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Chapter: 1966

Chuchu Came

Chapter 1966: Chuchu Came

"Bai Chen’s letter emphasized that there is something that the devil is afraid of... What is it?"Heavenly emperor glaze was the most impatient and immediately asked ye Xiao.

Actually, this was also the question that everyone present wanted to know the most. After all, to be able to destroy the northern sky high level devil in one night, the strength of that devil was something that the Taihan people had heard of. To use such a devil as an opponent.., anyone would have to be afraid of seventy percent and abstain from thirty percent. How would they dare to offend him lightly? Even though they knew that it was inappropriate to inquire about other people’s secret trump cards, they could not care about it at this moment!

Ye Xiao grimaced. "I really don’t know about this... could it be that the demon is afraid of my glory and beauty! ? Isn’t it said that this is the age of face?"

The men at the table collectively vomited.

Little did they know that ye Xiao also had his own difficulties at this moment. He truly did not understand what the devil of the Spirit Race was afraid of him for. Or perhaps, it was Bai Chen who had misunderstood?

However, he really had quite a few trump cards on him, such as the endless space, the three-foot-long secular world, the void vine, the stellar sword, many strange metals, and spiritual treasures. He couldn’t possibly try them one by one, right!

Wait a minute, Bai Chen’s letter mentioned the past events of the heavenly fishing platform in the heavenly domain. The key words of that incident were the reincarnation fruit, the demon world, and the idiot..

Then, could the key this time be... The Idiot?

Ye Xiao frowned and hesitated for a moment. He actually left the space by himself with a thoughtful look on his face.

When the glazed celestial emperor and the others saw him thinking so carefully, they subconsciously didn’t dare to disturb him and left.

Ye Xiao left the secret room and immediately used his mind to enter the space.


Ye Xiao said, "Do you know the Spirit Race?"

The Idiot’s ears pricked up as he looked at ye Xiao in confusion. "Meow?"

Ye Xiao sighed and said the contents of Bai Chen’s letter. Then, he saw the Idiot’s eyes suddenly light up like a spotlight.

"Meow? Meow? Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow? Meow? !"

Is the devil you’re talking about the black gas that was circling in the sky that day?

Is that right?

That’s a very delicious thing!

Actually, the black gas originally wanted to come down and look for you, but the taste of it was too tempting. I couldn’t help but go out and take a look. After a few glances, the black gas disappeared... It’s gone, I don’t know where it went.., you Don’t know, I’m only disappointed these few days. Why Don’t I go out later? If that black thing came near me, wouldn’t I be able to feast on it again? My Luck has been really bad recently..

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up when he heard that. He completely ignored a certain Meow’s nagging and went straight to the point. "HMM? You’re saying... That Thing, not only can you restrain it, but you can also eat it! ? Are you not joking?"

The Idiot could not wait to nod his head. "Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow..."

The Idiot repeatedly explained that he had been too pleasantly surprised and too excited that day. He had rushed out, but because they were too far away from each other, the black gas had been scared away, this result made the idiot, who had already drooled over it, extremely depressed.

During this period of time, his cultivation had broken through one after another. Although it was a rapid improvement, but as ye Xiao broke through the emotion barrier, the Purple Qi east arrival divine technique also broke through. It had provided him with a huge space for improvement, however, it also announced that he would no longer have the possibility of breaking through for a period of time. This was equivalent to forcing him into an awkward bottleneck.

If he could not break through this barrier, his cultivation level would probably stop there and stay at the current level for a long time.

At most, he would only be at the shallow level of the grandmaster realm in the mortal world.

However, to this idiot, it would be better to just kill him!

On the other hand, if this idiot could no longer evolve, it would also cause ye Xiao’s spatial evolution to be incomplete. It would also cause ye Xiao’s purple qi east arrival divine technique to progress extremely slowly. It would probably take him a year to complete it, but he might not be able to complete it even if he cultivated for another ten thousand years.

This result was something that was intolerable to both ye Xiao and the idiot.

Ye Xiao, the idiot, and the endless space promoted each other. They helped each other and made up for each other’s shortcomings. However, the opportunities in this world had basically been exchanged by ye Xiao, the so-called strange metals, mysterious spiritual water, and rare spiritual plants and clouds were all included. The endless space itself was already weak in advancing. As Ye Xiao advanced into eternity, he broke through the emotion barrier, the progress of purple clouds east arrival would also slow down for a considerable period of time in the future. As for the idiot... The Great War of the next century had begun, and there were many dead people. This was the perfect opportunity for the idiot to gather soul energy, it was the perfect opportunity to improve himself and complete the Yin spirit space!

