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Chapter: 1969

Conspiracy Supplement 14 5

Chapter 1969: Conspiracy [Supplement 14-5]

Xuan Bing Thought for a while and then said, "This can only be confirmed after further verification, but there is one thing that can be confirmed. Not only Chu Chu and sister Lian, but also Xue Dan ru, Shuang ‘er, Han ‘er, and the others have pure yin bodies. They all belong to the category that I can enhance!"

Ye Xiao couldn’t help but be overjoyed. "If your guess is true, then we won’t be helpless against that demon anymore. You should immediately proceed with this matter... As for the rest, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Just leave it all to me."


"I already have a plan on how to deal with that Spirit Race Devil. However, I still need a name for this matter to ensure that you enter the trap."

Ye Xiao came to the secret room and explained everything.

"If we don’t lure that Devil Out, we won’t be able to annihilate him."

"Letting him hide in the dark will only cause more trouble."

"What can we do? Letting him willingly expose himself is the best plan. If anything goes wrong, young master Bai’s side will be finished..."

Ye Xiao frowned and looked at these old fellows. "You’re all old foxes. It shouldn’t be difficult to think of a solution, right?"

Ye Hongchen and the others glared at ye Xiao and almost joined hands to beat him up. What did they mean by "You’re all old and cunning?"

Are We very old and cunning?

However, they couldn’t help but frown and think of a way.

It had to be said that for these old foxes, it was nothing to think of a plan to trap the enemy.

"How about... how about this, we propose to hold a meeting of the five celestial emperors to seize the sword in the Dome of heaven and decide who the overlord of the heaven belongs to."Ye Hongchen said, "In name, we can’t bear to see the suffering of all living beings in the world, and we can’t bear to see the suffering of all living beings. "Therefore, we hold this meeting of the five celestial emperors to decide the position of the overlord of the world by seizing the sword from the dome

"In this battle, each side of the world can have at least three people to fight, and at most, no more than twenty people to watch the battle. The winner and loser of the highest level will decide the ownership of the world!"

Ye Hongchen was very confident, he said, "Ye Xiao, who is in charge of the southern sky, is naturally the representative of the southern sky, while I am the representative of the west. As for Bai Chen, he is now the rightful Emperor of the north. As for the eastern sky and the glazed sky, it will be the same as before

"There are five groups of people coming to participate in this grand meeting."

"The five-party alliance, dome-shaped sword snatching."

"The sword name is supreme, and the destiny is in his body!"

"Doesn’t that Devil Want The Destiny? Since that’s the case, we will use the destiny as bait to lure him out!"

"Brilliant Plan!"Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up.

The glazed sky emperor snorted and said, "Among the five Great Heavens and Earth, your ye family has occupied two, and the Bai family has occupied two. This glazed sky of mine... no matter what, it will be difficult for me to escape from the situation of being on my own."

Ye Hongchen said, "F * CK, are you f * cking interesting?"? "You clearly know that the main purpose of this dome-shaped sword snatching is to target the demon of the spirit race, yet you still make such meaningless complaints. Can you still continue to have fun?"? "To say the least, who cares about snatching your glazed celestial emperor... It’s full of fairies. It’s annoying to look at them."

Behind the glazed celestial emperor, the Golden Phoenix King and the Purple Dragon King glared at him.

This old bastard really didn’t know how to speak. What did he mean by ‘all of you are fairies’? In our eyes, you humans are all fairies! HMPH..

Heavenly Emperor Veluriyam laughed loudly. "Actually, this is quite good. No matter who wins or loses, I won’t be Heavenly Emperor Veluriyam anymore. Whoever wins, just take it."

Ye hongchen frowned and said, "Do you think what I said just now was nonsense? "The only purpose of this battle is to deal with the devil and eliminate the catastrophe of the Beyond Heaven. The question of who belongs to the Beyond Heaven will have to be settled after this matter is over. We will see whose fist is the hardest before we can settle the cauldron!"

Ye Xiao also said, "This incident is the catastrophe of the entire beyond heaven of the red dust world. During this period of time, people are still fighting for power and benefits. Those who take advantage of the opportunity will make people’s teeth turn cold. How can they collude with each other? !"

The glazed celestial emperor spat, he said in a deep voice, "Do you think I’m the kind of person who doesn’t keep his word, doesn’t know the big picture, and yearns for power? I’m just deliberating. If we successfully eliminate that spirit race devil, wouldn’t it be better to settle the world?"

"En?"Ye Hongchen was obviously stunned when he heard that. He immediately stroked his beard and muttered.

"Ye Hongchen, don’t you think that such a decision is actually a first-class grand event for the Beyond Heavens of the mortal world?"The glazed celestial emperor asked.

Ye Hongchen remained silent for a long time.

"Why don’t we just do it like this?"The glazed celestial emperor was in high spirits. "In fact, the so-called position of the Celestial Emperor is only passable for the first few hundred years after one sits on it. One’s words and actions follow the law, and one’s orders and actions are prohibited. It may seem impressive, but if you do it for too long, everything will become boring. The emperor’s affairs day after day can annoy you to death. It’s so boring that you can even force people to commit suicide..."

"Especially old guys like us. We are all old and won’t die, but it’s useless if we are the only one who is old and won’t die! "Their sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, and great-grandsons have been dead for hundreds of generations. We seem to be in high spirits, and we are sitting on the big seat under our buttocks, watching the changes of our lives, except for ourselves, for a long time

"Sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, great-grandsons. No matter how hard they cultivate, they have been in despair since they were born

"Because we don’t die, we don’t retreat. They can’t sit in that position no matter how hard they try. They can’t even live past our ancestors

"Is it a good thing to join the Royal Family? It’s obviously the worst thing in the world

"It’s also because of us old fogies at the top. Once tens of thousands of years later, when all the heroes in the world rise together, the situation that ye Xiao mentioned will inevitably occur... there will be no place to sit. "And if we want to find another way and not be sullen for the rest of our lives, we can only choose to take risks."

"Anyway, the final result will be like this. It’s better to set our own rules!"

"The five-party Alliance will snatch the sword from the dome! The sword name is supreme, and the will of heaven is in the body!"

"The winner will obtain the world!"

"This is not just a trap, but also the true determination of the world!"

"In this way, at least there won’t be hundreds of millions of dead people anymore, right? As for the usual battles in the jianghu, they can only be settled in the boundless sea. Won’t the clouds disperse in one day?"

"Ye Hongchen, why are you staring at me like that?"? "I only have one question for you. Even if the so-called sky-breaking time came true and you defeated all five of us, would you really become that Heavenly Emperor?"The glazed celestial emperor laughed loudly, he looked at Ye Hongchen from the corner of his eyes.

Ye Hongchen immediately smiled bitterly. The glazed celestial emperor was right. He had hit the nail on the head.

Even if he won and defeated the other four celestial emperors, could he really become a celestial emperor?

This was something that could not be considered no matter what.

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