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Chapter: 2588

Heavenly Demon Pear 1

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the guest room, Ye Qingtang tilted her head and sized up the black flame in her palm.

The only thing she was certain of now was that her Divine Phoenix Bloodline had indeed been devoured. However, Ye Qingtang could not understand why such this could happen after that bloodline was devoured.

"Could it be that… after the Heavenly Demon Bloodline devours other bloodlines, in addition to strengthening the Heavenly Demon Bloodline, the attributes and power of the devoured bloodline can also be completely preserved?" Ye Qingtang was deep in thought.

For now, that was the only explanation.

Actually, this was very logical.

Ye Qingtang’s mutated Heavenly Demon Bloodline was like a huge water vat, while the water in the vat was the bloodline swallowed by it. The water was still there, but it had entered the water vat from another place and strengthened it. Like this, the water itself was still preserved.

Furthermore, this water tank was simply a bottomless pit. No matter how much water was poured in, it would not overflow.

Although Ye Qingtang had the Heavenly Demon Bloodline, she rarely used it. All along, Ye Qingtang used the Divine Phoenix Bloodline more often. However, the growth of the Divine Phoenix Bloodline was slow and could not be compared to the Heavenly Demon Bloodline at all, much less the mutated


Regardless, the thing that troubled Ye Qingtang the most was why her cultivation level improved so quickly after she came to this era. She had not practiced any cultivation at all, while her Heavenly Demon Devouring Bloodline also received an unimaginable enhancement.

Forcing herself to calm down, Ye Qingtang started to examine her body.

‘When martial arts practitioners focused their minds, especially after they reached the Divine Lord stage, they would be able to sense the changes in their bodies. They could even use their perception to display specific details, which were even clearer than using the naked eye to observe.

After observing for a long time, Ye Qingtang finally found some clues.

Above her dantian was an indescribable black vortex, and inside the vortex was a pitch-black pearl.

"Heavenly Demon Pearl?!"

Ye Qingtang’s expression changed.

She did not recognize the Heavenly Demon Pearl at first glance but after thinking for a while, Ye Qingtang snapped out of her trance. What else could that black pearl in her dantian be but the Heavenly Demon Pearl?

Back then, when she was still in the First Domain, the little azure dragon disguised itself as a master refiner and brought her into the Dragon Vein.

There were three legacies in the Dragon Vein.

The most precious and powerful legacy was the Heavenly Demon. Ye You had obtained the Heavenly Demon legacy first but later fell into Ling Yan’s trap. To save herself, Ye You had no choice but to spit out the Heavenly Demon Pearl.

After that, the Heavenly Demon Pearl landed in Ye Qingtang’s hands.

Ye Qingtang had always kept this Heavenly Demon Pearl in her dantian but did not see any miraculous effects. As time passed, Ye Qingtang completely forgot about the Heavenly Demon Pearl.

As Ye Qingtang continued to examine herself, she saw the Heavenly Demon Pearl. Only then did she remember.

At this moment, an extremely majestic demonic aura radiated from the Heavenly Demon Pearl, fusing with the Heavenly Demon Devouring Bloodline. When the Heavenly Demon Devouring Bloodline encountered the Heavenly Demon Pearl, it was like a water dragon entering the sea. An unbelievable

change occurred.

The Heavenly Demon Devouring Bloodline became increasingly domineering and powerful. The luster of the Heavenly Demon Pearl also became brighter. It was also because of this that Ye Qingtang’s cultivation level advanced by an unimaginable margin.

However, Ye Qingtang was frustrated to see that a small portion of the energy had been absorbed by her Heart of the Heavenly Dao.

Even though the seal on the Heart of Heavenly Dao had not been completely removed, it could already automatically absorb Ye Qingtang’s power due to the loosening. If not for the Heart of Heavenly Dao, Ye Qingtang might have already become a sub-Emperor..

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