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Chapter: 2458

intense situation

After some conversations, Lu Yang realized why the quasi-god of the troll clan talked about the jackal-headed beast so much. It turned out that since the lower-level gods of their surrounding clans were all transferred to the front line to fight the chaos beasts, the jackal-headed beast has The **** Karu was a little off.

On the battlefield where the ancient beasts were fighting, the status of the lower gods was not as good as that of dogs, the middle gods were everywhere, and it was common for the upper gods to die five or six a day, and the main gods might not be able to come back alive. The lower gods of these races are dead.

Even if there are some who are not dead, they must have been severely damaged, and it is not certain whether they can keep the godhead of the lower gods. Therefore, Karl Wu began to order the jackal-headed tribes under his command to invade the surrounding races, expand their territory, and, Ask the surrounding tribes to secretly worship him.

The surrounding tribes dared not to speak out, but gradually, after the various tribes were linked together, they shared information and found that Karu’s strength was not that strong, so they decided to unite and ask Karu to end their oppression. .

"Today is the day of trading. Originally, several of our races had trading markets, and everyone took turns to hold them. Damn Karu, relying on him to be a lower god, threatened our races. Whoever dares to open the trading market, he does not guarantee that he will not make a sneak attack. , we can't take it anymore.

Including the three quasi-gods of the ancient tree clan, Ati, Ruorings, and Lucat, the quasi-gods of the lava clan, Fein, Luo Li, and Arahan, and a large number of quasi-gods from six or seven races have all rushed over. He negotiates. "Goering, the quasi-god of the troll race, said angrily.

Lu Yang understood that Karl Wu had touched the fundamental interests of the troll clan, the ancient tree clan and other groups with lower gods. As a result, they had to join forces to fight with Karl Wu.

He decided to add fire to these races and said: "Since you are quasi-gods, then you are the same as the acting patriarchs of all races. Karu dared to block the acting patriarchs of all races from the door. This kind of hospitality is I don't look down on you at all."

"I must kill him." This is another reason for Goering's rage. He is indeed the acting patriarch. It stands to reason that before the market opens, he should be qualified to enter and discuss with the patriarch of the jackal-headed orcs. Security issues with this transaction.

But Karwu completely ignored this rule that had been preserved for hundreds of thousands of years, and blatantly used his status as a lower **** to oppress all races to either obey or exterminate them!

"Don't be impulsive, it's almost at the door, it's not good for them to hear." Lu Yang pointed to the team that was only a few dozen meters ahead.

Goering couldn't calm down at all. He glanced at Lu Yang contemptuously, and said, "A little fire demon is also qualified to teach me a lesson. Believe it or not, I killed you."

"Uh..." Lu Yang was speechless and said, "When I didn't say it, you are a quasi-god, and what you said is right."

"Humph~!" The sharp claws in Goering's palm were already stretched out, and his eyes were full of ice-cold staring at Lu Yang. Obviously, this was a sign that he was about to attack.

Lu Yang could not show his strength here, and quickly ran two steps to the side of the jackal-headed orc soldier guarding the gate, which made Goering unable to do anything for the time being.

"Go back to your team." A jackal-headed orc warrior scolded Lu Yang.

Lu Yang quickly smiled, came to the orc warrior, secretly took out a piece of broken star iron and stuffed it into his hand, and said, "please make it easy, I was already in line at the door, but I went out to do some errands temporarily. It's just coming back."

The third-level broken star iron is not a rare material in this different world, but it is also a useful thing. The jackal-headed orc secretly glanced at it, put it away with satisfaction, and gave Lu Yang a waist card, saying: "Since If you have been in line, then go in and get your waist card, if you don't have a waist card, it is equivalent to entering privately, and being known by the Great God Karu, you will be killed."

"Thank you for reminding me, I will definitely abide by the rules." Lu Yang nodded and bowed quickly, pretended to be weak and walked in. When he entered the city gate, he also looked back at the quasi-god of the troll clan, Goring, and found that the other party was still staring at himself with death.

"Is this troll sick in the head?" Lu Yang was a little speechless. Before, he communicated with races in other worlds, either fighting or surrendering, and no friend said anything.

