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Chapter: 2493

00 000 funeral


"My arm!"

"My legs~!"

The screams came after the explosion. Whether it was the ordinary shield armour of the dragon beast clan or the elite star spirit armour, they were all seriously injured during this wave of attacks, but this was only when the flame energy gathering array was turned on. The shock wave generated by the instantaneous eruption of a thousand times the flame energy is compressed inside, and the real attack has just begun.


The whole world in Bandarsburg began to gradually turn red, and at the same time, the high temperature of more than 12,000 degrees filled this space.

Every one of the millions of dragon orcs is in such a high temperature. No matter how they activate the magic power in their bodies, they cannot resist such a high temperature.

"Damn human, I'm going to kill you." Byrne rushed out of the smoke and dust in the sky and slammed into Lu Yang's body. There were three sharp horns on his dragon head, which were glowing with black light.

Lu Yang sneered and didn't dodge, letting Byrne collide with his body, but in an instant, his body exploded with a bang, and the blood-red flames fell like a goddess scattered flowers.

Byrne didn't expect that what he hit was not Lu Yang's body, his blown head buzzed, and he woke up in an instant, but when he was looking for Lu Yang, his eyes widened in horror. .

Because, the blood-red flames produced when Lu Yang's clone exploded did not dissipate due to the exhaustion of energy. Instead, after encountering the flames in the surrounding space, they reassembled to form fire dragons that shuttled back and forth among his clansmen.

Every dragon orc that was hit by a blood-red fire dragon turned into blood-red crystals before they could scream in agony. How could the long-history dragon beast elder Bairn not see this situation? clear.

"Blood flame? Damn it, how could you have a blood flame, Lu Yang, get out of here, I'm going to duel with you." Byrne roared wildly in the sky.

"Single-out? A quasi-god versus a demigod?" In the middle of the sky, a flame formed Lu Yang's body, and he stood 10 meters in front of Byrne, with a sarcastic smile on his face, said: "Also He is really a great elder of the dragon beast clan with supreme glory."

"Death to me~!" Byrne opened his huge mouth furiously, and the black dragon breath instantly drowned Lu Yang's body, but the next second, above the dragon breath, Lu Yang's body formed again.

This is the power of having space. As long as the rank is not too different, once you enter the space inside the opponent's body, it is no different from being sent to death.

After Lu Yang relied on the help of the Blazing Demon God and found a few connection points between the space and the phoenix soul, he could release such a spell.

Relying on the tail of the phoenix soul to connect with Bandarsburg, he can release energy at any time, transform his body in this space, and even he can energize himself and appear anywhere in the space at any time.

"Byrne, because of you and your clan, I lost an important friend and brother. Your million people, let him be buried with him." Lu Yang's voice was cold.

next second.

Lu Yang's body changed from empty to solid, and his body changed to a size of 100 meters. Two huge double-headed bird warhammers swung round and smashed towards Byrne's head at the same time.

Byrne was deceived by Lu Yang's move from falsehood to reality, and the hammer was about to fall before he could react, but it was too late for him to escape, and a black shield appeared on his head.



Two hammers hit the black shield one after another, directly smashing the shield into pieces, but Lu Yang's strength was also exhausted. Byrne took advantage of this momentary gap, the hundred-meter-long dragon body disappeared in place and appeared in the In mid-air 100 meters away, at the same time, he turned into a third form.

Compared with the first dragon orc body and the second dragon form, the third form is a dragon-like orc with sharp wings on the back, 100 meters high, but his tail is particularly long, like a whip.

Lu Yang looked at it carefully and said, "This means that your wings and tail can both participate in the attack, right?"

"Guess what?" Byrne's eyes were cunning, and there was a smirk at the corner of his mouth. The sharp fangs made people look terrified. Two black long swords appeared in his hand, each with a slight arc, flashing on it. With the light of Senhan.

"Be careful, he is holding a dragon tooth, which is the sharpest tooth of the lower dragon orc. Your two-headed bird warhammer can't withstand the attack of the dragon tooth." The Blazing Demon God reminded in consciousness.

Lu Yang smiled, put away the double-headed bird warhammer, stared at Byrne and said, "You still have to use magic to kill you."

