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Chapter: 2501

33 heavy robbery

Du Lei knows this scepter. It's not that he has not spied on the dragon orc family. However, even if the lower gods of the dragon orc die, he would not dare to invade the dragon orc family. The reason is on this scepter.

The tyrannical scepter is forged with eight lower-level god-level dragon skulls, a lower-level god-level dragon spine, and countless treasures. It has only one function, which is to imprison the target.

This is the last card of the dragon orc family. Once used, the target can be imprisoned for endless years. Unless the strength reaches the peak of the median god, it is absolutely impossible to escape from this enchantment.

"You, you really slaughtered the entire dragon beast clan? How is this possible? They have millions of clansmen, more than a dozen quasi-god-level powerhouses, and countless lower-level god-level treasures." Du Leizhen was frightened.

Lu Yang's smile was very flat. He couldn't see Du Lei's location, and he didn't bother to look at the place where the Jingshi Tianhuo was attacked. He just looked ahead and said leisurely: "I was ambushed by me, everyone entered my room. In the space, I was burned to death by a fire. By the way, my fire is called the Pure World Skyfire. No matter what artifact you use to block the high temperature, it will be restored to its original physical form by the white Pure World Skyfire. Bye bye. En holding more than a dozen artifacts, and it died in my hands like this, you don't have to struggle anymore, die sooner and suffer less pain."

"I don't believe it, I don't believe it." Du Lei was completely mad. In his heart, he already believed Lu Yang's words. Otherwise, Lu Yang would not be able to get this dragon head scepter.

Now he is trapped in this space and is attacked by flames all the time. He doesn't know what to do anymore. He has practiced for endless years, dreaming of becoming a **** king and ruling all races, but he didn't expect to be planted in In the hands of Lu Yang, a demigod, he was not reconciled, he was extremely reconciled.

"Give it up and accept your fate of failure. You are not born to be the king of gods." Lu Yang seduced Du Lei in the illusion with his firm will.


Lu Yang disbanded his body automatically, and his spirit wandered between the world. He was able to leave the control range of the Balong Scepter. With his strong willpower, while resisting the illusion created by Du Lei, he continued to use words to confuse Du Lei. thunder.

"Heaven and earth are not benevolent, and all things are dogs!"

"You are born cheap, how dare you ask for that supreme position."

"The road is simple, but you don't know the way."

"The avenues are very complicated, but none of them are related to you."

"give up."

"give up."

"give up."

The flames burn the body, the nonsense kills the heart!

This is how Lu Yang treats Du Lei. Of course, these words he said are all nonsense. If you don't have a firm heart to cultivate, you must be ready to be massacred by unknown enemies at any time.

The same is true for humans. There are so many races and gods in different worlds that have the ability to destroy humans. Once they come, humans may not even know who was killed. Therefore, humans must cultivate crazily.

The same is true for Lu Yang, he must continue to cultivate firmly, even if there is no place for him on the avenue to the sky, even if his life is cheap, he must continue to cultivate desperately, seize any opportunity to change his destiny.

Du Lei is different. He does not have a firm heart for cultivation. For tens of thousands of years, relying on the protection of the Blazing Demon God, he has huddled in the No Tears Camp, relying on the starry sky to imprison everyone who enters the No Tears camp. members, trying to make themselves a ruler with such rude tricks.

Whenever Du Lei has ambitions and has the idea of ​​revenge for one of his clansmen, he will go out and explore the Quartet, or take the initiative to visit the Blazing Demon God, praying that he can gain cultivation knowledge to improve himself.

Du Lei didn't have either. He was conceited and did not dare to face the most fearful thing in his heart, that is, the shadow brought to him by the enemy during the extermination of his family. In normal times, Du Lei can still use his false ambition and the No Tears Camp. More and more subordinates are using self-hypnosis to suppress this fear, but Du Lei is now in a desperate situation, and that fear strikes again.

In an instant, Du Lei went mad, and he roared: "Bastard, since you want me to die, let's perish together and fall into eternal sleep."

A black light enveloped Du Lei's entire body, forming a sphere. In the next second, a white origin appeared in the sphere, which looked like an eyeball. After the eyeball was formed, Lu Yang Although the soul is floating in this world, it is still inexplicable.

"Thirty-three tribulations~!"

Du Lei roared and sat cross-legged on the ground, without a trace of breath anymore, while Lu Yang seemed to have fallen into hell, his body kept falling, and at the same time, the surrounding scenery kept changing.

After an unknown amount of time, Lu Yang found himself back in the Bandarsburg space. In the distance, Du Lei was burning with flames all over his body. It seemed that he could last for a month at most, and there was no change in other places. , as if it were all an illusion just now.

"Something's wrong, this should be an illusion, there must be something wrong." Lu Yang thought.

The voice of the Blazing Demon God suddenly came from his consciousness and said: "Boy, this is indeed an illusion, called the Thirty-Three Tribulations, one of the three most profound spells of the Nightmare Clan, and Du Lei has learned it for tens of thousands of years before. I didn’t learn it, I never thought that I would fight hard before I died, and I actually used it. Fortunately, the structure of this illusion is not perfect, I can help you escape, and you are ready."

"Don't worry, let me try to break through this illusion by myself. I feel that this will help my breakthrough." Lu Yang said curiously.

"Alright, but you have to pay attention, don't fall into the illusion, you must hear my voice clearly at any time, if you fall into this illusion for a month and you haven't come out, when Du Lei's body is burned out When the time comes, that is, when you will forever fall into this illusion and cannot get out, although you have the soul of a phoenix, you can only live in this illusion forever." The Blazing Demon God said.

"I understand." Lu Yang was a little speechless. He had long known that none of the powerhouses at the lower **** level were simple, but he didn't expect that Du Lei would restrain him so much that even his phoenix soul was useless.

He looked around, and suddenly, a figure in the distance came over, it turned out to be Wang Teng, the subordinate of Liu Jie in the previous life, he killed his parents, also killed Xiao Liang, and almost killed him.

"Lu Yang, your parents were killed by me, this time it's your turn." Wang Teng's figure suddenly turned into a white-haired ghost face roar, rushing towards Lu Yang with a roar.

Lu Yang's face was grim, but he did not attack Ghost Face Roar. In this lifetime, Wang Teng had been played by him countless times in the game, and finally died in his own hands. Faintly figured out what the first calamity of these thirty-three calamities is!

Anger of robbery!

This is in a fantasy world. In reality, there is no such person in front of you. If you try to kill the opponent with all your strength, you will only hit the air. Apart from wasting physical and magic power, there is no Therefore, Lu Yang didn't move at all, he just stood there, letting Ghost Face Roar punch him on the body, tearing his skin to pieces, causing unbearable pain.

But Lu Yang still didn't fight back, he knew that he was the soul of a phoenix bird, and he was in a state of great nirvana. It was impossible to have such a death, so this is also fake!

one punch

two punches

three punches

When Lu Yang's body was completely shattered, and the terrifying pain continued to stimulate Lu Yang's soul, Ghost Face Roar hit the last punch.


Along with the unwilling roar, Ghost Face Roar disappeared in front of Lu Yang, and the surrounding scene also dissipated, changing to the next scene.

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