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Chapter: 2455

Blood Sacrifice Dark Demon

Lu Yang summed up that something like the Earth Demon Sword can only be used at the juncture of life and death, when it is desperate, and at other times, it has to use normal spells to fight the enemy, but the Blazing Demon God has no better spell to teach him.

Fire Soul Slash is already a lower-level god-level spell. In the words of the Blazing Flame God, at this stage of Lu Yang, he was not as terrifying as Lu Yang.

When he was in the monarch rank, he grabbed a god-king rank body in the blood purgatory where the lower gods walked everywhere and the main gods were like dogs. After fusion, the flame magic power of the whole body Compared with the demigods of the same level, it is nearly a hundred times more.

Back then, at Lu Yang's stage, the Blazing Demon God could only use Fire Soul Slash twelve times, but Lu Yang used it more than a thousand times without any problem, but no matter how much mana, it doesn't mean that he can release the spell of the median god. There are too many grades, and the temperature of the flame is too different, and the spell of the median **** is no longer on the same line.

The magic of the ancient gods is different. After watching the three styles of the ancient gods, Lu Yang felt that the three tricks of God's Extermination, Great Nirvana and Doomsday Heart Fire, just as the Blazing Demon God said, belonged to Law-like spells.

The God Extinguishing Slash is mainly based on the detonation power of the flame. It is similar to the conversion of thermal energy into kinetic energy, and a powerful flame shock ray is emitted that penetrates a point of the target, similar to a high-pressure water jet, but the power of this is more terrifying. According to Phil saying, .

The Great Nirvana technique is similar to immortality, but this trick is even more terrifying. It increases the temperature of the flame in the continuous explosion. After each self-destruction, the next self-destruction will increase the temperature by 10% to 30% compared with the previous one. The magic power is enough, and it can continue to explode like this until the magic power is exhausted, or the spiritual power is exhausted.

As for the last move, Doomsday Heart Fire, it is a high-level control spell that condenses a flame into the opponent's body, instantly destroys the opponent's magic balance, and prevents the opponent from using any spells.

The Blazing Demon God was the first to learn these skills, and said to Lu Yang: "These three moves are all released by the operation of the law of flame, but there are flaws, the spells are not quite right, you don't need to learn them first, there are explosives. Danger."

Lu Yang was a little surprised, and then said with a smile: "It is estimated that the supplementary part of the spell is in the sarcophagus."

He walked to the last tomb, pushed open the stone door, and inside there was a corpse that had rotted into water and only had bones left sitting on a giant red rock.

There were no other objects and no other corpses in the room. Lu Yang knew that this was Phil's body.

He walked to the corpse, knelt down respectfully, kowtowed three times to Phil, and said, "Master is here, my apprentice will definitely avenge you."

"That's what you said." The white bone corpse suddenly let out a loud roar, and in the next second, a wisp of dust fell on Lu Yang's body.

"The ancient curse, if you can't finish it, you will be backlashed by the laws of the ancient gods." Malthus said with a sigh.

The corpse of the ancient **** turned into a little dust and dissipated in the air, and behind the red rock where the ancient **** sat, there were engraved complete versions of the second half of the three spells.

"Sure enough." The Blazing Demon God laughed and said, "This curse is useless to him. The Frost God King doesn't even know that he has been dead for tens of millions of years. Lu Yang has now completed his mission."

Lu Yang looked at the dust that he couldn't dissipate, and said with a smile: "I have to go to the ice area, otherwise, the ghost of the **** king will not believe."

"Learn the skills first. With these three moves, you can challenge those races with lower gods, kill the lower gods directly, and use blood flames to plunder more source energy." Blazing Demon God said.

Malthus said: "Don't worry, if you want to learn, just sit on this red stone and study, it will speed up your learning."

"What is this?" Blazing Demon God was a little curious and said, "It's the first time I've seen this kind of red stone."

Malthus said proudly: "The stone of the gods, no matter what level of gods they are, as long as they are imprisoned on this stone, they will not be able to use their mana. I have seen them in historical materials, but I can't think of seeing real objects now. "

Lu Yang was a little surprised and asked, "It's so magical, can anyone at any level be imprisoned?"

Malthus said: "Even if the king of gods comes, you can be imprisoned. This is the stone of the law. Unless the king of the gods also has corresponding laws, otherwise, this stone can imprison the king of gods to death."

Lu Yang was a little surprised. He didn't expect the treasures left by the ancient gods to be so high-end.

"It can also be used." Malthus was a little excited, and said: "As long as you sit on this stone in the future, no extraterrestrial demons will dare to trouble you, even if there are already extraterritorial demons or inner demons. Use this prisoner stone to strip the extraterritorial demons and inner demons from the body."

Lu Yang was really excited this time, and said, "Then Zhou Tianming and all his brothers will no longer have to worry about being attacked by extraterrestrial demons."

"That's right." Malthus nodded and said with some emotion: "No wonder the turbid wine follows you to the death. If I have a boss like you who has something good to think about first, I will follow to the end."

The Blazing Demon God was proud and said, "How about this kid is not afraid of the intrusion of demons and can learn soul-like spells so quickly. The depths of his heart are clean."

Malthus was convinced.

Lu Yang looked at the two of them with a smile, and said, "What's the matter with you two today, you are praising me so much. Have I entered an illusion? It's not normal."

The Blazing Demon God and Malthus laughed, found the ancient god's tomb, and understood some of the ancient god's laws. Both of them were very excited, so they were in a particularly good mood.

"Let's start practicing and see how well you understand the law." Blazing Demon God said.

Lu Yang jumped onto the Prisoner Stone and began to learn the three ancient gods. It took him three days to learn the three ancient gods. Although the use of the ancient gods was still a little rough, he could still use it in front of the enemy.