However, recently... the idiot had discovered that as his level increased, the soul energy possessed by the origin spirit of this world beyond the mortal world was no longer enough to support the Idiot’s advancement!

In other words, if he could not find a higher-end origin spirit energy, apart from the idiot being unable to advance any further, even the yin spirit space within ye Xiao’s nine great spaces would forever be unable to be perfected.

Seeing this step, the idiot was fretting over whether he should obtain it or not, completely at a loss as to how to obtain it.

Unexpectedly, a huge pie fell from the sky, and some spirit race actually appeared..

The Idiot’s mood immediately turned from worry to Joy. That excitement and happiness were similarly no different.

Seeing that the idiot was like this, ye Xiao instantly relaxed.

Since the idiot had a way to deal with the Spirit Race Devil, then everything was not a problem.

After all, starting from the "Brother Egg"state of the idiot, it had always been a model of the weak defeating the strong. It was truly a case of success in everything, and there were no missed shots!

Just as ye Xiao put down his worries, a sharp whistle suddenly sounded from outside.

It seemed to be a battle between powerful cultivators.

Ye Xiao’s thoughts suddenly changed, and he hurriedly left the endless space. He saw that Ye Hongchen and the others had already gathered in the courtyard and were looking up at the battle situation.

In the sky, there was a black shadow that was moving too fast. At this moment, it had already turned into a whirlwind, circling and dancing in the air. If not for the fact that the people watching underground were all top-notch experts in the world, they would only be able to see a lump of shadow at most, moreover, it was an extremely blurry and illusory shadow.

However, behind this lump of shadow, there seemed to be another lump of shadow that appeared even more illusory and was chasing after the previous lump of Shadow.

The reason why it was described as "Seemingly"was because the other lump of shadow was moving even faster, so fast... that it had almost exceeded the cognitive limits of the experts from the underground. Such astonishing high speed.., it was extremely terrifying!

Seeing that the figure in front of them was getting more and more difficult to get rid of the entanglement of the other shadow, just as the two shadows were about to come into contact, the entire sky suddenly turned cold. Countless ice and snow fell repeatedly, and a severe winter came.

Xuan Bing frowned, looked at the sky, and said suspiciously, "This... this is clearly the Qi phase of our Misty Cloud Palace’s Lingxiao Ice Jade divine technique..."

Ye Xiao’s heart skipped a beat. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I’m sure."Xuan Bing frowned slightly. "However, our sect’s Lingxiao Ice Jade divine technique has never had an expert who has reached such a high level of cultivation. I’ve only dabbled in such a cold state not long ago. This person’s cultivation is definitely not inferior to mine!"

As he was speaking, the Black Shadow in the sky suddenly let out a sharp whistle. "Ye Xiao! Run!"

Ye Xiao’s body trembled. "Wenren Chuchu?"

That was Wenren Chuchu’s voice.

But who was that black shadow chasing after her?

Que Wen let out a meow and suddenly rose up, but the Idiot’s eyes were filled with excitement as he rushed out. If Wenren Chuchu and that strange black shadow’s movements were still within the scope of everyone’s vision, then this meow’s movement speed was truly terrifying.

The moment the idiot pounced out, he had already transformed into a white shadow whose movements could not be clearly seen. It was as if the * * * * * had been hungry for tens of millions of years, and his eyes even flickered with a solid green light.

Following the appearance of the Idiot, a cry of surprise sounded in the air. The black gas that was originally chasing after Wenren Chuchu quickly rose into the air and fled into the endless sky. In the process of escaping, it rapidly transformed into countless tiny black gas, it fled in many directions. It was obvious that it was extremely afraid of a certain someone. It was afraid that it would not run far enough and would use the technique of cutting off the wrist to save its life.

Although the Idiot’s movement speed was above that of the Black Shadow, it gave chase with all its might. In the end, it was unable to split its body. It only caught up to one of the black gas and hurriedly swallowed it, after that, it returned to the space with a satisfied expression.

In the air, the black shadow flashed for a moment and transformed into Wenren Chuchu’s original form, dripping with sweat.

The moment he landed, he actually lost his footing and staggered for a moment. He then directly sat down on the ground with a pale face, panting for breath. For a moment, it was as if he did not even have the strength to breathe..

It was clearly just an instant, but a pool of sweat had already accumulated under his feet.

"Miss Chuchu?"Ye Xiao hurriedly walked forward. "This... what is going on?"