I just communicated with Goering, and I felt that this quasi-god troll was not bad, like a man with a straightforward personality. I didn't expect that this guy is actually a lunatic. Whoever talks to him will be unlucky.

It was the first time that the Blazing Demon God saw Lu Yang deflated, and he said with a smile: "This is the characteristic of races in different worlds, the eternal prey to the weak, you only show the level of fire demon, and the other party is a quasi-god, just like a lion in your world. Like the rabbit, does the lion need the rabbit's advice?"

"It seems that my compassion is superfluous. The killing of more than 300,000 people before has had some impact on my heart." Lu Yang said with a frown.

Blazing Demon God said: "This is unavoidable. As you kill more, this feeling will become stronger and stronger, and will eventually lead to a sneak attack from an extraterritorial demon. Often when this happens, the creatures of the gods belong to the race, There are gods who help to kill the extraterritorial demons, and those who don't have to rely on their own will to survive.

Those who have achieved results will become lone wolves, and may even become the strongest, but most of them have died, but in the same way, even if the strong of every race knows what the outcome of the killing is, they will not stop. Killing, this is the nature of the people of this world, and it is also the honor of this world.

If you can kill the other's patriarch, your race will make specimens of the other's patriarch's body and hang it in their honor room for later clansmen to pay their respects, you say, will you kill? "

Lu Yang sucked in a breath of air, since that's the case, the war between the other world and the earth is not because the gods want to destroy humans, but every race in the other world wants to slaughter human beings. to show their power.

"I know what to do, thank you." Lu Yang's willpower became firm again. If there is no enlightenment from the Blazing Demon God today, it won't be long before he will be attacked by an extraterrestrial demon.

The slaughter of 320,000 dark demons still has too much influence on him!

The Blazing Flame Demon God also sensed Lu Yang's problem, not only him, but also Zhuojiu and others had such problems more or less.

"I turned what just happened into an image, and help you enlighten these people of yours, otherwise, before you are promoted to God King, your subordinates will be crazy." Blazing Demon God entered Bandarsburg .

Lu Yang is grateful. If there is no Blazing Flame God, he really can't handle these things. After all, not everyone is a natural killer. Although he has done a good job with these brothers, he still hopes More brothers can survive and see the day of peace.

"Recruit warriors, you can join if you are above the spirit level and become a foreign warrior of our Bordu orcs. You can get 10,000 power stones every month." A jackal-headed orc was shouting in the distance.

Bordu orcs, the original clan name of the jackal-headed orcs, Lu Yang walked over curiously and looked at the notice opened by his subordinates.

Lu Yang understands both languages. After reading the above content, it means that Karl Wu needs to recruit 10,000 mercenaries. The lowest level is Spirit level, the highest level is Quasi-God, and the salary given is normal mercenary salary. three times.

"It seems that this Karl Wu is not stupid. He knows that all ethnic groups will unite to deal with him." Lu Yang sneered in his heart, which was in line with his idea of ​​sneak attack.

After finding a place where no one was there, Lu Yang's strength suddenly increased to the early stage of spiritual level, and he returned to the place where mercenaries were recruited, and said, "I am willing to join."

"Early stage of spiritual level?" The jackal-headed warrior in charge of recruiting frowned and glanced at Lu Yang. After thinking about it, he said, "Okay, you can follow him to the side to get the clothes."

A jackal-headed warrior walked up to Lu Yang, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, but how cruel he looked, he said, "Come with me, brother."

Lu Yang was speechless for a while. On earth, he just talked like that. There is no good thing. The so-called laugh before you speak, and make out when you see a stranger. You are either looking for someone to take the blame or find someone to borrow money, sure. no good!

"This eldest brother, it's fate to know him, and I'll follow you in the future." Lu Yang pretended to be fooled and said happily.

"It's easy to say, easy to say, when there is no one in the future, you can call me Big Brother Belhu, and when there is someone, you can call me General Belhu, do you understand?" Belhu said proudly.

"Okay, big brother." Lu Yang lowered his eyebrows and followed him to a military camp in the distance.

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