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Chapter: 2456

Prisoner stone shows its mighty power

three full days.

It took three days to kill these 320,000 people. The location of the blood sacrifice magic circle can no longer be seen. When the number of deaths of the dark demons exceeds 100,000, the blood sacrifice magic circle absorbs blood faster than Lu. The killing speed on Yang's side has increased.

Fortunately, the blood sacrifice magic circle chose a low area next to the mine, and the black blood formed a black lake with the magic circle as the center.

The phantom of the Blood God floated above the black lake, looking down at Lu Yang, his eyes were full of excitement, he spread his wings and said arrogantly: "I am very satisfied with this blood sacrifice, according to the agreement, I should give you 10 Blood cell, this time I will send you one more, I hope next time, I can get more blood."


Ten thumb-thick red blood cells floated up from the black lake and slowly came to Lu Yang with black blood ticking on them.

Lu Yang took ten red blood cells and said to the blood god, "The next call won't be too far away. I hope you can prepare more blood cells."

"Of course, I'm looking forward to it." The Blood God's expression was somewhat arrogant. After bowing slightly, he turned into a ray of light and flew into the black lake.

Lu Yang turned his head to look at Zhou Tianming beside him, and said, "Call the ready brothers over, they can improve their strength."

Zhou Tianming nodded, looked back at the brothers behind him, called eleven people, and said, "They are the first batch."

Lu Yang looked at these brothers, they were all old acquaintances, and their strength was at the demon level.

"Have you figured it out?" Lu Yang walked to the first person named Mei Cheng and asked again: "Eating this thing has a great negative effect, and it may not be a normal person for the rest of my life."

"I've figured it out." Mei Cheng laughed and said, "It's an extravagant hope to live in this troubled world. Seeing my brothers block the sword for me, I can't help, I can't stand it, I'd rather eat something wrong. Don't be a drag on your brothers."

Lu Yang patted his shoulder, handed the blood cell to him, and said, "Eat it and see."

Mei Cheng took the blood ball and ate it in one bite. In the next second, Mei Cheng's entire body turned blood red, and the terrifying magic patterns scurried across his body, as if it would cut his entire body apart.


Mei Cheng suddenly knelt on the ground and couldn't help crying out in pain. As a man, a full-blooded adult man, Lu Yang had never seen Mei Cheng cry out in pain for more than ten years. Eating this blood cell hurts like this, it can be seen how terrible the side effects of this blood cell are.

Zhuojiu wanted to summon the Holy Light, but was stopped by Malthus, and said with a wry smile: "In the future, you can't use the Holy Light to treat people who have used blood cells to treat their injuries. They have already been enchanted, and the Holy Light will only do double damage to them."

"This..." Turbid wine felt uncomfortable and at a loss.

Mei Cheng and the others used the blood cells for the sake of the brothers, or if there was a war in the future, they wanted to block the swords for the brothers, but they had no way to treat these brothers who used the blood cells. The brothers who said this were uncomfortable and didn't know what to do.

"It's okay, this is our resource." Mei Chengqiang resisted the pain and stood up from the ground with a grim expression.

In an instant, the terrifying fluctuation of the monarch-level junior radiated from Mei Cheng's body. He resisted the cold sweat and looked at Lu Yang, Zhuojiu and the others with a sinister smile and said, "Boss, I feel, My strength has risen to the monarch rank. This blood sphere is very special. It makes me feel that all spells hate me, but my blood and skin are also actively repelling elements. It seems that I am not so afraid of spells. "

Malthus said: "In the future, all elemental spells will not cause too much damage to you. With your cultivation, you will even be immune to spells below the **** level, but at the same price, you will not be able to use them in the future. Any magic can only kill people with physical strength and blood will."

Blood Intent is the exclusive cultivation spell of the Blood God. It is a hostile energy between heaven and earth. It ignores the strength gap between human beings and the gods. Even the weakest Blood Intent warriors can cause damage to the gods.

Mei Cheng raised his arm, looked at the surging violent aura in his body, and pointed to a piece of Broken Star iron ore a hundred meters away.


The hard ore was actually blown to pieces, Mei Cheng said excitedly: "It's enough to be strong, I don't care about the rest."

The voice just fell.

Mei Cheng's face suddenly became extremely violent. He looked at Lu Yang and stretched out his right hand, pointing at Lu Yang's head.


A ray of light shot out. Fortunately, the Void Shield automatically triggered the defense mechanism and took this move for granted, but Mei Cheng seemed to be crazy.

"Ah~! Hahaha! This body belongs to me." A voice that did not belong to Mei Cheng came out of his throat.

Lu Yang and everyone present could hear clearly that it was the voice of an extraterritorial demon.

The Blazing Demon God snorted coldly and said, "Use the Prisoner Stone."

Lu Yang made a move with his right hand, and the Prisoner Stone flew out of Bandarsburg and landed on Mei Cheng's side. He activated his magic power, and the Prisoner Stone instantly released a dazzling red light, and more than ten red chains flew out, knocking Mei Cheng out. firmly stuck on the rock.


In the next second, Mei Cheng's body fell through the chains, but there was a soul with an extremely twisted face on the Prisoner Stone struggling desperately.

"God Prisoner Stone, God Prisoner Stone! How can you have an ancient artifact, God Prisoner Stone, ah~! Let me go, please let me go, I will never dare!" The extraterrestrial demons desperately wailed and begged for mercy.

Lu Yang sneered and said, "Since you want to be my brother's nourishment so much, then I will fulfill you."

With his right hand, he condensed the spell, turning the evil energy of the extraterrestrial demon into a ball of energy, which was poured into Mei Cheng's body.

Mei Cheng, who was originally a junior monarch, jumped into the middle stage of Chen Wei's monarch. The dazed Mei Cheng asked, "What's wrong with me?"

Zhou Tianming told Mei Cheng what happened~~ and said, "You kid has a big luck."

Lu Yang said with a smile: "In the future, you don't have to worry about being invaded by extraterrestrial demons. As long as I am here and the Prisoner Stone is there, any extraterritorial demons will become your nourishment."

Mei Cheng and the others nodded excitedly.

Blazing Demon God and Malthus looked at each other, and both of them were a little emotional, and they communicated in their consciousness: "They are a bunch of idiots, they don't know what kind of **** they have just experienced, if there is no prison stone, I'm not here. If you are around, anyone who is attacked by an extraterritorial demon will surely die."

Malthus said: "Indeed, these children are very lucky, Lu Yang's luck is also good, the prisoner's stone, you and I have never obtained such a treasure."

The Blazing Demon God nodded with emotion. If he hadn't been with Lu Yang, he would have been jealous of Lu Yang's good luck, and such a treasure could be obtained.

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