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Chapter: 2502

Soul knife

Lu Yang was still in the space of Bandarsburg, and Du Lei's body was still burning. Nothing happened, except for Du Lei's unwilling screams.

"I can't die, I can't die..."

A wailing with hatred continued to penetrate Lu Yang's ears, which made Lu Yang think that the second calamity was a sound, but when he sat cross-legged on the spot, after about a day and a night, Du Lei's voice was silent. The changes, except that the flames of the body burn more vigorously, are almost indistinguishable.

This made Lu Yang feel curious. He faintly felt that something was wrong with this second illusion. The Blazing Flame Demon God told him that he could not be trapped in the illusion for a month, otherwise, he would fall into the illusion forever. Can't get out.

He has already wasted a day, but he has only broken through the second illusion. At this speed, it will probably take more than a month to break the thirty-third illusion.

Lu Yang was a little anxious, and began to carefully study all the things around him, but he found that everything was exactly the same as the Bandarsburg in reality, even if he let the white sun attack a certain place, it really appeared. For such an attack, the temperature of the flame cannot be faked.

Lu Yang even wanted to go underground to check the soul of the phoenix bird, but he forcibly held back. He could be sure that anything he thought about in the illusion would be watched by Du Lei. In this case, he would never reveal his trump card. .

But the next day passed, and Lu Yang still hadn't found a way to decipher the illusion.

The same goes for the third day.

The same goes for the fourth day.

When twenty-five days had passed, the cold sweat on Lu Yang's forehead had already broken down, but he still hadn't cracked it. Seeing that there were only five days left, he would be trapped here forever, and he patted hard in annoyance. He went to the ground and decided to ask for help from the Blazing Demon God.

"I'm trapped, take me out of here." Lu Yang said.

"Hey, it's very easy to crack this illusion. You first reveal the body, then reverse the magic power in your body, pour it all back into the source soul, and then you can break through this illusion." Blazing Demon God said.

Just as Lu Yang was about to try it, he suddenly felt something was wrong and asked, "Sorry, I forgot the password. Tell me, what is the password between us?"

"Iron Brotherhood, kill it~!" The Blazing Demon God said without hesitation.

A smile appeared on Lu Yang's mouth, style="display:inline-block;widtdisplay:inline-block;wdata-ad-client="ca-pub-12data-ad4185134""data-ad-region="cont_mid"data -ad-slot="6246767822"data-ad-(adsbygoogle=w[]).push({}); said: "I was almost deceived by you, I didn't expect you to be able to simulate the Blazing Demon God, and also Being able to close all my senses, admiration, is worthy of being a Nightmare powerhouse of the lower **** level."

"I, you, what do you mean by this? I am true." Blazing Flame Demon God said in a panic.

Lu Yang smiled and said, "There is no secret code between me and the Blazing Demon God. This sentence is what I have been thinking about in my mind just now. You said it without thinking. Of course, it proves that you are fake. ."

"Ha~!" Du Lei's voice appeared in Lu Yang's mind, and he said sarcastically: "What if you found out, even my second illusion can't be broken, there are still a few days left, you can Wait to die."

Lu Yang shook his head and said, "No, I won't die."

"Why, you don't think that the Blazing Demon God was also pretending to be me at the beginning." Du Lei continued to mock.

Lu Yang said: "The Blazing Demon God was real at the beginning, but I'm afraid it's still on the first day. I'll take a gamble. This calamity is called the calamity of time. You speed up the time in the illusion and make me change. If I get anxious, let me take the initiative to seek help from the Blazing Devil God, and you pretend to be Blazing Devil God again and give me wrong hints and let me commit suicide, right?"

"You guessed wrong. If you have the courage, you will endure the last five days to see if you will fall into this illusion forever." Du Lei's voice was extremely calm.

Lu Yang was even more convinced of his guess. Just now, if Du Lei was a little smarter and didn't expose his flaws, then he really reversed the magic power and entered the soul and exploded. He died on the spot, and the connection between Bandarsburg and him was completely dissolved. .

This is the only way for Du Lei to survive, and it is also the best way to deceive. Therefore, Lu Yang dared to bet on this, and he sat on the ground and waited without hesitation.

The last five days seemed as long as a lifetime, but when the last day came and entered the last second, the illusion turned into fireworks and dissipated, and Lu Yang entered a terrifying world, full of evil spirits , always suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Lu Yang smiled speechlessly, and said, "I have no fear in my heart. This move won't work for me, break it."

He fought against the invasion of otherworldly gods with absolute courage, what else could he fear, so he just sat there and let all kinds of ghosts terrorize him, but it was of no use.

Without the slightest flaw in the soul, the illusion naturally broke apart after the attack was invalid, and entered the fourth floor, becoming the scene of the disaster when another world invaded. The death of countless relatives and friends still couldn't make Lu Yang feel sad. The illusion is broken again.

Immediately after, Lu Yang went through more than a dozen illusions, such as the illusion of illusory robbery and the illusion of space robbery. Seeing that so many illusions were cracked by Lu Yang within a few days, Du Lei was terrified, and he decided to use it directly. The first layer of illusion is also an environment that he thinks no one can resist.

"Thousands of cuts~!"

Lu Yang instantly fell into a red space, his body was tied to a pillar, Du Lei appeared in front of him, and began to cut his body with a short knife.

The moment the short knife was inserted into his body, Lu Yang suddenly widened his eyes, stared at Du Lei in disbelief, and said, "Can this knife hurt my soul?"

Du Lei sneered and said: "Soul knife, the treasure of my nightmare clan, hurts the body and soul, every knife will cause your body and soul to fall into severe pain at the same time, I think you can persevere. a few days."


Du Lei forcefully inserted the short knife into Lu Yang's eyes, spinning frantically. Lu Yang's whole body was instantly plunged into madness by the piercing pain. It was the pain from the soul. It is dozens of times stronger than the pain in the body.

"Let me go, and I'll let you go."

"Otherwise, I will torture you until you commit suicide."

"There are 15 days left. Why do you insist on the past? Do you think your soul can bear the pain of 15 days?"

"give up!"

"give up!"

Every time Du Lei stabbed, he muttered something in Lu Yang's ear, as if he had already won, because, so far, none of the enemies he had dealt with could bear such pain, and finally surrendered to him. under his soul knife.

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