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Chapter: 1967

The Heart Of Chuchu

Chapter 1967: The Heart Of Chuchu

Translator: DaoistLUbAbJ

The current WENREN Chuchu had actually reached the eternal intermediate level.

This was a level that was almost not below his own.

It seemed that it was impossible for Wenren Chuchu to cultivate the Ling Xiao Ice Jade divine technique to such a level. This cultivation technique was flawed because of a storm back then, every cultivator needed the same level of "Deep ke strange lotus"to overcome the tribulation. Although Xuan Bing also cultivated this divine technique, Xuan Bing was unable to overcome his own tribulation back then, so he was bound to die, that was why he challenged Xue Danru, suffered serious injuries, lost his memory, transformed into Bing ‘er, and fell on someone’s bed in a series of subsequent events!

And Xuan Bing also completely eliminated the hidden danger of cultivation tribulation with the help of ye Xiao’s Purple Qi east divine technique. That was why there was no obstruction in his path of cultivation!

But Wenren Chuchu absolutely did not have such special conditions.

Or it should be said that other than Xuan Bing, all the other cultivators of the Ling Xiao Ice Jade divine technique had to suffer the trouble of Cultivation Tribulation!

If that was the case, then just by cultivating the Ling Xiao Ice Jade divine technique, no matter how many natural treasures were gathered around her, Wenren Chuchu would not be able to reach her current state.

But now, the reality was that Wenren Chuchu’s cultivation progress was so fast that it was incomprehensible and unbelievable.

Ye Xiao looked at Wenren Chuchu, somewhat incomprehensible.

At this moment, ye Xiao looked at Wenren Chuchu as if he was looking at Jun Yinglian back then. Simply speaking, Wenren Chuchu was definitely not as good as him in terms of cultivation atmosphere. But today, everyone’s cultivation progress was about the same.., it could only mean that the other party’s cultivation progress seemed to be faster than his!

Thinking back, if he had not split Jun Yinglian’s snow and ice heavenly realm, Jun Yinglian’s cultivation progress would probably be far beyond his current level!

F * ck, this was a slap in the face to this monarch. This monarch has endless space, the Purple Qi east divine art that is known as the number one divine art in the world, countless heavenly treasures, and countless opportunities, how could he be surpassed again and again by women? This... this was F * cking ridiculous!

WENREN Chuchu slowly woke up and immediately saw ye Xiao who was waiting by the bed. Her gaze then focused for a moment, and then she immediately relaxed with a smile and said, "Thank you... It’s you again, you saved me..."

Ye Xiao smiled, "This was supposed to happen."

WENREN chuchu weakly said, "No, I really shouldn’t have lured such a terrifying enemy to your side..."

Ye Xiao laughed, "We’re all on the same side, why are you still saying such things? You also know that I’ve never feared any enemy. Moreover, I can even deal with any enemy. Who else would you look for if not me? !"

Wenren Chuchu nodded and said with confidence, "That’s right."

Seeing that Wenren Chuchu’s spirit had recovered a little, ye Xiao asked, "Miss Chuchu, may I ask how you interacted with that black gas?"

"That’s right..."Wenren Chuchu’s face turned red, she stammered, "That’s right... During this period of time... I was strolling around the Fanyun Fu Yu brothel... I don’t know how, but I probably accidentally met... This thing..."

She spoke in a simple and secretive manner, but ye Xiao understood the whole story as soon as she heard it, and she couldn’t help but feel touched.

Ye Xiao had always known how Wenren Chuchu felt towards him. Although Wenren Chuchu had never said anything to him, she had always been secretly paying attention to him.

In the dark, while he didn’t know, Wenren Chuchu had already done countless things for him..

He and Young Master Bai were confronting each other. Everyone knew that Wenren Chuchu was an outsider, so how could she really wander around for nothing? When she wandered to the shore of the other party’s base, she must have gone to young master Bai’s side to gather intelligence, or perhaps she simply.., waited for an opportunity to assassinate the higher-ups..

With WENREN Chuchu’s current skills, as long as she didn’t touch graceful cloud, a top-notch figure like young master Bai, an ordinary high-ranking general, no matter who she faced, she would be able to ensure that she would succeed in one strike and escape unscathed, she would come and go without a trace.

However, this time, WENREN Chuchu had unexpectedly encountered an unexpected event. A strange existence like the Spirit Race Devil had appeared on young master Bai’s side, and he had discovered Wenren Chuchu’s unique existence at the first instant.

That was why today’s incident had happened.

To the spirit race devil, Swallowing Wenren Chuchu not only satisfied his own hunger, but also removed a strong beam for young master Bai. He had truly helped others and himself, both public and private!

Unfortunately, Wenren Chuchu’s true strength far exceeded Xiong ER’s expectations. She actually escaped all the way to ye Xiao’s side. Under the forceful attack of that idiot, she lost a strand of soul essence. It was a classic case of losing a wife and losing a soldier!

However, this central cause was something that even the person involved, Wenren Chuchu, was unable to understand!

"This time, it’s my turn to say thank you, Chuchu."Ye Xiao was silent for a moment before saying seriously.

Wenren Chuchu blushed. She looked at ye Xiao bravely and said, "You’re welcome."

Ye Xiao said, "A while ago, that... the multiple assassinations in the returning true pavilion were also done by Chuchu, right?"

Wenren Chuchu nodded shyly and said, "Actually, I just don’t like them bullying people. It’s really not for anyone..."

Xuan Bing and Jun Yinglian both laughed. This little girl was still stubborn even now. They didn’t know that everything she did had shown her true intentions.

"This devil is indeed terrifying. "Fortunately, I have the Ling Xiao Divine Ice Jade Technique’s absolute cold qi. Every time I reach a critical moment where I can’t avoid it, I can always use my potential to freeze it for an instant and then pull away from it... if not for that, I’m afraid that I would have died a long time ago!"

When Wenren Chuchu talked about the battle between her and the Black Qi, she still had lingering fear.

Xuan Bing said in surprise, "The Ling Xiao Ice Jade divine technique that our sect passed down actually has such a powerful effect. Could it be that the monster is afraid of the extreme cold?"

WENREN chuchu said, "That monster is not afraid of ordinary freezing qi techniques. Previously, when I was on the verge of death, I forced myself to use my ultimate technique. It was just a fluke. Moreover... Grand Elder Xuan does not know about it. There is actually a huge secret hidden in our Ling Xiao Ice Jade divine technique."

When Xuan Bing heard the words ‘Grand Elder Xuan’, he could not help but blush and said, "What secret?"

WENREN chuchu said, "Actually, I only found out about this secret after I went to the mortal world and met a senior with a mysterious background."

She paused for a moment before continuing, "The Ling Xiao Ice Jade divine art is the strongest cultivation technique in our sect. However, due to an accident back then, the foundation establishment chapter of the cultivation technique was incomplete. As a result, all those who cultivate this cultivation technique would inevitably be accompanied by a cultivation tribulation. Only the various stages of the deep keening lotus can resolve it. This is also the reason why I met Monarch Ye for the first time..."

Mystic ice thought: "Could it be that the senior you mentioned just now actually has a complete foundation establishment technique? !"

Speaking of this, suddenly a burst of enthusiasm.

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