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Chapter: 739

Chapter 739: Blind

He did not have any interactions with the Bai family’s people and was a responsible, good citizen.

The high-rise littering incident was most likely an accident.

As Fang Xinxin had saved Ye Yunzhi, her position in the Bai family improved further.

Bai Jingrou had to watch silently while the scheme, which she had prepared, benefited Fang Xinxin. Yet, she could not expose the truth. This left her extremely angered.

It seemed like her methods were too light!

Two days later, Bai Qinghao supported Fang Xinxin as they strolled through the Bai family’s old mansion’s garden.

"You don’t have to support me." Fang Xinxin spoke helplessly. "Hubby, I’ve already recovered."

For the past two days, he remained closely by her side to take care of her and had delayed his work significantly.

"In that case, I’ll hold you." He lifted her into a princess carry and sat down on the reclining chair ahead. He kept her in his arms and placed her on his lap.

She was already used to him holding her in his arms every so often. She leaned against her firm chest and found that she liked it when this cold and ruthless man doted on her.

Ji Qing, one of the maids, stood at a distance and watched as Fang Xinxin shamelessly sat on the man’s lap in broad daylight.

She was nearly twenty-six. Yet, she did not have a partner.

Of course, she wouldn’t take a liking to any typical man.

She wanted to climb into her Young Master’s bed. However, he was bewitched by Fang Xinxin and wouldn’t take a single glance at any other women.

It seemed like, if she hoped to obtain Young Master’s favour, she would only have the opportunity to do so when Fang Xinxin was dead!

Ji Qing’s expression was filled with jealousy.

Bai Jingrou stood before the windows in her room in Jing Xin Residence. The windows were half-shut. She held a pair of binoculars in her hand as she observed Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao for a moment. She then shifted the binoculars and saw the burning rage on Ji Qing’s expression.

Someone who dreamt of climbing into their master’s bed…

However, it wasn’t too bad to have foolish people like her who dreamed of the impossible. She was very fond of them as tools.

Bai Jingrou smirked mockingly.

In the yard, Fang Xinxin moved on Bai Qinghao’s lap to face him.

Her bright, sparkling gaze was fixated on his handsome features. She barely blinked. It was as though she couldn’t have enough of him.

"Why do you appear so focused?" His heavy, cold voice was extremely gentle.

"I’m looking at you." She sighed softly. "I wish I could look at you forever."

In her previous lifetime, she had lost her sight for several years from this moment onwards.

There were too many beautiful views she loved in this world.

She took in his charming features and his figure. She wished to look at him forever.

Bai Qinghao returned her gaze and noticed a hint of sadness in her eyes. His heart tightened. "Xinxin, what’s wrong?"

She lifted her hand and caressed his face. "Bai Qinghao, you say, if I become blind one day and am no longer able to see you, what do we do?"

He frowned and responded firmly. "That won’t happen!"

She insisted. "I’m just saying, what if…"

"There are no ‘what ifs’!" He embraced her tightly as though to press her into one being with him. "I won’t allow anyone to hurt you in the slightest."

She hugged his waist tightly and recalled that right after she became blind in their previous life, he had shot the maid who blinded her to death. He then found countless famous doctors to treat her.

She once heard him telling a doctor that he needed to cure her no matter what it cost.

Initially, she had been deeply moved because he guarded her side closely, refusing to leave.

Gradually, however, he appeared in front of her less frequently.

At the time, Bai Jingrou’s instigations led her to believe that he disdained her now that she was blind.

In truth, it was because his health had deteriorated and he needed to receive treatment in the hospital. At the time, he had already been doing his best to spend as much time as he could with her.

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