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Chapter: 2498

Dragon Orc Legion

Jin Wen was going to visit the dragon orcs and the ghost-faced clan today. Hearing the news, he immediately understood Andorei's purpose and said, "Let's go to the grasslands to explore again. With my three-faced clan's secret method, we may be able to Find some clues."

"Alright," Andore said.

Lu Yang clasped his fists and said, "How about I go with the two of you? I can't confirm whether the disappearing dragon orcs are friendly to us humans."

Andorei glanced at Lu Yang and said with a sneer, "If the dragon beasts want to destroy you, you won't be alive today, you don't need to worry about it, go back to your clan and wait to trade with us. go."

Jin Wen also sneered and said, "A race that only has demigods is not qualified to walk with us."

If it was another race from another world, it would have been embarrassing long ago, but for Lu Yang, the dragon beasts were all killed by him, would he still care about the arrogance and rudeness of these two to him?

"Then I'll go back and look forward to the trade with the two higher races." In order to pretend to be humble, Lu Yang deliberately bowed his body and flew backwards in the direction of Baishan City.

Jin Wen and Andorei didn't look at Lu Yang, and flew away on their own, which made the fiery demon **** in Lu Yang's body very unhappy.

"Damn bastard, dare to talk to me like this." Blazing Demon God roared.

"Don't be angry, it won't be long before these two races will be exterminated by us." Lu Yang flew in the sky to himself and asked, "What is the secret technique of the three-faced clan, they won't detect us? secret."

"The secret technique of the three-faced tribe is the perception technique of the soul. There is no aura from the dragon and beast tribe at all. Feel like a ghost." The Blazing Demon God said indifferently.

"That's good, we can negotiate, how to cheat the lower **** of the Nightmare clan." Lu Yang raised his eyebrows and said.

"Humph~!" The Blazing Demon God couldn't hold back his anger and said, "It's a waste of me to take care of Du Lei so much and protect his Tearless Camp. I didn't expect that when I was severely injured, he even wanted to take my soul. I will kill him."

Lu Yang smiled, he could feel how angry the Blazing Demon God was, and said, "How about lure him into the Bandarsburg space and kill him with the pure world fire."

Blazing Demon God said: "So why bother, I can use spells to summon my old team, two high-level god-level powerhouses, and kill a Du Lei, they are just casual things."

Lu Yang shook his head speechlessly and said, "No need, these two should be used as killers. It is most beneficial to show up at the most critical time."

"But it's a little difficult for you to deceive. I'm afraid Du Lei won't be fooled." Blazing Flame Demon God said a little irritably.

"Don't worry, his spiritual spells are ineffective against me, then I can deceive him, but this requires your cooperation." Lu Yang said.

"What do you want me to do?" Blazing Demon God asked.

Lu Yang smiled and told the Blazing Demon God of his plan in its entirety, which made the Blazing Demon God's eyes light up, and while scolding Lu Yang for being immoral, he studied it together with him.

A few days later.

Lu Yang was ready to be teleported to another world. Before leaving, he returned to the warehouse in the East China Sea. He called Zhuojiu and Baishi to his side. With a wave of his hand, countless red crystals appeared from Bandarsburg. It fell out of the space, and the number was in the millions.

"These are the original soul crystals formed after the dragon beasts were refined. They were absorbed by the close-combat brothers. If they were strong enough, they could cultivate the blood of the dragon beasts, and then turn into the dragon beasts in battle." Lu Yang said.

"Our melee brothers finally have the strongest bloodline." The white lion clenched his fist excitedly.

In the past, the melee corps of the Jagged Brotherhood relied on courage when fighting the enemy, and they used their lives to win the war. Now that they have the blood of the dragon orcs, this situation will be completely changed.

Once you can transform into a dragon orc, you can have dragon scales with super high magic resistance and the same physique as a higher orc. It is possible to use the Blood Spirit Guard to raid from the flank during the stalemate of the war, and the two legions cooperate to win the war at the least cost.

Lu Yang made a plan to kill Du Lei, but he didn't go, just to use the red flame to refine all the dragon orcs, he said to Zhuojiu and others: "This matter must be carried out in secret, let the brothers who practiced return to the East China Sea, underground. practice."

If the three-faced clan and the ghost-faced clan were to detect that humans had warriors from the dragon beast clan, it would be difficult to explain this matter. I am afraid that the current balance would be broken.

In fact, the current balance is already very delicate. The three-faced clan and the ghost-faced clan both know that Lu Yang has the Fiery Demon God in his body, and he also knows that Fu Yun of the Imperial Capital has the Void God King in his body. There is only one reason why they didn't do it. , that is, they all want to take everything for themselves.

To be on the safe side, the patriarchs of the two clans will use the materials in the clan desperately to make their patriarchs become the next **** first, and only then will they have an absolute advantage.

The materials for the dragon beast elders to be promoted to the lower gods are all in Bandarsburg. Lu Yang can also use these materials to carry out, but he found a problem. Unless these materials are made into pure source souls with red flames, otherwise , there will be the spirits of the patriarchs of the dragon and beasts of all dynasties into his soul.

This is embarrassing. If Byrne fuses the spirits of the patriarchs of the dragons and beasts of all dynasties, he will get countless training guidance and life experience, but if Lu Yang is integrated, the spirits of the patriarchs of the dragons and beasts of all dynasties must be in Lu Yang's Desperately resisting in the soul.

Even if Lu Yang's divine soul does not collapse, it will be stained with endless resentment. If he encounters a powerhouse specializing in soul spells, this is his biggest flaw.

It would be a pity if Lu Yang burned these souls with red flames, so Lu Yang is also worried now, so he can only put this matter aside for the time being.

"I will go out in the near future, and I may not be able to come back for a few days or a few months. If something happens, call me with this thing." Lu Yang took out a gem and injected some of the original energy into it. Once the gem was crushed , Lu Yang will feel it.

"Boss, where are you going?" Kuaihan was a little worried.

Lu Yang said with a smile, "Let's lie, I hope it will be successful."

Everyone laughed. So far, Lu Yang's deception has not failed. Whether it is from the game era of that year or from the invasion of another world for so many years, in this regard, they have absolute confidence in Lu Yang.

"Then we went to practice~~ Zhuojiu said with a smile.

"Go." Lu Yang opened Bandarsburg, turned around and walked in.

The light flickered.

He appeared inside the castle, patted the wall, and said, "Durey shouldn't be able to break the wall of the castle. Let's ambush him here. You can perform it first, and I'll see if it looks like it."

The Blazing Demon God flew out from Lu Yang's body and transformed into a flame shape, but it was obvious that the flame was a little too red, and he cursed angrily: "I can't change the method, the old man doesn't know how old he is. I'm old enough to do this kind of thing."

Lu Yang giggled and said, "The ultimate move has to be used at a critical moment. Please show it. You have been watching TV series these past few days, so you can't watch it for nothing."

"Mmm~~~~!" Blazing Demon God sat on the ground unhappy and said, "I'll try it! You can't fool you to die."

Lu Yang laughed and sat beside him, ready to perform the Fiery Demon God!


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