Rebirth: never marry a rich man

Author(s): 樱雨飘零


In the last life, she was conspired by the slag man and her best friend, and was kicked out of her belly. Her long lost wedding was also destroyed. Once her seven years of love was occupied by her rich best friend, it was only because she was poor! If she can live a new life, she will turn the tide and dominate her life. She will never be a "poor" woman who has been labeled as poor and even lost her love. When she is 6 years old, she will stay away from the dog men and women. But if they come to provoke her, she will make them cry. With the unexpected space of rebirth and the foresight of future events, she gradually moves towards a rich family. In this life, she will not marry a rich family, because she is a rich family. When she was disheartened, she didn't expect to meet the man who was cold on the outside and hot on the inside. He was clearly powerful, but he was willing to join her family in order to get her. At this time, she realized that love is like this, not to make you cry and hurt again and again, but to achieve each other and make each other live more wonderful...

Chapter : 674


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