huh… could it be that something happened to her back in Rox Kingdom?」

Reiji sounded worried about Rena.

The faces of a few people in the room turned grim upon hearing his remark. They had no idea what happened to Rena back then, still being kept in the dark about the reason for her sudden withdrawal from Rox Kingdom. Everyone, except for Reiji, was really angry at Rena.

「Well, let’s force Rena to spill the beans… cough… I mean to tell us of what happened back then.」

Chiyuki wanted to ask a lot of things once Rena contacted them. Such as what happened in Rox Kingdom that forced her to leave without telling them? Or the identity of the man with the eerie mask? Or even, how many people were summoned by the Demon King?

She also had no idea about what would happen if someone other than the Demon King and Rena summoned another person. She especially wanted to know more about the summoning art used by the Demon King, Chiyuki thought that Rena definitely knew about that. They were in for trouble if the Demon King could summon as many people as he wanted.

Thus, Chiyuki and co decided to talk to Rena about the fact that the Demon King had also used summoning magic.

Yet, they couldn’t meet the Goddess in the end.

Nier was the one who came instead after their request to meet Rena. Later on, they were told that Rena had already known that the Demon King had used summoning magic too. They were also told that the Demon King wouldn’t be able to use summoning magic anymore because the King of the Gods, Oudith, had used his powers to make it forbidden.

Chiyuki wondered why they weren’t told such important information. She subsequently asked Nier, who told her that she wasn’t privy of such details.

Thus, Chiyuki was really eager to meet Rena in person to get more detailed information.

「It seems that Rena doesn’t want to meet anyone right now. Guess we have no choice but to wait.」

Reiji tried to cover for Rena, earning some disgruntled looks from some people in the room. Reiji was always lenient towards Rena, a world topelling beauty. Chiyuki was rather irritated with that fact.

「Since Rena can’t help us right now, we should just infiltrate Nargol by ourselves!!」

Shirone suddenly suggested.

But, that was even more impossible.

「Shirone-san… that’s impossible. First, we have to infiltrate Nargol as you said. But then, we’ll have to fight Kuroki, can you really fight against him?」

Nao might be the only one amongst them who could infiltrate Nargol unnoticed but that was far too dangerous for her. That’s why Chiyuki dismissed Shirone’s proposal right away.

「That’s troubling indeed… But still, we can visit the closest place to Nargol…」

「Well, as long as we don’t enter Nargol… but, I doubt that any information we get from those places will be accurate.」

「That’s enough for me, I’ll go even if I have to go by myself. If I can get even a bit more information about Kuroki then it’ll be worth it.」

Chiyuki understood then that Shirone would not be able to stay calm without doing something about the situation.

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