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Chapter: 5.2

Act 2-5.2 : Hero’s Visit 1

But, they still had hope in finding a way to go back to their own world.

They had discovered that Rena wasn’t the sole owner of a summoning device. So, naturally, Chiyuki and the others had put together a plan to search for that person. However, it was still quite unfortunate that the person they were looking for was related to a pervert who had groped Kyouka. It was for this reason that their first goal was to catch that pervert, probably teach him a lesson, and then let him lead them to the summoner behind him.

Thus, now, everyone in the party—except for Reiji—wore extremely embarrassing clothes to lure that pervert out of hiding.

Though they were originally only going to use Kyouka as bait, that plan was immediately rejected by her, thus Reiji suggested for all girls to wear the same sort of clothes to lure that pervert out since he might be interested in others breasts other than Kyouka’s kind.

That was the reason why Chiyuki and the girls were now stuck in those extremely humiliating outfits.

Chiyuki, who couldn’t think of any better way to lure that pervert out and had no idea of what that person looked like, ended up in her current outfit after deciding to follow Reiji’s plan.

Their plan had definitely succeeded since they still managed to lure a great number of perverts. In fact, she noticed that the number of men approaching them increased three fold when they stepped inside the rampart. However, the pervert they were looking for had yet to appear.

Chiyuki wished from the depth of her heart for that pervert to appear ASAP.

(Just how long do I have to wear this embarassing outfit? I really can’t believe that in the end, we decided to come to Rox Kingdom in this kind of getup…)

Chiyuki looked at the other girls.

The other girls were no different than her and Shirone. Nao’s attire consisted of a cat ears headband and a mini cheongsam. The slit of the cheongsam matched well with Nao’s slender limbs. She looked exactly like a slender cat, trying hard not to bare her fangs.

As for Rino, she wore a cheerleader outfit. Chiyuki thought that this outfit matched her well since she had a cute personality. Moreover, in Rino’s case, wearing such an outfit wasn’t much of a problem since she was used to wearing such revealing clothes.

In their original world, Rino worked as a model and was used to wearing all kinds of outfits for her photoshoots; therefore, it was natural that she wouldn’t hesitate in wearing these embarrassing outfits, no matter how humiliating they were.

In Kyouka’s case, she was wearing a dancer outfit. She was wearing the most revealing outfit out of all of them to increase the success rate of their "lure the pervert" mission. It was only natural for her to do so since, in the first place, the pervert was drawn to her.

Kyouka, who had the most alluring body amongst the girls, wore clothes that emphasized her constricted waist and voluptuous chest, which wouldn’t stop drawing every man’s attention.

Leaving her personality aside, even Chiyuki envied her good looks.

Though Kyouka was reluctant to wear such an ensemble at first, she had finally agreed after Reiji’s vehement persuasion.

Despite being Reiji’s sibling, she was the exact opposite of her big brother. Her way of thinking was quite old-fashioned, which contradicted her young age. She didn’t wish to wear revealing clothes. But, her tastes were quite peculiar as she had once worn a very gaudy swimsuit, obscuring her standards and making them rather vague.

Kaya’s attire, on the other hand, was a smaller and more revealing maid outfit, which was really no different from her previous attire. She would always wear a maid uniform on a daily basis since she was Kyouka’s maid, so she was already captivating as it is. The white knee-high socks under her miniskirt emphasized her beautiful long and slender pair of legs.

 (And yet, why does Kaya obey Kyouka?)

Chiyuki pondered about that matter.

The relationship between Kyouka and Kaya didn’t change at all even after coming to this world. It was rather strange since Kaya was more skilled than Kyouka in almost everything. Seeing as their relationship hadn’t changed at all, she couldn’t imagine it to be a mere master and servant one. She guessed that there might be something only they knew of.

She was curious, but didn’t have the courage to ask them since it was their business.

The last one was Sahoko, she wore white bunny attire. This attire worn by her emphasized her large breasts, which was extremely destructive considering that she had the biggest breasts amongst all the women involved with Reiji.

Though Sahoko’s slightly plump figure couldn’t compare to Kyouka, who had the best proportions among them, it was still destructive enough to attract the men’s gazes. According to the humans of this world, some men prefered Sahoko’s figure.

It was obvious that she was quite embarrassed with her outfit, especially with her high-leg leotard, which emphasized her plump hips. She had almost cried several times from shame. The fabric wasn’t a see-through kind, but had patches of mesh, transparent fabric—it was an outfit that shouldn’t be worn in public and shouldn’t be seen by just anyone. Chiyuki thought that, If it were her, she would absolutely refuse to wear such an outfit. But, since Sahoko had never been able to refuse Reiji’s requests, in the end she wore those clothes, albeit unwillingly.

Chiyuki heaved a sigh as she looked at their party members, who were all walking stiffly, except for Reiji.

(Why? Why in the hell does this world have these kinds of clothes? I’ll make sure to punch the fellow who made these outfits.)

The gazes from their surroundings felt painful to bear. Chiyuki held back from casting explosion magic towards the guys who were looking at them lecherously.

