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Chapter: 2716

Becoming An Immortal Immediately 1

This type of spirit animal had long disappeared from the outside world. The records described it as rather small but extremely powerful. It could be used to curse your enemies and was extremely terrifying.

And in this open canyon, apart from the Heavenly Cicada, many other spirit animals were not even in the records.

Lan Shan stared at a mountain peak that towered into the clouds. His gaze was somewhat dazed.

The mountain peak appeared through the clouds and seemed to move. A pair of stone eyes surveyed the crowd.

"There are spirit animals of this level here?!"

Some disciples of the Great Immortal Temple seemed to have realized that this place was extraordinary. They looked towards the mountain peak.

The shopkeeper stepped forward and explained, "Dear cultivators, this is a Heavenly Divine Beast. Its body is invulnerable to swords and spears, water and fire. Its strength is comparable to that of a Fiendcelestial Beast. However, this Heavenly Divine Beast is still young and can’t be compared to real Fiendcelestial Beasts."


Everyone looked at each other in dismay. This was considered a young Heavenly Divine Beast? Wouldn’t it tear a hole in the sky when it reached adulthood?

However, on second thought, the Heaven-Devouring Beast they saw in the memory was much bigger than this Heavenly Divine Beast.

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"What spirit animal is this?"

One of the Great Immortal Temple disciples pointed at a warhorse formed from pitch-black flames. This warhorse also had a pair of black flaming heavenly wings. One could already feel its high heat just by standing near it.

"Purgatory Demon King."

The skeletal shopkeeper explained, "This spirit animal is called the Purgatory Demon King. The Heaven Ascension Sect Master, one of the Fourth Domain’s mighty figures, entered the Purgatory World and killed the Purgatory Demon King. The soul of the Purgatory Demon King transformed into this creature and its divine power is heaven-defying."

Only after hearing what the shopkeeper said did Zhang Chi come to a sudden realization. No wonder such a monster was not even listed in the records. It was actually formed from the soul of a Purgatory Demon King. No wonder.

"This means that there is only one Purgatory Demon King in this world," said Xie Jun.

"That’s right." The skeletal shopkeeper confirmed.

"Heaven Ascension Sect Master…"

At that moment, Ye Qingtang was deep in thought. She had heard this name from the black shadow in the memory. The black shadow said that he had killed the Heaven Ascension Sect Master and the Dark North Divine Buddha.

Currently, there were four known supreme beings.

The Silver Star Holy Lord, the High Monk, the Heaven Ascension Sect Master and the Dark North Divine Buddha.

However, the souls of the Silver Star Holy Lord and the High Monk had escaped and could be reincarnated into humans. As for the Heaven Ascension Sect Master and the Dark North Divine Buddha, their souls had been destroyed by the black shadow. They had completely dissipated from this world.

But no matter what, the Heaven Ascension Sect Master and the Dark North Divine Buddha were considered the peak forces of the Fourth Domain, on par with the Silver Star Holy Lord and the High Monk.

Ye Qingtang guessed that if nothing went wrong, Ling Yan should be the reincarnation of the Silver Star Holy Lord. However, Ye Qingtang was curious about the High Monk’s reincarnation.

It was impossible for the reincarnation of such a peak existence to remain unknown.

According to Heaven, the most powerful beings in the Fourth Domain could be considered Perfected Immortals. The only difference was that they remained in the lower realm.

However, the Fourth Domain was created by Heaven, so it did not really belong to the lower realm.

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