"Do you think you can do it?" Byrne flapped his wings and appeared in front of Lu Yang in an instant, with the double swords of dragon teeth stabbing towards Lu Yang's abdomen at the same time.

"Why not?" Lu Yang launched the great nirvana technique, slammed into it with the double swords of the dragon teeth, and hit the **** with a demigod. He is still a great elder of the dragon beast clan with a long history and racial heritage. Effective.


Lu Yang blew himself up, absorbing the power from Byrne's piercing. In an instant, he re-condensed his body, his strength increased by 30%, and rammed towards Byrne again.

This was a battle plan that Lu Yang had negotiated with the Blazing Demon God before. According to the Blazing Demon God's understanding of the Dragon Beast Clan, this was a race that did not rely on magic power, but only on talent and the Temple of War cultivation technique.

This meant that Lu Yang had learned the ancient god's strongest move, the Doomsday Flame, in the underground palace of the Dark Demon, which was ineffective against him.

The Doomsday flame is to disturb the magic power in the opponent's body, so that the magic cannot be used, but the dragon beast family does not use magic by nature, and they have strong resistance to magic with the dragon scales and dragon skin all over their bodies, so Lu Yang Only the Great Nirvana and a few attacking spells are left to be effective.

But even the damage of the Great Nirvana Technique, hitting Bairn's dragon scale, the damage caused is less than one-tenth of the original power.

"Trick of the eagle, is this your strongest move? It seems that the remaining strength of the Blazing Demon God is nothing more than that." Byrne didn't care about such tickling damage at all. Yang's body penetrated.


Lu Yang exploded again, and in the midst of the flames, Byrne stood proudly in the air, sneered with his tail and said, "If you only have such a trick, then your death is now."

A small black mirror appeared in Byrne's hand. Just as Lu Yang reorganized his body and slammed into him again, Byrne blocked the mirror in front of him.


Lu Yang exploded for the third time, but this time his soul was almost blown to pieces by himself, and he didn't absorb any of Byrne's power.

In a trance, Lu Yang's body reorganized in the air. He looked at Byrne in shock and said, "What weapon are you?"

"Purple Gold Refractive Shield~!" Byrne sneered and approached Lu Yang. His clansmen were dying tragically. Lu Yang must be controlled as soon as possible to find a way to break through this space.

"In the ancient times of our world, there were many gods who possessed a practice like yours. One of them killed one of our patriarchs with such a practice. For this reason, our clan searched hard and finally found this. It took me several years to forge this shield with nine treasures such as ninth-order purple gold, dragon skull, arcane ashes, etc. Every time you explode, it will be reflected back by me with this shield. If you borrow any power here, die." Byrne was less than 50 meters away from Lu Yang.

Lu Yang looked at Byrne with a smile. He had to admit that the heritage of the gods is powerful. He even has such treasures against ancient gods' spells, but he also has the means to restrain the opponent's treasures. He asked, "You treasure. What grade is it?"

"Lower **** level, but this is enough to deal with you." Byrne said with a sneer.

"Then try my trick." Lu Yang rushed towards Byrne and slapped Byne's shield with his right hand.

Byrne was a little confused by Lu Yang's attack method. He didn't move, but Lu Yang hit him on his shield. , said: "What are you? You admit defeat?"

Lu Yang smiled and said, "Look at your shield."

Byrne frowned and glanced from the corner of his eye. In an instant, his face showed a look of horror, because there was actually a white flame on his shield, and in the center of the flame, it took several years to get a single flame. An arcane ashes arranged and combined with a magic array actually fell off naturally.

"Damn, what is this?" Byrne hurriedly slapped the flame with his hand, but unfortunately, it was inextinguishable, the flame burned rapidly, and it took 10 seconds for the Zijin Refractive Shield to be burned back by the Jingshi Tianhuo. In its original state, all the materials fell to the ground. Just like what Byrne said, it was made of purple gold, dragon skulls and other things.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yang couldn't help but secretly clenched his fists. This was the first time he used Jingshi Tianhuo. Before, he just heard the Demon God of Blazing Flames say how powerful it is. The effect, the divine weapon of the lower **** level, was actually restored to the material by his palm!

"Byrne, what treasures do you still have? I'll help you restore them together. If you don't have them, prepare to die." Lu Yang turned into a flame and rammed towards Byrne again.

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