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Chapter: 2490

Desperate station

After five days.

A large military helicopter landed on the Hulunbuir prairie with a loud roar. Cao Li, Fang Zhi and other seven elders of the dragon and beast sect couldn't wait for the plane to stop before jumping down and rushing to the twisted time and space. before.

"My God, in a few days, you will land in this area, and we call you devoutly." Cao Li raised his right hand, his eyes and voice full of madness.

Fang Zhi and the others raised their right hand, and the ring on it emitted an ice-blue flame at the same time. When the seven flames gathered together, they even formed the appearance of Byne, the great elder of the dragon beast clan.

Fei Yang was already stunned at this time. He walked closer and said blankly: "Isn't His Highness the Dragon Beast God unable to show up again? Is this?"

Fang Zhi showed a proud expression and said, "That was to test you, and now you are really accepted by us."

Byrne looked at the surrounding prairie, showing an excited look, the dragon beast family loves this kind of living environment the most, and he couldn't help laughing wildly with excitement, saying: "This is the area where our dragon beast **** family lives. , this planet will become the home of the dragon beast **** family."

On this prairie, Byrne could not see the shadow of a Jagged Brotherhood warrior, nor could he perceive any signs of being moved around, which showed that Lu Yang really had no way to stop his race from teleporting to this area.

As long as the dragon beasts can live in this area, and there is no constant conscription by otherworldly gods and wars sent by other races, the two million people of the dragon beasts can develop in just a few decades. hundreds of millions of people.

At that time, with the advantage of the number of ethnic groups, Byrne had the confidence to cultivate nearly 100 lower-level gods, and then **** the hearts of the old gods. Byrne even felt that one day he could kill him and return to another world and let him There is also a god-king-level powerhouse in the dragon beast clan, such as himself!

Fei Yang was stunned at this time. He was really afraid that the problem of distorting time and space would be discovered by Byrne, but he didn't know what to do. In his anxiety, Fei Yang fell into a deep fear.

Fortunately, Cao Li, Fang Zhi and others were kneeling on the ground reverently, and no one noticed the change in his mentality. At this moment, Byrne's flame head suddenly turned to look at Fei Yang, and said loudly: " Human, your loyalty has been recognized by me, and when I arrive, you will be promoted to the royal rank."

"Thank you, my master." Fei Yang hurriedly knelt on the ground, covering up his inner fear with surrender.

Byrne didn't put his mind on Fei Yang at this time, and regarded it as Fei Yang's fear of himself. After all, how could a human being who is a second-level mage not be afraid of himself, a powerhouse at the peak of the quasi-god.

When Cao Li, Fang Zhi and other seven people saw him back then, they were even more frightened than Fei Yang, so he, who was the pinnacle of Quasi-God, didn't take Fei Yang seriously at all.

"You will all become powerful kings, and do the final surveillance work, don't let me down." Byrne disappeared.

Fei Yang stared blankly at this scene, raised his head to look at Cao Li and the others beside him, and asked, "Where is His Highness the Dragon Beast God?"

Cao Li said: "This is our last call. In the next few days, we can only warn His Highness the Dragon Beast through the ring, but there is no danger here, we just need to wait here."

Fei Yang breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and said, "There is a tent on the plane, let's build it."

Cao Li and the others nodded happily, followed Fei Yang to the cockpit of the helicopter, and took out the tents one by one, but from the beginning to the end of their construction, and then when they entered the tents to sleep, it should be evening, the moon but did not rise.

"Atami, Atami, Atami..." At the tail of the helicopter's cockpit, the troll elder Balha was holding a black totem while chanting a spell. He suddenly stopped, walked out of the tent and inserted the totem on the ground.

There was still a black light on the totem, but the black light that originally enveloped Fei Yang disappeared, and Balha's right hand released a white light, which woke Fei Yang from his sleep.

"Why, why are you here, hurry up and let them find out." Fei Yang said excitedly.

Balha didn't move, but stood in place with a smile, showing the smile of the troll clan's logo, tapping his right hand on his chest, bowing and saying, "Congratulations to the master."

"Don't worry, they won't wake up." Lu Yang appeared behind Fei Yang with Zhuojiu, Bai Shi and others.

"Lu Yang, I was just about to find you. Byrne was summoned again just now. He saw the appearance of the prairie. I'm worried..." Fei Yang was in a hurry.

Lu Yang smiled and stretched out his hand to stop Fei Yang's words and said, "We have seen what happened just now, don't worry, Byrne will bring the dragon orcs over here, and he will not doubt the Bandarsburg space. The state here is different from the appearance of the Hulunbuir prairie he saw with his own eyes today, so he thought that the place you are standing now is inside Bandarsburg."

"This is Bandarsburg?" Fei Yang was stunned and looked around quickly, but didn't notice anything strange, he frowned and asked, "When did I come in, isn't this a fantasy created by Byrne, who are you? Who?"

Lu Yang smiled and said, "This is not an illusion, but since I got on the plane with you, Balha has been using totems to control you, because I also suspect that it is impossible for the elders of the dragon beasts to leave behind. The latter, sure enough, was guessed by me."

The ancient Holy Spirit Malthus flew out of the turbid wine, looked at Fei Yang with a smile and said, "They are fake, I can't be fake, no one can simulate my appearance in a dream."

Fei Yang let out a long sigh of relief and said excitedly, "Great, the deception is finally successful, what shall I do next?"

Lu Yang said: "In the last few days, Cao Li and the others will spend all the time in their sleep. In the dream, they wake up on time every day, wandering on the grassland, sitting cross-legged on the ground to cultivate, and discussing the future with each other. How to manage human beings, their bodies will also move, just like sleepwalking, but they can't wake up. They won't wake up until the day when the other world is teleported. The same is true for you, UU Reading I will Let Balha continue to hypnotize you with spells, and you'll sleepwalk with them and make the final show, it's up to you."

"Give it to me, and don't be in a hurry to send me away on the day of teleportation. If I'm not here, the elders and other elders of the dragon beasts will never be teleported over. I must stay here until I worship. En and his elders show up with all the supplies." Fei Yang said.

Lu Yang took a deep breath, looked at Fei Yang with some pain, and said, "You might die!"

"Hey, I'm an old man in his tens of years, and he's already prepared." Fei Yang smiled openly and said, "I am an old man for the entire dragon beast clan, as well as their elders and all the treasure houses, it's worth it! "

Lu Yang bowed deeply to Fei Yang and said, "Thank you, your dedication to mankind will always be remembered in our hearts."

Zhuojiu, Bai Shi and others bowed one after another, this is a mortal situation!

"It's alright, early death and early death, let me go to sleep." Fei Yang is not good at facing such a thing, he smiled and walked back to the tent. He didn't even ask Lu Yang about his family, because he knew Lu Yang will take good care of it!

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