Wenren Chuchu panted and raised her head to look at ye Xiao. Her gaze was actually somewhat lax. When she saw that it was indeed ye Xiao in front of her, she heaved a heavy sigh of relief. She rolled her eyes and fainted.

Previously, she had tried her best to deal with the shadow of the Black Qi, but she had really exhausted all the strength in her body. In a sense, she had used up all her energy in the air. For the last period of time, she had relied on her willpower to support herself. Now that she saw ye Xiao.., after sending her mind off, she naturally could not hold on any longer and automatically fell into a dormant state!

Ye Xiao did not know what was going on. Seeing this, she could not help but be shocked and hurriedly carried her in.

However, Ye Hongchen, the glazed celestial emperor, and the others all had solemn expressions on their faces.

They were all veteran experts, so they could naturally see that although the cultivation technique of this beautiful woman was extraordinary and extremely cold, there were still traces that could be traced. It was probably the path of the extreme ice, however, the path of the other Black Qi was really clueless.

Everyone actually couldn’t recognize it collectively. The only thing they knew was that the Black Qi contained an unprecedented evil and terror!

Moreover, it was the extreme evil that made one’s entire body almost stiffen!

"Looks like that black qi is the... Spirit clan demon mentioned in Bai Chen’s letter."Ye Hongchen sighed. "Such movement speed is truly... unrivaled."

Everyone saw it for themselves. Wenren Chuchu’s speed had already reached the peak of this world!

Moreover, it was the ultimate speed that could only be created by fusing all the physical qualities, talents, cultivation techniques, and other things that met the requirements into one!

Just like Wenren Chuchu’s speed when she fought with the Black Shadow, Ye Hongchen, the glazed celestial emperor, and the others believed that they were only so-so at most.

Ye Hongchen and the others were confident that they could achieve such speed in a straight line. Even if they won, it would not be difficult.

However, in a life-and-death battle, it would be difficult to maintain such a high speed for a long time!

"This girl is extraordinary..."heavenly emperor glaze smacked his lips with envy. "Her talent is not inferior to my daughter’s... how come all the good women in the World Benefit Ye Xiao?"

Ye Hongchen narrowed his eyes and said, "I almost forgot. Where Is Your Daughter? She was promised to marry a descendant of my ye family back then."

Heavenly emperor glaze blushed. "Don’t talk nonsense. Which one of them promised you?"

Everyone was shocked.

These two actually had such an agreement?

Didn’t they have a fight back then?

The two of them didn’t seem to have interacted with each other before and after. How could there still be in-laws? ?

"Right... what was that white shadow that rushed out from ye Xiao’s side and scared the devil away just now? HMM, there was that White Shadow, right?"Heavenly emperor glaze cleverly changed the topic, moreover, he changed a topic that everyone couldn’t refuse.

"There seems to be... but what exactly... I really don’t know."Ye Hongchen was also confused about this.

What kind of existence was it that could actually make such a terrifying devil flee?

Everyone was a discerning person. Anyone could see that Wenren Chuchu had already used her full strength to tangle with the devil on the side of the sovereign pavilion. She had already reached the point where the air was exhausted. Perhaps, if she was just a moment later.., she would have been succeeded by the demon.

Even ye Hongchen and heavenly emperor glaze thought to themselves that if it were the two of them, they might not have been able to last longer than the young lady against such a strange speed and terrifying power!

"This demon’s strength is really incredible... no wonder all the upper echelons of the northern heavenly emperor’s side were wiped out in an instant. One of them had an elbow, and the other one came out of nowhere. Against such a terrifying demon, who can avoid being..."heavenly emperor glaze shivered, "Devoured..."

When he said these two words, even heavenly emperor glaze could not help but feel a chill run down his spine.

This feeling even made heavenly emperor glaze forget one of the purposes of his visit this time: to ask ye Xiao about his daughter.

Ye Xiao had Xuan Bing take care of Wenren Chuchu. After feeding her several pill cloud divine pills, he also drank a whole bowl of spring water of life.

Although Wenren Chuchu was still unconscious, her face looked much better.

Although ye Xiao’s reputation as a godly doctor was not real, his understanding of the patient’s physical condition had reached the peak of being a doctor, naturally, he knew that Wenren Chuchu had used up too much of her vitality. With the pills and the spring water of life, there was no future trouble. Therefore, he was relieved and sat by the bed, thinking about something.

If one were to say that the most shocking thing to ye Xiao at this moment was not Wenren Chuchu’s sudden arrival, but Wenren Chuchu’s current cultivation level!


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