"Boss, we won the battle and caught more than 300,000 dark demons." Kuai Ai arrived at the entrance of the tomb excitedly and shouted to Lu Yang.

"I'll come out now." Lu Yang jumped off the God Prisoner Stone, waved his hand, and took it to Bandarsburg, where Bai Tianyang can directly provide energy to the God Prisoner Stone through the eye of the devil.

When he came to the entrance of the mine, he looked at the half-life of bitter love covered in black blood and asked, "How is the harvest?"

The face of the half-life was full of excitement, and said: "Boss, we have made a fortune this time, there are more than 80,000 pieces of third-order Broken Star iron ingots, each piece can forge a two-handed sword, and there are 3,000 pieces of iron ingots. One monarch-level origin soul crystal and more than 70,000 spirit-level origin soul crystals."

Lu Yang said with a smile: "It's a good harvest, there are so many things in this small place."

Blazing Demon God said: "It is estimated that the property of several generations of dark demons in this dungeon has left you all in one pot, but this place is indeed poor enough to have such a few things."

Lu Yang said as he walked, "Enough is enough, I can make all my brothers become very strong."

If it absorbs the source energy in these soul crystals, at least 3 more monarch ranks and 70 king ranks can be cultivated, which is a major improvement for the strength of the entire Jagged Brotherhood.

But the number is still not enough. Lu Yang needs more Jagged Brothers soldiers to become monarchs and kings. He looks at the open space outside the city in the distance, where there are more than 300,000 imprisoned dark demons, with a cold look in his eyes. .

Zhuojiu, Bai Shi and the others ran over from a distance and stood respectfully in front of Lu Yang, each with a trace of violence on their faces, and at the same time a trace of reluctance to move in their eyes.

"Boss, almost 320,000 dark demons have been captured, let me do this." Zhuojiu Qingshang suddenly became firmer, looking at Lu Yang and said.

"I'll come, it's just to let my subordinates improve their strength, it's up to me to give this order." Zhou Tianming said.

"I..." Xia Yuwei, Bai Shi and Kuai Bansheng would not let their brothers bear this sin alone.

This is 300,000 living beings, even if it is an enemy, even if they are beasts, there are still 300,000 people, killing is killing, how can it be so simple!

What kind of sins this person will need to bear to live in the future, this reminds Lu Yang of the Qin Kingdom's Bai Qijun, what a powerful figure he is, who can give orders to kill 400,000 Zhao Kingdom's soldiers.

For the country!

past the race!

For your relatives!

For my brother!

In order to keep everything he loves alive, when the enemy must die, then they must die, even if they are feared by friends, brothers, and relatives, he must issue this order.

Lu Yang stared firmly at Zhuojiu and the others, and said, "This is for the continuation of our race, for the revenge of our brothers, and for the survival of our relatives. It is not a meaningless massacre, even if we bear sins today, This is also carried by me, Lu Yang, who will build the sacrificial altar, and I will sacrifice these 320,000 dark demons alive."

"Yes." Zhuojiu, Zhou Tianming and the others no longer had any doubts in their eyes, they walked not far away and drew a magic circle on the ground.

Lu Yang chanted a spell.

"Summon the Blood God~!"

The dazzling red light suddenly shone through the entire underground world, and the ten-meter-tall Blood God appeared in front of Lu Yang, he said greedily, "I can hear the smell of blood from the voice of your summoning, tell me, you are ready to How many souls have come to sacrifice me in blood."

Lu Yang pointed to the 320,000 dark demons behind him and said, "It's all yours."

"So many, have you defeated a group?" Blood God said with excitement and cruelty in his eyes, "You are really a good summoner. There has never been a creature willing to sacrifice my blood to so many creatures at one time."

Lu Yang said, "Don't forget what you promised me."

"30,000 intelligent creatures are a monarch, and the blood **** has always been fair and just in doing business. I will give you blood cells." The blood **** said arrogantly.

Lu Yang nodded, took out a sword from the Demon Temple, walked to the patriarch of the Dark Demon Race in person, and dragged him to the place of the sacrificial pit.

"Damn, you actually want to sacrifice us with blood, you don't respect our traditions, I ask to return to the embrace of the dark god, you can't turn me into a blood sacrificer." The patriarch of the dark demons struggled desperately and roared~www .~ Lu Yang sneered, pressed it in front of the summoning circle, and cut it into two pieces with one knife. The black blood in the dark demon was sprayed into the circle like spring water, and was absorbed by the blood god. into his world.

"Kill them all, leave none." Lu Yang ordered loudly.

As the second batch of executors, the legion commanders such as the turbid wine and the white lion brought the elders of the dark demons to the summoning circle and hacked them to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, Pride Wanzong, De Bujushi and others, groups of soldiers from the Jagged Brotherhood, held the Dark Demon for blood sacrifice.

None of the more than 300,000 dark demons dared to resist, and the gap in strength made them unable to escape, let alone kill them, and could only wait for the coming of death with grief.

Looking at this scene, Lu Yang said loudly: "Brothers, think about the human beings when the other world just arrived. Only tens of millions of 8 billion people were slaughtered. Before they died, how desperate human beings were, how many The women and children of the family were killed in weeping and panic, these dark demons had a trace of pity, this is the beginning of our revenge, there are more races to be slaughtered by us, don't have any Pity, you pity them, the next person to die may be your relatives and the brothers by your side."

The last trace of unbearableness in the eyes of the more than 40,000 soldiers disappeared. They knew that Lu Yang was right. Since this is a war of death and death, they can only fight to the end.

"Kill~!" I don't know which soldier shouted, and countless people roared, grabbing batch after batch of dark demon blood sacrifices into the magic circle. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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