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Chapter: 2449

2 clan battle

On the sentry tower of the orc camp, brown-skinned orcs are on guard duty, and the rest of the orcs are training in the camp.

At this time, it was daytime, and the orcs' sentry saw at a glance the demon legion that crossed the Surabi rift and rushed towards them.

"Woo~~~~~~!" The orcs in the tower immediately blew the horn.

Thousands of orc warriors did not need to assemble. They were training in the field and rushed out from the four gates of the camp on the third-order prairie wolf with shields and weapons in hand.

Thousands of demon warriors were surrounded in an instant, followed by a massacre. Lu Yang watched the battle below from above the clouds. If a demon warrior ran out of the encirclement, he would use spells to kill him. .

"Why are there so many orcs in the camp?"

"Liveli, what the **** is going on? What about Liveli?"

"Bagley, **** liar, where are you? Where is your master?"


The demons roared wildly. They found that they had been deceived, but they could not escape, and could only passively gather towards the central area under the attack of the orcs.

If human beings face such a sudden death situation of the enemy, any general with a brain will not give an order to kill them all, but will capture a few prisoners, and first ask the reason for the enemy's attack. After all, there is no Who will die, and this is under the circumstance that the two sides have just concluded an armistice contract.

But the commander of this orc camp, Maduoge, is Kenneth's subordinate, and he is also the personal guard of the former orc chief Dolinger. If it wasn't for the demons' sacrifice to the blood gods and opening a larger space-time channel, there would be so many of them. The demons of the monarch and demigods were teleported over, so Dolinger didn't have to protect them by self-exploding his body to expand the channel and summon more orc monarchs and demigods.

This truce, like Kenneth, Madoge firmly disagreed, but there was no way. The truce agreed by the high-level officials of the two sides, but Madoge has been fighting hard at the border, waiting for a war one day.

Originally, he thought that it would take a year for the next time more powerhouses from both sides teleported over to start the battle. He didn't expect the demons to launch a sneak attack. Recalling the care of Dolinger before, Madog was furious and ordered: : "Kill all of them, leave none of them~!"

Hundreds of king-rank orcs rushed out first, followed by the rest of the lord-rank and spirit-rank. None of the more than a thousand demons escaped, and they were all killed on the west side of the great rift.

In the clouds, at some point, Lively had brought Bagley back to Lu Yang. Looking at the subordinates who died tragically below, she said to Lu Yang with red eyes, "You will give me more in the future. Subordinates, ten times stronger than these people."

Lu Yang smiled and said, "I will do what I promised. Come into my space to rest. I'm going to fight Kenneth."

Lively nodded and flew Bagley into the Bandarsburg opened by Lu Yang, and rested peacefully in the castle.

Lu Yang flapped the wings behind his back, left over the camp, and quickly flew into the hurricane area several kilometers away. In an empty desert, he saw a strong orc sitting in the center of the hurricane and practicing with his eyes closed.

"Who is it, come out." Kenneth suddenly opened his eyes, glared at Lu Yang who was in the hurricane, and said, "You were found by the wind element."

"So what?" Lu Yang looked at Kenneth sarcastically. Suddenly, he turned into a demon body, with a gleam in his eyes.

Kenneth just met Lu Yang's eyes, and in an instant, Kenneth became sluggish, it was Lu Yang's spiritual spell.

The spells of the extraterrestrial demons taught by the Blazing Demon God, even the upper gods in the blood purgatory cannot wake up in a short time, let alone a small monarch-level orc.

Lu Yang slowly landed in front of Kenneth, imitating the attack of a two-headed bird, tearing Kenneth's body into pieces, and then he flew back into the sky.

The raging hurricane quickly dissipated with Kenneth's death, which made Maduogo, who had just returned to the camp to celebrate the victory, look terrified. He quickly ran over with his men, but when he saw Kenneth's body At that time, there was only panic in his eyes, and then it turned into rage, kneeling on the ground and roaring frantically: "Demon race, I want to kill all of you, kill all of you~!"

the other side.

In the Castle of Demons, the new Demon God also saw Landerdo who had fled back in a hurry. When he learned that Lively had been kidnapped and killed by the demons, the first thing that came to his mind was that there was a problem, but his The second thought is that this war must be fought.

According to the tradition of the demon race, Liveli must be respected. Since she has an accident, she must seek justice for her. Otherwise, no more children of the devil will take the initiative to sacrifice, and the devil will become even more scattered.



This sentence also appeared in the mouth of the new orc clan chief who rushed to the orc camp.

In just one day, the orcs and the demons gathered all the warriors at the same time. The two sides added together more than 300,000 troops, from the lowest lord rank to the highest demigod, all participated in this war.

When Lu Yang saw the fight between the two sides, he breathed a sigh of relief, turned and flew back to the defensive area of ​​Daqinggou. As soon as he landed, he called Zhuojiu, Bai Shi and others to his side, and said, "You guys from now on Start organizing the team and prepare to go to another world with me."

"Going to another world?" The white lion was a little surprised, and then asked excitedly: "Why? Go there to fight?"

Lu Yang nodded and said, "I found a way to quickly improve the strength of my brothers, that is, to slaughter the creatures of another world, and for every 30,000 intelligent creatures of another world to sacrifice, I can get a strong monarch."

"This business is suitable." Zhou Tianming said.

Turbid wine said, "Which race do you want to attack?"

Malthus flew out of the turbid liquor and asked with a frown, "You won't make an agreement with the Blood God, right?"

Lu Yang said, "That's right~~ I have indeed reached an agreement with the Blood God."

Malthus sighed and said, "Be careful. Although the energy **** given by the Blood God can improve their strength, they have a great negative impact. These people are likely to live in hatred for the rest of their lives."

Turbid wine said, "I'm the first to use it."

Zhou Tianming smiled and said: "You don't have to do it for you, let the brothers who follow me use it, I am a demon myself, but my brothers are a group of normal people, this is too abnormal, I think this time I should let my brother improve his strength."

The Blazing Demon God flew out of Lu Yang's body and said with emotion: "They will all become extraterrestrial demons in the future. I can guarantee this, but you must find someone with enough willpower, otherwise, you will harm them."

Zhou Tianming said solemnly: "I must look carefully."

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