She then looked at Reiji.

He was staring at them with great interest.

She had long been aware that Reiji was a pervert, not that he tried to hide it.

But, he never forced himself on any of his women.

He would not have even forced them to wear those humiliating outfits if Chiyuki and the others didn’t wish to wear them.

Moreover, he was the first to save them when Chiyuki and the others were in a dangerous situation—that was their Reiji.

However, regardless of the male gazes they were receiving, not one of these lechers was brave enough to approach and harass them since they were guarded by escorts. Furthermore, Chiyuki and the others were far more powerful than the ordinary humans of this world. Here, Reiji’s turn would never come.

Soon, they arrived at Rox Kingdom’s royal palace.

The royal palace was far smaller than the temple of the Holy Republic of Lenaria. The people who lived in it could not even exceed a hundred people.

But this size was normal for a country with around 8000 citizens.

The reason they came to the royal palace was to meet the King. Though such an important figure wouldn’t have normally met with travelers, the Hero chosen by the Goddess and his comrades were VIPs.

It was normal for the King to welcome them with fanfare.

「Welcome to our place Hero Reiji-sama, and your honored wives.」

Rox’s King personally greeted them when they entered the royal palace.

「Yes, we’ll be in your care again.」

Reiji replied as if it was natural to be in Rox Kingdom’s care.

The Hero, who was chosen by Goddess Rena, had powerful influence in this region.

That was the reason why Reiji and the others took such an attitude with this kingdom’s ruler.

Even if Chiyuki and the others felt awkward at first, they were gradually getting used to such treatment.

Chiyuki, of course, had her own worries regarding this matter.

「It’s been a while, Reiji-sama.」

The girl beside the King greeted Reiji.

She was the King’s daughter, Almina. This was her second meeting with Reiji.

The first time was when the Striges brought forth a disaster in this country and had kidnapped her in the process. But then, Reiji had defeated those Striges and saved Almina.

Ever since then, she always had a yearning gaze when she looked at Reiji.

「It’s been a while, Almina. How do you do? 」

Almina was clearly delighted when Reiji asked about her condition.

「Yes, Reiji-sama. Almina is extremely spirited today.」

The way Almina looked at Reiji was that of a maiden in love.

Chiyuki heaved a sigh in seeing that.


Many girls were charmed by Reiji’s good looks, and though he didn’t force himself on the ones who didn’t like it, it didn’t mean that he would refuse the ready to serve hot meal right before his eyes.

While Reiji and Almina exchanged passionate gazes, Chiyuki looked at the others and found Sahoko and Rino pouting.

Nao on the other hand, only heaved a sigh as her face showed that she had given up. Moreover, Shirone, Kyouka, and Kaya looked at the situation with nonchalant faces.

This was the difference between their respective relationships with Reiji.

Another man came out while Reiji and Almina were in their own world. Chiyuki had met this person before, he was the Prime Minister of this kingdom.

「Uhm, regarding Reiji-sama’s lodgings… Since the visit was too sudden…」

Since they had suddenly received such a request from Rena, Chiyuki and the others hadn’t given Rox Kingdom enough time to prepare everything. They had contacted the kingdom at such short notice that it made them all stressed out. The Prime Minister’s face was pale since the preparation to welcome the Hero and his party didn’t make it in time.

And then, the Prime Minister looked behind.

There were lines of Temple Knights who came along as Chiyuki and the others’ escorts. The group had now become quite big when those Temple Knights were included. The kingdom simply couldn’t accommodate everyone.

「That’s not the only problem.」

Maybe because she guessed something from the Prime Minister’s gesture, Kaya came forward.

「AH?! You are, Kaya-sama!!」

He had failed to notice Kaya, who was hidden behind. The Prime Minister was clearly shocked when he saw Kaya.

「It’s been two weeks since the last time we met, Prime Minister-dono」

Everyone was extremely surprised when they heard her greet him.

「Eh? Kaya-san? Did you visit this kingdom two weeks ago?」

「Yes, Chiyuki-sama. I had arranged a business meeting with Prime Minister-dono.」

Kaya smiled meaningfully.

「Business meeting? Come to think of it, you did start some sort of business while we weren’t around. Don’t tell me that your business has already reached as far as Rox Kingdom…」

Kaya had started all kinds of businesses while Chiyuki and the others were busy with the Demon King subjugation.

Chiyuki recalled that matter just now.

「Yes, that’s why don’t worry about this situation. I’ve made prior arrangements in regard to our lodging and the rest of our necessities. Isn’t that right, Prime Minister-dono?」

The Prime Minister nodded to kaya.

He was clearly frightened.



Everyone was wondering what had happened during their negotiations.

「Yes. The matter of Kyouka-sama’s villa has been arranged.」

「Is that so, you have my gratitude then, Prime Minister-dono. Let’s take a look at our villa then.」

Kaya urged everyone to move towards the villa.

「See you later, Almina.」

「Yes, Reiji-sama.」

Thus, Chiyuki and the others went towards the mansion located near Rox Kingdom’s royal castle.


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