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Chapter: 2492

1 death

There is only one way in front of Fei Yang now, and that is to delay the time and let as many dragons and beasts teleport as much as possible, and at the same time, not be discovered by Byrne.

"Who are you? Where is Lord Dragon Beast God? I need to meet him first." Fei Yang deliberately pretended not to hear Byne's voice.

"Oh?" Byrne flapped his wings, and the 100-meter-long dragon body seemed to be floating and flew above Fei Yang's head. He lowered his head and stared at Fei Yang and asked, "What are you doing with him?"

Fei Yang pretended to be wronged and said, "God promised me that when he comes, he will make me a king. This is God's gift to me."

Byrne was in a particularly good mood. He shot a ray of light from his right hand, and a large amount of source energy was instilled into Feiyang's body. In just a few minutes, Byrne went from being a second-level mage to being promoted to the king rank!

"I-I actually became a king rank?" Fei Yang was shocked, looked at Byrne and said, "How is this possible, this is a miracle, you are Lord Dragon Beast God, thank you Lord Dragon Beast God , Thank you, Lord Dragon Beast God!"

Fei Yang kowtowed like pounding garlic, but at the same time, he kept stabbing Cao Li, Fang Zhi and the others around him. These people suddenly reacted and hurriedly followed Fei Yang and prayed loudly.

Byrne was not in the slightest embarrassment, and his hands shone with brilliance, allowing Fang Zhi and the others to be promoted to the king rank one by one!

"My servant, you can show me the way now." Byrne said proudly looking at Fang Zhi and the others.

"Okay, here we are..." Fang Zhi was about to lead the way, but was stopped by Fei Yang, he said loudly, "Lord Dragon and Beast God, I have one more thing I want to discuss with you."

"Huh?" Byrne was a little unhappy, frowned and said, "Do you want to discuss with me?"

"That's right, I want to discuss the human problem with you. Now that you are here, I need you to say it again in person. Your opinion on the future destiny of human beings. If you choose to slaughter all human beings, I would rather let you take this back. With all the divine power, I don’t want to be this king-level powerhouse." Fei Yang said loudly.

Cao Li, Fang Zhi and the others were all frightened and dumbfounded. They looked at Fei Yang blankly. They didn't understand, where did Fei Yang have the courage to talk to a **** like this!

Byrne snorted coldly and said with a playful expression, "What do you think I should do?"

This is what Fei Yang is waiting for. In order to delay time, he has quickly made up a set of rhetoric, from the dragon beasts occupying the grasslands, to making humans into slaves, to how to let humans fight for them, and to human beings. The planning of the world, as a perennial superior, he said that this kind of thing would not be the same for three days and three nights.

Byrne didn't take it seriously at first, but when Fei Yang talked about how to better reproduce the race and how to ensure a sufficient food supply, Byrne reacted. When he was planning for the race, he forgot one thing. One thing, that is how to ensure adequate food!

What Fei Yang said was a supplement to Byrne's plan, which made him listen carefully, and the entire dragon body was suspended in mid-air.

One hour

two hours

Three hours

Five hours later, when all the millions of people from the dragon beast clan were teleported into the Bandarsburg space, Hylenka couldn't help but walked closer, interrupted Fei Yang's words, and said to Byrne, "Father, All the tribesmen have arrived, and the Dragon Armor is ready for battle."

"Hmm~!" Byrne looked back, only to find that his clansmen were already densely scattered around the twisted time and space, occupying hundreds of square kilometers of land.

"Human, your ingenuity makes me very satisfied. I will allow you to follow me in the future. Now tell me where Lu Yang is. His life should come to an end." Byrne said solemnly.

Fei Yang did not answer Byrne's words, but took out the intercom, confirmed the direction, turned to the northwest, and hummed a small tune.

"Climb the peak and look at the hometown, the yellow sand is thousands of miles long!"

"Where is the camel bell, the sound is knocking on the heart!"

"I look forward to embarking on the road of missing and flying through the mountains for thousands of miles!"

"The sky returns to Yan Ying Ying Xia, where is the township!"

"Blood and tears cannot be wiped away by the sandstorm, the bloodstains of history!"

"Wind sand..."

Fei Yang, a native of the Northwest, the highest chief executive of the East China Sea, now he chose to die, but even if he did, he would have to face the Northwest and die!

Cao Li heard the question in the song, stared at Fei Yang in horror, and roared, "Fei Yang, what are you doing? What are you doing? Quickly answer the words of His Highness the Dragon and Beast God."

Fei Yang glanced at him contemptuously, raised his head and squinted to look at Byrne in the sky, and said, "I never thought that I would be admired by a **** from another world. I'm really flattered, but unfortunately, my resourcefulness is in the This chaotic world is useless, and there are smarter and stronger people to replace me and serve as the server of the Chinese nation, Lu Yang, if you haven't come out yet, what are you waiting for!"

The voice just fell.

Byrne was dumbfounded, Hailanka was dumbfounded, Fang Zhi, Cao Li, and others were even more terrified and stayed in place. Everyone looked at Fei Yang in disbelief. At this moment, the warped space-time that continuously spewed red mist disappeared, which meant that Lu Yang had closed the space of Bandarsburg to the outside world.

A violent aura rose from the east, UU reading Byrne turned his head in shock, but happened to see a human being with a pair of blue wings on his back, flying towards him. come over.

"Fei Yang, you actually deceived us!" Hailanka raised the giant fork in his hand angrily, but when he was about to kill Fei Yang, Byrne shouted: "Slow, grab him, This person may be the condition."

"If you want to catch me, don't even think about it!" Fei Yang had been hiding a packet of scorpion's poison in his mouth, which was concentrated and could kill even Wang Jie. He bit through the venom capsule in his back molars. Drank the poisonous juice.

Byrne stared blankly at Fei Yang, who fell to the ground and vomited blood and died. In his world, he couldn't understand why humans could sacrifice their lives to help others, and growled, "What is this idiot doing? Why does he do this? Do?"

"Because he is a prophet among human beings, an elder with great wisdom and a big mind." Lu Yang stopped 50 meters in front of Byrne, and said with cold eyes: "Dragon Beast Race, Let's be buried."

As soon as the words fell, Lu Yang activated all the flame energy gathering formations in Bandarsburg. In an instant, the entire castle made a deafening explosion. The dazzling red firelight and the smoke and dust all over the sky made people unable to see anything clearly!

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