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Chapter: 2448

deceive by death

It is not too difficult to bring tens of thousands of people into another world. Lu Yang has Bandarsburg, so he can pull his soldiers inside, and when he arrives in another world, he will bring them from Bandarsburg. come out.

It is not difficult to find the residence of the Dark Demon. The Blazing Demon God knows where they are, and it is enough to send Lu Yang to that coordinate point.

The really difficult thing is how to make Lu Yang bring about 100,000 soldiers and soldiers there without the orcs and demons paying attention.

If Lu Yang didn't bring more than 40,000 main force to Daqinggou, it might not have attracted the attention of the demons, but he has already brought people, so he can only find another opportunity.

Blazing Demon God asked, "What do you want to do?"

"Let the orcs and the demons fight again." Lu Yang found a place to stop, released Lively from the space, and said, "How much control do you have on your opponents?"

Lively asked: "What do you mean? I can only control some of the subordinates of the original Son of the Demon God, about a thousand demons, and their strength is only about the third rank."

Lu Yang smiled and said, "That's enough, let's return to your area, gather all the demons, and attack the Orcs with me."

Lively didn't know why, and asked, "You can't win, it's no different from being sent to death. I'm afraid only you can escape."

Lu Yang said: "I will bring you. My purpose is to kill a few orc monarchs and attract crazy revenge from the orcs. Then, the demons and the orcs will fight again."

"But what's the point of that?" Lively didn't understand and said, "I don't mind letting those subordinates die, but isn't it a waste of time for them to die like this."

Lu Yang said with a gleam in his eyes, "It is of great significance. I need some time to improve the strength of my subordinates. I can let you leave the lives of three subordinates as your future support."

Lively said, "Okay, let's go back."

Lu Yang took Lively back to Bandarsburg again, and quickly flew to the front line of the Orcs and Demons. On the way, he asked Lively with his consciousness and said, "On the Orcs, except for the half of the Orcs. God, who is the strongest person who is most easily attacked but most worshipped by the orcs?"

Lively said: "Kenneth, the son of the former orc shaman Doringer, the orcs can open super-large teleporters to transport demigods and more monarchs, relying on the release of Doringer. Shaman spells, but he forcibly released this spell and he was killed by the elemental backlash, but his death alone saved the orcs, so every orc has great respect for Kenneth."

Lu Yang said, "Then kill him, do you know his location?"

Lively said: "Kenneth got the power of his father's blood, and his strength has reached the peak of the monarchy. He has always been the representative of the main battle faction of the orcs. At this time, it should be in the southwest of the Surabi rift, where there is a In an area with a strong wind element, he practiced hurricane spells there."

"Point it to me." Lu Yang said.

Lively nodded and gave the location of Surabi's big crack in her consciousness, and Lu Yang flew over there quickly.

The so-called Surabi Great Fissure refers to the fissure in the earth caused by the war between the orcs and the demons. It is dozens of kilometers long and hundreds of meters wide.

In the southwest of the Great Rift Valley, there is a hurricane ravaged area that is visible to the naked eye. Dozens of tornadoes have formed a natural barrier there, and it is impossible for people below the monarch to pass.

Lu Yang did not act in a hurry. He circled the hurricane area in the air and found a large camp of orcs more than ten kilometers away. There were at least five or six thousand orcs in it, and there were nearly a hundred kings. Then, he flew back to the vicinity of Lively's camp and said, "Order your army to attack that orc camp, and say that it became empty, with only dozens of second-order orcs, and you will get credit for killing it."

"I'll take my men away first. I don't need anyone else. I only need Bagley and Lander, and I'll call them both now." Lively ran to the distant camp.

Lu Yang stayed where he was and waited. After a while, Lively returned to him with a human man and a demon.

"Bagley, you've seen it, I need his company, and Randall is also my most important friend." Lively looked at Lu Yang stubbornly. Obviously, she didn't know that Bagley was a traitor. matter.

Bagley didn't expect that his mission would end in this way, shaking his head and said, "Your Majesty, I don't want to return to the human world."

This is for Lu Yang!

Lu Yang looked at Lively and said, "You still need to send someone you trust to do one thing."

"What's the matter?" Lively asked nervously.

Lu Yang said, "You need to send someone back to report that you were killed by Kenneth and ask them to avenge you."

"I'll go." Bagley said excitedly.

"No." Lively shook her head and refused. Obviously, Bagley was a human, and he would definitely die if he returned to the demon race. Apart from her, no other demon liked Bagley.

"Then it can only be me." Randodo said with a wry smile.

Lively hugged Randall and said, "I won't let you go either."

"I still have to go, believe me, I will not betray you, you are the love of my life." A black light suddenly appeared from Randodo's body, pouring into Lively's body.

"Soul division, are you crazy?" Lively said in horror.

"If I betray you, I will be tortured by you forever." Randall looked at Lu Yang and said, "I will do my best to do this, I just ask you to treat Lively with kindness."

Lu Yang sighed~~ It is undeniable that any race will have crazy people when it comes to love, and Landduo is also a lover.

"Don't worry, I'll keep my word, Liveli will live very well with me," Lu Yang said.

"Goodbye." Randodo pushed Lively away and ran towards Castlevania with a firm expression.

Lu Yang looked at Lively and said, "Take Bagley to the battle. I will follow you two and save you both when the fight breaks out."

Lively took Bagley back to the camp with resolute eyes, Lu Yang turned into a phoenix and flew into the air, hiding in the clouds and watching every move below.

After two hours.

Lively gathered all the demons under her command, crossed the Surabi rift, and launched a fierce attack on the camp of the orcs.

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