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Chapter: 2451

ready to attack

Most of the so-called prehistoric ruins are the tombs of ancient gods. In the ancient times of other worlds, the ancient gods below the main **** rank would also die.

After their qi and blood decline, the top gods will find a safe place to find a way to sprint, and those below the top gods will find an undisturbed area to bury themselves to prevent them from being turned into war puppets by enemies.

No matter what kind, there are usually rich treasures in their tombs, such as the armor and weapons they use with them. These things are immortal, but in the same way, there are dangers in the tombs.

On the one hand, it is the security restrictions set by the tomb owner. If you don't break it, you will be attacked by the prohibition if you enter it rashly. Often, the attack power of these restrictions is similar to the strength of the tomb owner, but it is not as flexible.

On the other hand, the owner of the tomb will have great resentment due to the failure to be promoted to the upper god. After more than a thousand years of accumulation, this resentment has turned into this green mist. In fact, the mist is filled with a kind of weird bug.

This kind of worm was born from the corpse of the ancient god. They were not conscious, but inherited the resentment of the ancient god. They would devour any creatures they encountered. Even the lower gods could not bear the erosion of such worms.

Lu Yang watched as the green mist floated to the entrance of the cave and flew towards the ground. In an instant, countless dark demons and blade demons roared wildly.

"The green fog is here again, get out of the way~!"

"Don't be touched by him, run away."

"Open the teleportation array and teleport them out."


On the northernmost side of the main city of Dark Demon, inside the largest building, a huge purple teleportation formation suddenly appeared. A ray of light shot out and hit the fog precisely. The fog disappeared in an instant, and I didn't know it was teleported. where.

The Blazing Demon God smiled when he saw this scene, and said, "These idiots don't even know that they dug into the tombs of the ancient gods and expelled the mist as ordinary poisonous mist."

Lu Yang asked: "Do these poisonous mists have any other effects?"

Blazing Demon God said: "It is the best attacking weapon, and it is even stronger than your demon body at the moment. After all, you have to do your best to fight against the quasi-god and the lower god. If you use this kind of green fog, you can throw it out. It can kill the opponent in seconds."

Lu Yang asked with a smile, "Do you have a way to load this fog?"

Blazing Demon God said: "Of course, the corpse of the ancient **** is the best carrier. Look around and see if you can find the tomb of the ancient god."

Lu Yang nodded and slowly slid down the ropeway of the elevator. As soon as he landed, a group of blade demons and dark demons walked in front of him.

"Your Excellency Augustus, there have been more and more poisonous mists in this mining area recently. My clansmen have suffered serious casualties, and it is very difficult to mine. We have spent a lot of effort to get what you want." A dark demon flattered He said to a monarch-level blade demon.

The blade demon called Augustus glanced at the dark demon arrogantly, and said, "Dara, I know your purpose, isn't it just wanting more benefits? But what does the death of your clan have to do with me, you More ore needs to be mined before I can take credit for you and send you to the human world."

"Thank you, my master." The dark demon called Dara was extremely excited. He was the patriarch of this dark demon clan.

The news that came back from the human world, these dark demons went there, they were like gods, and slaughtering human beings was as simple as squeezing worms, which made them want to go to earth as a higher race to oppress human beings.

"Next month, I will definitely mine more ore to ensure that you are satisfied." Dara said respectfully.

"You should also pay attention to the security around you. Too many people of our tribe have been sent to the front line, and there are too few defenders here." Augustus said with a frown.

"Don't worry, the defense here is very strong, we have miasma here, and there are many third-order magic circles, the most important of which are the demigods of the great Blade Demon clan and the three monarch-level powerhouses. We have nothing to fear." Dark Magic Dara said excitedly.

Blade Demon Augustus also felt that his worries were unnecessary, so he stopped talking, turned and walked in the direction of the main hall, followed by Dara and others.

Lu Yang has been standing in the same place without moving. Originally, he wanted to explore by himself to find the special defense here, but he did not expect that the patriarch of the dark demons would provide everything by himself.

"How to crack this miasma?" Lu Yang asked curiously.

Blazing Demon God said: "You are just asking me, I really don't necessarily know if I change to the second god-king level powerhouse. I came to this place back then, and this kind of miasma only needs to use the leaves of the black trees outside. , chew it and put it in your mouth, no matter how much miasma you **** in, you can't get hurt."

"I didn't expect it to be so simple." Lu Yang didn't rush to collect leaves, and continued to explore the underground world.

In just two days, Lu Yang explored all the magic circles in the Dark Demon City and the surrounding area~~ There are a total of 1032 magic circles, ranging from the second to the third order.

small book booth

The defensive power in the city is also clear. There are no defensive personnel at all. Except for the more than 500 third-order dark demon warriors who maintain order, the remaining more than 400,000 dark demons are all from the first to the second order. Among them Including the elderly and infirm.

As for the ancient god's relic, Lu Yang did not find it, because that thing was mainly in the mining area. There were tens of thousands of dark demons mining. Lu Yang couldn't avoid everyone, so he didn't go to investigate, but what he already knew , enough for him to start a war.

That night.

Lu Yang left the underground world while no one was paying attention. After collecting a sufficient number of leaves according to the instructions of the Blazing Demon God, he opened Bandarsburg and returned to the defensive position of Daqinggou.

"Go to the conference room for a meeting." Lu Yang took out the intercom and sent it to Zhuojiu, Bai Shi and others.

Less than half an hour.

The five vice-chairmen of the Jagged Brothers Alliance, Zhuojiu, Bai Shi, Xia Yuwei, Zhou Tianming, and Ku Ai Bansheng all returned from the outside and sat beside Lu Yang, with expressions of uncontrollable excitement on their faces.

"Boss, among the more than 100,000 brothers guarding the Quartet, we have selected 40,000 people, who can follow you to the other world to fight at any time." Zhuojiu said firmly.

"Okay." Lu Yang smiled and said: "The situation of the enemy has been inquired clearly, we can just kill them directly. We will simulate the attack now, and you can see how best to slaughter the city."

"Yes." Zhuojiu, Bai Shi and the others, their eyes were full of determination. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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