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Chapter: 2491

Dragon orcs arrive

The next morning.

Fei Yang woke up as usual. He had forgotten what happened last night. In this fantasy, he upheld the oath of loyalty to the human race and communicated and lived with Cao Li and others.

They will talk about the greatness of the dragon and beast gods together, and they will talk about the concept of human race transformation in the future, and even they will talk about how to punish the newly-rising high-level cultivators who looked down on them before.

The seven people including Cao Li and Fang Zhi were completely immersed in their own fantasies, their spirits were always in a state of extreme comfort, and they could not perceive any changes in the outside world.

Under such circumstances, five days passed quickly, and in the early morning of the sixth day, on the Hulunbuir prairie outside Bandarsburg.

Purple-red dark clouds suddenly filled the entire sky, and countless space-time fissures were smashed by the violent source energy at this moment.

Centered on the twisted time and space, dense black cracks appeared in the sky and surrounding areas, swaying in the wind like the tentacles of a jellyfish.

The twisted time and space at this time has also changed completely, and the red-red source energy rushes out of the space-time channel frantically. At this point, the time-space channel between the different world and the earth is once again penetrated by the source energy!

"Earth, the human world, our dragon beasts are here!" There was an excited roar from the space-time channel.

Lu Yang knew that the advance troops of the dragon beasts would arrive soon. He entered the palace of Bandarsburg and said to Balha, who was sitting on the top floor of the castle casting spells, "Remove the spells."

Balha nodded and said in a low voice, "Open!"

Fei Yang, Cao Li and the others instantly lifted the illusion, but they didn't feel any difference at all, because the illusion created by Balha was exactly the same as the outside world.

Since the appearance of the red mist, they have been kneeling a kilometer away in front of the twisted time and space. When they heard the roar of the advance team of the Dragon Beast Race, they were even more excited to hit the ground with their heads, and they kept shouting: "God Ah, please show up quickly, your followers are calling you devoutly!"

The sound of prayer resounded through the grassland, and was transmitted back to the side of the dragon beast through the channel. Listening to this pious call, coupled with the fact that the rings on Cao Li and the others did not return the slightest abnormal state, the dragon beast The pioneer officer of the clan - the demigod dragon orc Hailanka no longer cares about the words of the great elder Byrne.

With an army of 100,000 king-order dragons and beasts, they rushed through the passage of time and space at full speed, and landed on the prairie in Bandarsburg with a purple-red light.


When Hailanka saw the endless grassland around him, his excitement could not be concealed, and he shouted: "The whole army moves forward, and sets up defenses in the area one kilometer away, ready to meet the elders and the main force. Legion."


A team of dragon orcs, led by their captains, strode forward, each with a ferocious look of excitement on their faces.

In this land, although the concentration of spiritual energy is not as strong as in another world, they feel unprecedented security in this land.

Every dragon orc knows clearly that in the future, except for the three-faced people, ghost-faced people and other races who are also sent to fight with them, the original races on earth will not even have the strength to fight.

Now they are the gods of this world!

"You stay here and wait for the elders. I'll go see those humans and ask them about the situation nearby." Hailanka saw Cao Li and the others who were kneeling on the ground in the distance with a crazy face, and he explained to his adjutant. With a bang, he took big steps to the front of Cao Li and the others.

"God, you're finally here?" Cao Li saw the instep of Hailanka, raised his head and saw that Hailanka was nearly five meters tall. In an instant, the panic in his heart made him unable to utter a word.

Fang Zhi and others were even more useless. They didn't even dare to raise their heads to look at Hailanka. They just slammed their heads on the ground while shaking their whole body, waiting for Hailanka's lecture, which caused the ring to emit a harsh alarm sound.

"What happened ahead?" An angry roar came from the twisted time and space, which was from the Great Elder Byrne.

The corner of Hailanka's mouth showed a sinister smile. He looked back at the twisted time and space, and bundled his voice into a line, and said, "Father, it was these waste people who saw me and were too scared. It's very safe here. Please bring me with you. The Legion moved quickly."

"I'm here." Byrne was still in the dragon beast camp in another world, and there was another world **** beside him to guide him. He didn't dare to talk too much, and he sent a message back to the twisted time and space and looked in front of him. The next god, said respectfully: "Please tell His Royal Highness the king, all the dragon beasts are his most loyal servants, and we will go all out to regain the spirit of the old god."

"What you have to do is not to go all out, but to take it back." The lower god's head was similar to a two-headed snake, and he said sharply to Byrne in a low voice.

"Yes." Byrne hurriedly knelt on the ground and kowtowed to show his loyalty.

"Go, the king of gods is waiting for your triumph." The lower **** of the double-headed snake said loudly.

"Yes." Byrne kowtowed again, bowed his waist and humbly flew back to the outside of the camp a few hundred meters away, where 900,000 middle-aged people wearing heavy armor were waiting there.

Byrne looked at all the clansmen, waved his hands and said loudly: "God has given his will, all the clansmen obey my order and attack the human world~! Rush into the twisted time and space~!"


More than 900,000 dragon orcs waved their weapons and shouted loudly, leading the head of each legion to jump into the twisted time and space.

Byrne couldn't wait any longer, he also jumped in, but the moment he entered and twisted the time and space, all the humility on his face disappeared, replaced by extreme arrogance and arrogance!

In the red moon night, the speed of teleportation through twisted time and space is extremely fast, and it only takes an instant to reach the human world. Moreover, this is a one-way teleportation that cannot be returned. There is a more important point, that is, the lower gods cannot enter!

From then on, Byrne is the strongest person in this world. From now on, there will be no lower gods to control them, and no middle gods to threaten them. There is no need to worry about which upper gods will not serve them well and will be punished. He killed the entire clan in one thought!

"Dragon orcs, the glorious time has come." Byrne appeared in the space of Bandarsburg with a red light.

As soon as he landed, a crimson light appeared from his body, and UU reading seemed to be deformed. The form of a dragon orc turned into a black dragon with a length of 100 meters!

"Roar~!" Byrne roared up to the sky, his fierce eyes shining with the light of Sen Han, staring at Fei Yang and Cao Li who were kneeling in the distance, and said, "Tell me, Lu Yang and the main force of the Jagged Brotherhood are in where?"

Fei Yang was stunned, he stared blankly at the black dragon in the sky, and stammered: "What, what are you going to do?"

"Of course he killed Lu Yang and his men?" Byrne was in a rare good mood and was willing to answer Fei Yang's question.

However, Fei Yang realized that at the moment before his death, his head was very empty. Seeing that in the portal of Bandarsburg, the legions of the dragon beasts kept jumping out, which represented the dragon Orcs and a large number of clansmen have not been sent over.

This is Bandarsburg, not the Hulunbuir prairie. Feiyang couldn't take Byrne to Daqinggou at all, but as long as he said a word, he would be exposed immediately.

Although the distortion of time and space is irreversible, as a **** race like Baien who works for the gods, there must be special time and space treasures that can be teleported in reverse. Otherwise, Baien has the old god's heart, how to send it back? ?

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