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Chapter: 1615

Special Battles II

Chapter 1615 Special Battles II  Fifteen minutes later.

Jack stood there panting like crazy. He held the sword tightly as he looked at his opponent sharply.

The other party is also in the same situation, but that guy is anting harder and there are a couple of slashes on his body. His robes were torn in those places as there were some small cuts on his flesh at the exact same spot.

Jack lunged forward as he stabbed the opponent.

The other party tried to block it, but Jack kicked the ground at the last moment right before the two blades met. He tilted his body just so slightly. The black meteorite sword's tip slid over the body of the other party's blade as he moved forward and nicked the hands of the opponent.

The opponent felt the concentrated sword aura attacking his arms and he almost lost the grip of his sword.

But with a lot of effort, he managed to hold on to it, even though he started bleeding profusely. Jack once again stopped as he locked eyes with the opponent. The black meteorite sword gave out a very chaotic but controlled sword aura. 

The opponent felt the aura and sighed.

He changed his position and stood normally.

"I surrender."

The crowd cheered immediately.

For the past fifteen minutes, the exchanges were like this. As soon as the balance broke, Jack gained a slight upper hand. He wanted to maintain that and push forward while the opponent wanted to bring the balance back. Their moves are still not flashy and eye-catching, but these quick one-move exchanges really attracted the crowd and their attention.

Jack also heaved a sigh of relief. He respectfully thanked his opponent for a great fight and went back to his friends.

"Damn, you almost got your ass kicked didn't you?" Philip provoked with a grin.

"Yes, I did. But I was confident that the probability is not very high." Jack answered calmly, without showing any signs of frustration or anger. This made Philip tongue-tied. He wanted to get revenge on Jack for fueling the previous argument with Watt.

But when the other party decides to ignore the provocations there is no point in him continuing these arguments.

It would be no fun whatsoever.

"See? That's how you deal with this problem child."

Sam said to Watt before he walked into the arena.

"Oii, who are you calling a child? Huh?"

Philip almost yelled out loud. But Watt caught him and stopped him from doing that.

"You stupid, it is already bad that we are behaving as if we knew each other. The plan was to pretend like we don't know each other at all. But with your shenanigans, we already couldn't do that.

Just don't give them the image that we are close friends."

"Yeah, yeah. Cut me some slack alright. Look at that guy, not even respecting his elders."

"Elder? Who is that?"

Watt looked around in confusion.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Of course, I am talking about me. I am a few months older than him."

"Yeah, and he practically raised you. You stupid brat. Stop trying to pull that stupid age card again and again."

The bickering once again began.

Meanwhile, Sam moved out into the arena in the same fashion as before. He had his hands in his pocket as he looked at the opponent who is waiting for him.

Unlike the previous three opponents, this guy didn't speak with Sam. He just waited there for the match to begin and as soon as the referee gave the signal, he made his move.

He lunged forward as his body turned into a shadow. He disappeared from his spot and reappeared behind Sam.

The punch almost landed on Sam's nape, but right before it could, an energy barrier stopped it for him. But the opponent didn't stop there. He disappeared again and again as he appeared at different spots, throwing all kinds of attacks on Sam.

But all Sam did was block the attacks with an energy barrier, he didn't even make a move to dodge the attacks.

After a dozen or so moves, the opponent stopped and looked at Sam keenly.

Sam also looked at him to understand his opponent's next move. It has been a while since he saw someone use shadow element this good. The twin sisters in his team are really good at it, but they used the space element in conjunction with the shadow element which is not completely the same.

But this guy is using pure shadow which is something that Sam really liked doing himself.

The only problem he noticed is that the fighting style is not exactly optimum. If Sam actually moved instead of not keeping this aloof appearance and posture, he would have caught the other party multiple times.

But that could also be a trap by the other party, trying to tempt him to make a move. Whatever the case, there are a bunch of openings.

He is really tempted to catch one and beat the crap out of this guy, but for that, all the images he had built up until now will be gone. So, he is thinking of a better way to fight this person.

As he was thinking, he suddenly sensed something from behind even though the opponent is coming from the front. He frowned and a small invisible ripple of energy emerged from his body.

It extended in all directions. The opponent felt it and his momentum lapsed. Sam diverted his senses to his rear and he noticed a shadow coming at him.

Shadow necromancy. He shook his head slightly as he saw the shadow's momentum get toned down by the ripple as well.

The opponent regained momentum as he tried to move forward and hit Sam. But once again an energy barrier blocked the attack. The exact moment, that punch landed, the shadow that was behind Sam suddenly exploded.


The shadow that was about to make a move just exploded into a puff of black smoke.

The opponent was stunned. Sam looked him right in the eyes. They are cold and calculating. This was the first time Sam showed any expression against his opponent in this arena.

The opponent stepped back and made some hand signs.

His shadow spread around widely and a bunch of shadow undead came out of it. Sam looked at him calmly as the undead surrounded him from all sides and the opponent came directly from the front.

The energy around his body was spread to a large radius as he created a solid barrier. This is the first time Sam's defense was even visible to the naked eye. So the crowd was really left in awe.

This is the first time someone pushed Sam to this level, so they are clearly surprised.

The undead creatures ran forward along with the necromancer as they aimed to finish off Sam quickly.

They are prepared to break down the barrier completely, but as they touched the barrier, all they felt is some very high resistance as if they are moving against a very forceful current of water. They didn't feel anything else.

Their punches just went through after they faced some resistance and the momentum was reduced.

But as they were coming through the barrier slowly, Sam manipulated the surrounding energy. He created very small energy bullets around him as he shot them at the undead creatures.


Even though the explosions are not exactly powerful, they created a lot of fuss as they destroyed the shadow undead.

The whole barrier is filled with black smoke. The opponent was about to land a strike on Sam but was unable to. He felt like some kind of chain locked him up in that one spot as he tried to move forward and his senses suddenly blurred.

A small explosion occurred right at his feet making his legs take the full brunt of an energy bullet's explosion.

The barrier was opened, and the black smoke was cleared. The opponent crashed to the ground with his leg in pain.

He couldn't believe what had happened. He thought he would at least make Sam move. At least a little bit.

But all of his shadow undead are crippled just like that. Even if he wants to maintain them, the problem is, that he wouldn't have too much energy left.

He would be sitting ducks if Sam really made a move at that point.

While the opponent is thinking about how to proceed, Sam is also thinking something similar.

The number of undead the other party used is way too many. They are far more than what Sam usually used. And to explore them all at once with energy bullets is no small matter. He is definitely not in Sivan's body at the moment to have done that easily.

Currently, he is in his own body and even if the energy control is good in this one, it is definitely not better than that of Sivan's body. Making energy bullets and using them all at once is still a bit much for him.

But to keep up that image, he had done so.

Now, he is thinking of giving that image up. This is the last attack he could land while staying still. If the opponent still comes at him, he decided to make a move normally.

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