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Chapter: 2714

High Tier Ancient City 1

"Yes, we’re not here to snatch cursed points. We’re just here to take revenge."

"That’s right. How could our Heavenly Saint Cult do such a shameless thing as stealing the cursed points of others!"

The corners of Ye Qingtang’s lips twitched as she looked at the people from the Heavenly Saint Cult. This Heavenly Saint Cult’s ability to spout nonsense had been cultivated to perfection. It was truly impressive.

This was the first time Ye Qingtang and the rest saw a Heavenly Saint Cult disciple since they entered this realm. When did Ye Qingtang have the chance to kill one?

To put it bluntly, the disciples of Heavenly Saint Cult just wanted to find a reason. Otherwise, if word got out that they killed someone because they wanted to snatch the cursed points, it would affect their reputation.

"So you are here to kill me today," Ye Qingtang said calmly.

"Of course. You killed a disciple of my Heavenly Saint Cult, how can we spare your life?" The long-haired leader sneered.

With that, all the Heavenly Saint Cult disciples stepped forward.

The disciple with the six Heaven-level divine weapons glared at the Heavenly Saint Cult disciples and sneered. "What high-sounding sentiments you have. You dare to kill people with your mere abilities? I think you’re just here to die, right?"

The expressions of the Heavenly Saint Cult disciples changed slightly.

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"Six Heaven-level divine weapons… two sets of divine armor…"

Looking at the others, all the disciples of the Great Immortal Temple were wearing divine armors and holding Heaven-level divine weapons and Heaven-defying Dharma treasures.

A quick glance revealed at least dozens of Heaven-level divine weapons, hundreds of divine armors, and dozens of Dharma treasures…

How many cursed points did they spend to exchange for all these!

Now that these Great Immortal Temple disciples wielded such divine weapons. Who would dare to offend them!

At that moment, the long-haired man’s expression changed slightly and he suddenly said, "Yes, I remember now. My Heavenly Saint Cult disciple was not killed by Miss Ye Yue. They were killed by a demon here. It was a misunderstanding. This is all just a misunderstanding. I’ve disturbed Miss Ye Yue and I apologize."

At that moment, no matter how slow they were, everyone from the Heavenly Saint Cult understood the situation when they saw the items held by the Great Immortal Temple disciples.

"Miss Ye Yue, we were careless and wronged you. We’ll leave now!"

Seeing that the people from the Heavenly Saint Cult were about to flee, Ye Qingtang was not going to let them leave so easily.

"We were lucky to obtain 300,000 cursed points today. But what would have happened if we didn’t get those 300,000 cursed points…" A disciple of the Great Immortal Temple sneered.

"The Heavenly Saint Cult wouldn’t have come looking for us if we didn’t have those 300,000 cursed points, right?" Lan Shan asked.

"That’s not the point. If we didn’t have these divine weapons, the consequences would be unimaginable."

The Heavenly Saint Cult had come prepared. They had killed many demons and monsters in exchange for four Heaven-level divine weapons and many Dharma treasures.

If Ye Qingtang had not armed the Great Immortal Temple disciples, they would really not be their match.

"What, 300,000 cursed points?!"

The long-haired man from Heavenly Saint Cult looked astonished.

"Since you already know, we have no choice…"

"We don’t want to know. You were the ones who insisted on saying it… but don’t worry, we didn’t hear anything!" One of the Heavenly Saint Cult disciples said hurriedly.

"Heh, since you came all this way today, we will not hold back. It’s impossible for you to leave." Wan Rong sneered.

The disciples of Heavenly Saint Cult came intending to kill and steal, so there would be no good ending for them.

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