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Chapter: 899

The Saint Grants a Word

In the Star Sect.

Countless people turn to look at the sky.

"What’s that?"

Some are confused.

Some are shocked.

Although they don’t know what on earth has happened, they can feel that a blast of terrifying Qi is spreading ferociously.

Some people feel that the terrifying Qi is very warm, just like the sun in the winter.

However, for a small number of people, when they feel the Qi, they immediately feel some unknown pain in every cell of theirs. It’s like… thousands of needles penetrating through every pore of theirs.

Especially Sovereign Zhou and Elder Lotus feel the rich killing intent most directly so that Sovereign Zhou doesn’t dare to move at all.

They both look at Liu Zhongyi hanging in the air and enveloped by the light pillar.

Xia Shengtang also looks in this direction with a frown.

"Mr. Liu?" Xia Lu puts on an astonished look, "What’s going on?"

"I don’t know," Master Guanshan says sternly, "But the fact that his cultivation has been elevated all of a sudden is a bit…"

"A bit what?"

"A bit horrifying," Master Guanshan says with a bitter smile.

He is very clear that Liu Zhongyi’s Qi doesn’t lock him down.

Despite that, he still feels a little flustered.

It is like an ordinary man standing in a high position and looking at a fierce tiger.

Even if he knows the fierce tiger won’t hurt him, he will still feel frightened by one glance of the tiger.

Currently, Master Guanshan feels even more than this.

The screams in the forest rise one after another.

Hundreds of people are all pierced through by the pine needles at this moment.

Those lives are like the golden crops harvested by the reaping machine.

Some people are dead for good without having the opportunity to scream in pain.

A figure races quickly through the forest.

The other guardian at the realm of Grand Master of the Joyoung Sect looks awfully frightened.

Although he wants to escape with his people, he is aware that he can’t delay any longer at the moment. Even if he says one more word, he will probably die at once.

He doesn’t feel that he has been out of danger even now.

For him, what he stayed is literally the place where the gate of hell opened.

When he felt the terrifying Qi, his blood seemed to be frozen instantly. He could feel piercing coldness all over his body.

Beads of sweat roll down his head. His clothes are also soaked in sweat and tightly cling to his skin. Currently, of course he doesn’t care about being so uncomfortable about it. Will a dying man feel like picking a pattern for his mourning clothes?

Suddenly, he shivers and slows down escaping as if he is restrained by some power.

"Let… Let go of me." This guardian from the Joyoung Sect is at the realm of Grand Master. He often bickered with Jin Yun and even took the cultivators in Huaxia lightly while the sovereign of the Joyoung Sect was in the closed-door training. However, now, he only wants to survive. As to resistance… From start to end, he has never thought about whether he should fight back. Others won’t be able to comprehend the depression from the depths of the soul. Likewise, even if an ant has strong muscles and can lift something tens of times bigger than itself, it can’t contend against a human. A random human can teach it a lesson with ease.

When he says that, his energy is also instantly drained. It seems each of the four words were as heavy as lead.

He sits on the ground in dejection and raises his head to watch a light pillar drop. With a bang, when it hits him, sparks spread and the surrounding trees all turn into ashes.

"Is the realm of Confucian Saint so appalling?" Lou Zhoutian narrows his eyes and looks at Liu Zhongyi in the air. Now, his blood also starts to surge. Given his current ability, he still has a long way to go before he reaches the realm of Confucian Saint, but it is good to feel the realm a bit.

Besides, he understands what Liu Zhongyi meant.

Liu Zhongyi said that he was doing this not completely for Gao Ge.

Others may find it inexplicable.

However, Lou Zhoutian is clear.

Getting rid of the enemies for Gao Ge at the cost of a lifespan of fifty years and performing the duty of a teacher is just one of the reasons why he is doing this.

The second reason is that Lou Zhoutian has reached the threshold of the realm of Confucian Saint. He just feels something is missing but now, when he sees Liu Zhongyi who is full of high spirit and competent, he gradually takes a tumble. It’s like a beam of sunlight beats down on his heart through the heavy clouds.

The third reason may be that Liu Zhongyi wants to clear his mind.

As to some things, Liu Zhongyi feels that he should have long done it. Yet, as he idles away, it has been so many years. Gladly, it’s not too late now.

Only when he thinks through it can Liu Zhongyi give up the lifespan of fifty years.


Is everyone eligible to make such a deal with a saint?

Will the saint care who you are?

Another light pillar drops from the height. This time, it hits Wu Pobing accurately.

Gao Ge quickly retreats and also frowns. When he realizes that Liu Zhongyi is standing in the high air, his face instantly stiffens.


Liu Zhongyi seems to hear Gao Ge’s call and then looks at him with a smile and clear eyes. He raises his hand and writes a word–"Kill" in the air. This word also turns into a streak of golden light and goes into Gao Ge’s body straightly.

"The saint granting a word?" Lu Qing is a bit astonished on the martial field.

"What is the saint granting a word?" Xie Fangyou asks.

Although he is the patriarch of the Xie Family, he doesn’t know as much as Lu Qing in terms of knowledge about the field of immortal cultivation. After all, he is not a pure cultivator. Others attain Taoism through martial arts while he attains Taoism through medicine.

"Well, with the word–’Kill’, even the cultivators at the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State or above the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State have to think twice before they want to set against Gao Ge. Yet, I suppose this word has exhausted 10% of his Confucian air." Taoist Master Xuantian stands up, heaves a sigh and bows in the direction where Liu Zhongyi stays.

Lu Qing and the others also stand up and salute Liu Zhongyi like disciples.

Xie Teng puts on a confused look.

Lu Qing coughs and says, "I don’t know how he reaches the realm of Confucian Saint or the pseudo realm of Confucian Saint. Yet, I must say that considering his competency and Confucian air, it does no harm bowing to him."

Xie Teng hastens to nod and feels unhappy. As a result, when he salutes, he acts very perfunctorily.

As to the other cultivators, they don’t understand what’s going on but they still follow the example. Since Taoist Master Xuantian of the Celestial Master Sect has done so, how can they be hesitant?

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