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Chapter: 2594

Unparalleled 2

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Feng Jiuyou looked at Feng Zang unhappily. "Don’t say that about Sister Ye Yue. She’s my benefactor. Besides, my parents asked Sister Ye Yue to stay here as a guest."

Feng Zang sneered, "If anything happens, even your parents won’t be able to bear the responsibility."

"Brother Feng Cang, Sister Ye Yue is a girl. How can you say that?" Feng Wuyin said to Feng Cang.

"So what if she is a girl? There’s no division between males and females in martial arts. Feng Jiuyou, immediately have this woman leave the Feng family. Otherwise, if anything happens, you and your parents won’t be able to bear the consequences," Feng Zang repeated.

Before the young Feng Jiuyou could say anything, Feng Cang’s gaze landed on Ye Qingtang. With a condescending look, he said coldly, "Miss, the Divine Venerate Domain is not a place you can enter as and when you please. I advise you to return to where you came from. It’s not impossible to leap through

the dragon gate, but you must be a true dragon first. A fish will forever be a fish and cannot transform into a dragon.’

Ye Qingtang smiled and did not say anything.

"What’s happening?"

An old man suddenly appeared at the training grounds. He frowned at Feng Cang and the rest.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the old man. Feng Cang and the others immediately stepped forward with respectful expressions and cupped their fists. "Patriarch."

Ye Qingtang sized up the old man. This old man was the current patriarch of the Feng family, and his cultivation level was at the peak of the Seventh Heaven level Divine Lord.

Ina small place like this, especially a small power like the Feng family, there were very few Emperor-level experts. At least in the past decade or so, the Feng family had not had any Emperor-level practitioners, not even any sub-Emperors.

From this, it could be seen that the cultivation level of this Feng Family patriarch, who was at the Seventh Heaven level, was already considered not bad.

"Patriarch, Feng Jiuyou and his parents allowed an unknown person to stay in our Feng family estate. I find it to be more than a little inappropriate." Feng Cang immediately stepped forward and explained to the old man.

The old man nodded and looked at Ye Qingtang before saying, "I already know about this matter. Miss Ye saved Jiuyou and is a guest of the Feng family. Now that you’re here, it’s fine for you to stay for a few days."

Seeing the patriarch’s attitude, it was naturally inappropriate for Feng Cang to continue arguing, He could only nod and say, "Patriarch, I understand."

The Feng family patriarch looked at Ye Qingtang and said impassively, "Miss Ye, the Divine Venerate Domain is not like the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain. It is too dangerous. Moreover, the Divine Venerate Domain’s martial arts culture surpasses the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain. Even if you are considered

an expert in the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain, it will be too dangerous for you in the Divine Venerate Domain. Miss Ye, if you have seen enough, it’s best not to stay in the Divine Venerate Domain for too long, You should return to the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain as soon as possible."

Feng Cang and several young martial arts practitioners looked at each other and smiled.

Martial arts practitioners in the Divine Venerate Domain like them completely looked down upon the martial arts culture of the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain. After all, there was a huge gap between these two domains. How strong could a practitioner from the Mixed Heavens Holy Domain be?

The patriarch ignored Ye Qingtang and said to Feng Jiuyou, Feng Wuyin and the rest, "Train hard and don’t fool around."

The patriarch turned and left.

After the patriarch left, Feng Wuyin approached Ye Qingtang and tugged at the corner of her clothes. "Sister Ye Yue… I want to go out and play."

"Wuyin, be a good boy. Practice first. When we’re stronger, we can go play with Sister Ye Yue then," said Feng Jiuyou..

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