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Chapter: 2494

Artifacts appear frequently

It's not that Bairn has no treasures, but the treasure in his hand is only a purple-gold refraction shield that can reflect spells. Facing Lu Yang's attack, Bairn doesn't really care, but the lower-level god-level treasure in his hand is broken down. Byrne fell into a panic.




Lu Yang slammed into Byrne six times in a row in an instant, knocking him backwards in the air. It was not until the seventh time that Byrne was awakened by the screams of the people below.

"Father, what are you doing? Kill him." Hiranka yelled.

Byrne looked down, Hailanka and a group of quasi-god-level elders opened a huge barrier to protect some of the elite dragon orcs. In this barrier, the red flames could not burn them However, the high temperature is still scorching their bodies, and the clansmen outside the enchantment are still being burned into source soul crystals by the red flames.

"Lu Yang, I must kill you." Byrne was furious. This is all the strong people in his clan, and now at least one-tenth of them have been burned to death.

A sharp black long stick emerged from Byrne's hand, and he smashed towards Lu Yang's body.


Lu Yang's body was smashed to pieces, the expected explosion did not appear, but all the energy was sucked away by the long stick.

The light flickered.

Lu Yang's body appeared 100 meters away in front of Byrne, stared at the long stick in his hand and said, "What weapon is this?"

"Guess what?" Byrne handed the stick to the tail control and hid it behind him, and pulled out the dragon tooth sword with both hands. He didn't dare to fight with the stick. He was afraid that Lu Yang would slap his stick again and slap his stick. Also restored.

The only thing Byrne can do now is to rely on his strong physical fitness to fight Lu Yang up close. Once Lu Yang releases the Great Nirvana Technique, he will **** all the energy away with the stick in his hand. Heavenly fire, he resisted with his body.

Although the Great Nirvana Technique is a spell, it is internally supported by spiritual power. Once Lu Yang's spiritual power is exhausted, he cannot use this trick. The spirit attached to it is sucked away.

Such an idea is good, but what Byrne doesn't know is that Lu Yang can not only create a pure world fire in his hands, but also control the white sun in the sky to release a large amount of pure world fire, but he did not do this, but Looking at Byrne with a smile, he said, "Since you have such a weapon, then I can't fight with you. You can play by yourself, and I will slaughter your clan."

The light flickered.

Lu Yang turned into the form of a phoenix, and with a long whistle, his wings fanned a large piece of red flames and rushed towards the group of warriors of the dragon beast tribe who were not protected by enchantments.

The dragon orc big shield warrior, who had been struggling to support in the flames, could no longer hold the metal shield in his hand. He threw down the shield and ran wildly. turned into a blood-red crystal.

"Roar~!" Byrne roared furiously. What he was most afraid of was what he looked like now, chasing after Lu Yang with the Dragon Tooth Two-handed Sword in hand.

But what is Lu Yang's soul? It is the fastest undead bird in the world. Not to mention that Byrne is not a real giant dragon. Even if a very giant dragon comes, it will not be able to catch up with Lu Yang's speed.

Seeing that he couldn't catch up, Byrne angrily took out another black crystal bottle and threw it at Lu Yang.

"Hurry up, that's the spirit bottle. Once you get hit, your real body will be controlled within the bounds of the spirit bottle," the Blazing Demon God reminded.

Lu Yang also felt the extraordinaryness of this bottle. As he was about to escape, his soul instantly dissipated in the sky and the earth, leaving only the body of a phoenix flying in the air.


The black crystal bottle smashed on the body of the phoenix, and the next second, with the bottle as the center, the surrounding space within 100 meters was locked.

Byrne looked at Lu Yang with a grin and said, "Now you surrender and let all my clansmen leave, and I can spare your life, otherwise, I will stab you alive."

Lu Yang looked at the space inside the bottle and said with a smile, "You can try it. Even if I die today, I won't let one of your clansmen leave. You should prepare to be buried with all your clansmen."

"I killed you." Byrne was enraged, rushed into the crystal bottle space, and stabbed Lu Yang's body with his double swords.


Lu Yang's body was pierced, but in the next second, Lu Yang's entire body swelled up. Just as it was about to explode, Byrne realized that this was another clone of Lu Yang, with a black tail controlled by his tail. The stick smashed towards Lu Yang's body.

Just when Byrne had a hideous smile on his face, thinking that Lu Yang's mental power had been sucked away again, Byrne was horrified to find that the black stick in his hand had passed through Lu Yang's body.

Lu Yang didn't blow himself up! It was just a flame shell!

"I'm here." Lu Yang appeared in front of Byrne out of thin air, and with his hands, he accurately slapped the black stick with the pure world fire.

In an instant, the black stick also shattered, and not only that, Lu Yang hit the barrier of the black crystal bottle with both hands, and the barrier burned, and even the entire crystal bottle was broken apart and fell to the ground. !

"It's a pity, do you still have any treasures?" Lu Yang said with a tsk tsk.

Byrne was already stunned. He didn't expect that the time-space treasure bottle made of almost the entire black magic crystal would be reduced to a pile of fragments in the burning of the pure world fire because it was doped with other substances.

"How can this happen, how can this happen?" Byrne was stunned, and the last weapon that could restrain Lu Yang was gone.

"Father, try to find a way to kill him, we can't hold it anymore." Hylenka's cry for help came from the ground.

Byrne suddenly came to his senses, he knew that the only way to defeat Lu Yang now was to fight his mental power and his flame resistance. Byrne's skin couldn't withstand Lu Yang's flame damage, and was killed by Lu Yang first.

"Bless the patriarchs of the dragon beast clan, Lu Yang, I believe that your skin and scales are strong enough, but I don't believe that your spiritual power is stronger than mine, so let me die!" Byrne took the initiative to welcome Lu Yang rushed up and stabbed Lu Yang's body with his two swords.

What Lu Yang hopes most is to compete with Byrne like this, launch the Great Nirvana Technique, and take the initiative to bump into it. In an instant, the sky of Bandarsburg emits a brilliant red light again.



three times

A hundred times in a row, Lu Yang discovered a problem with the Great Nirvana Technique during such crazy collisions, that is, this spell has an upper limit of its power.

The maximum flame temperature and explosive power can only be increased to 20 times, and the next impact will not increase the flame damage. If Lu Yang wants to forcibly increase, the body created by his Great Nirvana will be unable to withstand it. The damage is sustained and collapses directly.

Byrne also discovered this problem, but at this time, Byrne was no longer the proud and honorable he had just started. At least seven scales on his body were blown to pieces, and his face was even more charred. Obviously , the top layer of the skin on his face was roasted.

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