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Chapter: 900

Here I Come

Liu Zhongyi’s white clothes billow in the air. Then, he knits his eyebrows and gives a bitter smile.

"It seems that my foundation is too poor. Even though the saint has agreed, the Confucian air can’t remain in my body for too long. By estimate, it can only last several hours… Fine. It’s enough then." He suddenly reaches out his hand and strikes a palm. Sovereign Zhou of the Xiaoshan Sword Sect can’t fight back in time. He can only choose to resist the light pillar. Nevertheless, the light pillar is so potent that his body is turned into ashes and completely vanishes.

"Gao Ge, as your teacher, I’m not that competent. Today, I’ll do all that I can do for you. You’ll be on your own in future." Then, he strikes another punch at Elder Lotus after saying that.

Very quickly, four cultivators at the realm of Grand Master have been killed. Currently, no one will doubt that even Dragon King of the Dragon Court can only flinch in face of Liu Zhongyi at the moment.

"The realm of Confucian Saint can be compared to the realm of Celestial Being as for the cultivators who attain Taoism through martial arts." Taoist Master Xuantian sighs, "It’s known to all that attaining Taoism through Confucianism is difficult but they don’t know that if one attains Taoism through Confucianism and becomes a saint, he will be able to subjugate the world with ease. Only a pseudo realm of Confucian Saint can have such potent power. If someone really reaches the realm of Confucian Saint, he will be able to domineer the world then."

Speaking of that, Taoist Master Xuantian looks quite expectant.

Liu Zhongyi doesn’t take the same path as they do.

Undoubtedly, Liu Zhongyi is a strong man now. As he moves, he displays a blast of destructive momentum.

Since ancient times, many people think that only the weak will choose to attain Taoism through Confucianism, saying that scholars are useless. Nevertheless, they forget that reading is the most decent thing.

A word of a saint carries such potent power. How many people can attain such a level from ancient times?

"Sir…" Gao Ge’s eyes become red. He has no idea how Liu Zhongyi makes himself so strong within an instant but he has a sense of foreboding. Worse still, he seems able to feel that the vitality in Liu Zhongyi’s body is slowly being drained. The speed of being drained is not that fast but it’s like when the dam is breached, it will become extremely difficult to block the breach.

Liu Zhongyi waves his hand and then leaves.

No one knows where he is going but based on what Liu Zhongyi said to Gao Ge before, it’s not difficult to deduce what he wants to do.

"It seems that the blessed spots will lose quite some people," Xie Fangyou says with a sigh.

"They deserve it." As a martial arts cultivator, Lu Qing is rather straightforward, "Both the Wu Family and the sovereign of the Joyoung Sect are bullying Gao Ge, thinking that he has no backing. Now, his teacher is angry. Shouldn’t they bear with the anger?"

Xie Fangyou laughs as if lost in thought.

Xia Shengtang is very frustrated.

He was thinking about getting rid of Sovereign Zhou as soon as possible and then helping Gao Ge.

However, as it appears now, there’s nothing he needs to do.

Shortly, Gao Ge sees Lou Zhoutian.

"Mr. Lou, my teacher…"

Lou Zhoutian waves his hand, "It’s his own choice. We can’t interfere."

Gao Ge is lost for words.

"Actually, even if you and I want to stop him, we can’t. Besides…"

Speaking of that, Lou Zhoutian suddenly hedges and subconsciously turns to look in the direction where Liu Zhongyi leaves, saying gently, "When I met him for the first time, he looked exactly like this. It’s just that over the past years, he himself has forgotten it."

Gao Ge’s heart thumps.

"Originally, I came here to help you hinder the sovereign of the Joyoung Sect. After all, he is a cultivator at the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State. Considering your ability, I suppose he is not easy to deal with for you. As to the Xie Family and the Celestial Master Sect, if Lyu Chen really comes, it’ll be a problem whether they dare to help you. Yet, he was stopped by another man."

"What?" Gao Ge is a bit dazed.

"I didn’t see that man before but he is very strong. He seems like a swordsman," Lou Zhoutian says, "How did you get to know him?"

"A swordsman?" Gao Ge shakes his head.

He doesn’t know many swordsmen.

And he doesn’t know any swordsman who can repel a cultivator at the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State.

Therefore, he feels that this probably has nothing to do with him.

Xia Shengtang aside grins.

"Did you forget it? I said I had a piece of good news," Xia Shengtang says.

Gao Ge looks at him, "What?"

He is astonished and has a guess but he still wants to ask about it. He can’t feel reassured until he gets a definite answer.

"He’s my master," Xia Shengtang says calmly.

However, everyone can feel that Xia Shengtang was full of pride when he said that.

Gao Ge also gives a smile and pats Xia Shengtang’s shoulder. Then, he says like a kid showing off his father’s wealth, "Actually, my teacher is very awesome too, right?"

Xia Shengtang looks at Gao Ge’s red eyes and doesn’t know what to say for now.

Very quickly, he takes a deep breath and composes himself. He recovers his true colors and says with a haughty air, "My master is more awesome."

"Nonsense. My teacher can kill your master with one palm."

"Humph. You must be bragging."


Gao Ge quiets down and clenches his fists.

"I’m not happy."

Xia Shengtang stands next to Gao Ge and stares in the direction where Liu Zhongyi leaves. After being quiet for a while, he says with his words full of killing intent.

"My master tells me that no one will care whether you are happy or not. Likewise, when you want to kill someone, you won’t care whether the latter wants to live or not. Hence, when we are unhappy, what we can do is to strengthen our cultivation, clench our sword and then strike out magnificent sword Qi with the sword as the pen and the world as the paper. In this way, everyone will know how fierce we are when we are unhappy."

Gao Ge turns around to look at him.

Xia Shengtang grins.

"So, if you are unhappy, keep working hard. By then, just kill them all," Xia Shengtang says, "In this way, you should be happy."

Gao Ge nods heavily. The power of stars in his body surges again.

Currently, Liu Zhongyi stops.

He reaches out his hand as if grabbing something in the void.

With a crack, the formation of the Poison Sect is broken.

It’s like pushing open a door.

"Here I come," he mutters.

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