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Chapter: 2454

Law skills

The dark red light became more and more dazzling as Lu Yang fell. When Lu Yang landed on the ground inside the tomb, he looked at the left and right walls and knew where the red light came from.

"These magical runes on the walls and on the walls are actually written in ancient gods' characters. It's incredible. There are magic circles and spells carved by ancient gods here." Blazing Demon God has fallen into madness, he rushed to these On the text, it seems to be integrated with it.

Malthus also looked like the Blazing Demon God, one threw himself on the wall on the left and the other on the wall on the right, as if the ancient god's words had magical power.

Lu Yang asked with a smile, "What are you two doing? Make a rubbing of it and go back and study it slowly. It's not like this."

"What do you know?" Blazing Demon God and Malthus cursed Lu Yang together for the first time.

The Blazing Demon God said: "We have unique magical powers. By lying on top of this, we can restore the ancient god's mental journey when he carved these words, and what he looked like at that time."

The voice just fell.

The two gods directly connected their consciousness to Lu Yang's soul. In an instant, a tall and old **** appeared in front of Lu Yang's eyes. He was burning with flames, but the wrinkles on his body were deep, and his face was very withered. , the blue-black eye sockets and the huge ice wound on his chest, as if he would die at any time.

"I am the Fire God King Phil, who was attacked by the Ice God King and had to search for the tomb to meet the Father, but I am not willing to die like this, and now I will engrave what I have learned on the wall. If the later generations are willing to avenge me, I will I will give you all my money, if you promise but don't do it, the world will punish you!"

"The first form of the God of Fire spell, God's Extinguishing Slash..."

"The second form of the Vulcan spell, the Great Nirvana..."

"The third type of Vulcan spell, Doomsday Heart Fire..."

While the ancient **** Phil painted magic symbols on the wall, he taught how to use each trick. Lu Yang followed suit unconsciously. When he came to the end, a secret room appeared in front of him, but he didn't wait. He pushed the door in, and he was surrounded by countless green mists.

Lu Yang suddenly came to his senses, and looked around quickly, only to find that the Blazing Flame God and Malthus had entered a strange state, as if they were trapped in an illusion.

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"Wake up." Lu Yang called the two in his soul, but unfortunately, there was no response.

"Don't waste your energy." In the green mist around, a group separated and turned into the appearance of an ancient god. He stared at Lu Yang and scolded: "Unfortunately, there are still gods who can do this trick. , Later, the **** king of the world really has some strength."

"Are you? Ancient God Phil?" Lu Yang blinked, he felt that if he moved a little bit, the green fog would swallow it up.

"Of course it's me." Phil looked at Lu Yang angrily and said, "Don't think about rescuing those two gods, they are trapped by the magic circle I set up, and they won't be able to get out in the short term. "

"Sorry for disturbing you." Lu Yang didn't know what to say. He was robbing a tomb, and he was caught by the owner of the tomb.

Phil didn't feel so angry when he saw Lu Yang like this, and said, "You have seen my experience, and you have seen the spell, now you only have two choices, either, promise to avenge me, or you will die. it's here."

"I'll avenge you." Lu Yang was not stupid.

"Haha!" Phil sneered and said, "You are smart, but you must know that my enemy is the Ice God King, do you really dare to seek revenge from him?"

Lu Yang vowed: "I believe everything I did outside, you have seen it, I came to seek revenge for the gods in this world, they wiped out more than 90% of our species, and they also killed all of us. People, if I don't seek revenge on them, they will kill me too, so there must be a death between us."

Phil snorted coldly, if he hadn't sensed the resentment spirits around Lu Yang and dissipated his resentment, then he stole the memories of those resentful spirits and learned the whole story, he wouldn't take the initiative to emit light to attract Lu Yang come.

"Your body is suitable for learning my spells. According to your life, you are a qualified leader. You are indeed qualified to be my successor. Enter the tomb and kowtow three times, and you will officially become me. My disciple, but all my weapons and magic weapons were destroyed in the battle, and my remnant soul is about to dissipate, I hope you don't break your promise." Phil said this, the soul actually dissipated automatically, and all the green mist also flew out of the tomb.

"What happened just now?" Blazing Demon God woke up first, looked at Lu Yang blankly, and said, "Did I just get controlled by someone?"

Malthus also woke up and cursed: "Damn, who controlled the god."

Lu Yang looked at the two of them with a smile, and recounted the meeting with Phil just now, saying, "Now that I'm his apprentice, I have to go in and kowtow three times."

Blazing Demon God smiled and scolded: "Hurry up, where can I find this good thing, even if I need to learn the magic of the ancient gods, these three tricks are of great benefit to me, I can improve a lot of my spells."

Malthus said with emotion: "You should kowtow these three heads, these spells are too easy for you to obtain, if any other gods come here, they will become crazy, this is an ancient **** spell what."

Lu Yang had heard the Blazing Demon God talk about the ancient magic spells before. The ancient spells were comprehended according to the rules of operation between heaven and earth. Every move had the laws of heaven and earth. This was the most terrifying place.

The words follow the law, which means that if I say you die, you have to die. It is similar to this kind of spell. The ancient gods killed each other, causing the spells of the law to be broken, and the subsequent **** kings tried their best to find them. But after generations of cannibalism, when the generation of the Blazing Demon God became the king of gods, there were not many law-based spells left.

The Blazing Demon God said: "Law-like spells can avoid the restriction of rank. These three tricks are actually god-king-level spells, but you can use them now, although the power is much smaller, but the lower gods can't beat them. is you."

Originally, Lu Yang was very afraid of seeing the lower gods, because Lu Yang had no way to solve the attack of a lower god's spiritual sense. Later, Lu Yang possessed the body of a demon, and he also learned the magic of spiritual sense from the blazing demon. I'm not afraid of the divine sense attack of the lower gods, but when it comes time to fight for strength, it is still not necessarily able to win.

Although Lu Yang has an Earth Demon Sword that has been turned into an Earth Demon God's corpse, this thing seems to be easy to use. Once used, Lu Yang's body's original energy has been drained by 90%, and he has just attacked the upper demigod-level blade demon. At that time, he was worried that the war would become a protracted war, giving the enemy a chance to open a defensive array. Another, the blade demon was still a bit stupid, so he used his body as a big move, and Lu Yang used the earth demon sword to give the demigod-level blade demon to the enemy. Divided. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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