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Chapter: 901

The Next One Will Be the Wu Family

The moment Liu Zhongyi enters the Poison Sect, shrill noises come from the whole Poison Sect.

It sounds like some worm chirping.

Besides, the chirping sound seems to be full of fear.

Liu Zhongyi sneers.

As soon as he arrives here, he feels a blast of coldness.

The Poison Sect is a lot better than the Ghost Sect that has been eradicated.

However, they are still a group of wicked people.

They strengthen their fighting capacity by raising the poisonous worms and beings. It can’t be a righteous path anyway. Besides, if they want to make their raised poisonous beings stronger, they will have to kill people and extract their blood and essence.

Yet, the people of the Poison Sect are very smart. They know that no matter what they do in the blessed spots or the field of immortal cultivation, it won’t be a big problem. However, if they do evil in the secular world, the Dragon Court won’t stay aside and leave them alone. Therefore, they always act outside the bottom line and dare not cross it.

Yet, this time, since the recovery of the aura, they’ve acted a bit more actively. As a result, the Dragon Court pays a lot more attention to the Poison Sect.

"Oh crap! Why is my corpse bug dead?"

"Master, my vital worm is dead too!"

"Oh no, my worm is dying…"

Although Liu Zhongyi hasn’t done anything after arriving at the Poison Sect, some relatively weak poisonous worms have been directly killed by his righteous spirit.

Such things are happening everywhere in the Poison Sect.

Some relatively strong poisonous worms also start to tremble and lose their vitality even with their owners’ strength.

In the Poison Sect.

In the sovereign’s pavilion.

Two men rush inside.

"Sovereign, something has gone wrong!"

One of them staggers and almost trips.

The man standing in the pavilion has heaved a sigh.

"No need to tell me. I’ve known it." The hair of Wang Pingxiu, the sovereign of the Poison Sect, is getting white at a visibly fast speed. He is 80 years old now but due to his vital worm, he remains the look he had when he was 30 years old. Nevertheless, now, he is gradually aging. The two hall masters who break into the pavilion are astonished. They immediately realize that not only their vital worms but also their sovereign’s vital worm is changing.

"We’ve got a competent visitor. Go out with me and take a look," Wang Pingxiu heaves a sigh and says.

In fact, when Liu Zhongyi entered the Poison Sect, he has noticed that.

The formation of the Poison Sect is a lot more mysterious than that of the Ghost Sect. It’s even more difficult to break the formation than ascending the sky. Even a cultivator at the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State can’t unless he also excels at formations and enchantments. However, Liu Zhongyi broke into the Poison Sect almost within an instant. It didn’t take him much time to deal with the enchantment. Evidently, Liu Zhongyi is terrifyingly competent.

Wang Pingxiu can’t help wondering who it can be. Is it Dragon King of the Dragon Court?


These days, the members of the Poison Sect behave relatively well. Neither do they do any evil. Well… Even if they do, it is done secretly. No one can find it. Thus, the Dragon Court won’t come to punish the Poison Sect.

Besides, he also feels a rush of righteous spirit.

It seems that only those who attain Taoism through Confucianism have such righteous spirit.

In the whole Huaxia, among the cultivators who attain Taoism through Confucianism, only Lou Zhoutian is worth mentioning. Competent as he is, he is only a half-step Confucian Saint. He can’t be so competent.

Who can it be?

Wang Pingxiu walks out of the sovereign’s pavilion. As he hears the shrill noises, his face increasingly darkens.

Finally, he stops and raises his head to look at the middle-aged man hanging in the air. He can’t help taking a deep breath.

Even if Liu Zhongyi hasn’t taken action, with only one glance at the man enveloped in the light pillar, he feels a wave of tremendous pressure.

He feels as if a rock were pressed on his chest and can hardly breathe.

As to the hall masters beside him and the other disciples of the Ghost Sect, they don’t even dare to raise their heads and look at Liu Zhongyi.

It’s like an intangible hand gripping them by the neck.

Beads of sweat drip down one by one.

"Drip. Drip."

The sweat drops to the bluestone bricks on the ground.

Those not in the know would think it was raining.

"I’m standing up for my student, Gao Ge. You guys have made several attempts to kill my student. You deserve to die."

Every word seems to be burst out of the bell, which is heavy, potent and awe-inspiring.

As Wang Pingxiu hears Liu Zhongyi’s words, his heart thumps abruptly.

He has never met Liu Zhongyi but he believes what the latter said.

On second thought, Gao Ge’s speed of cultivation is too bizarre.

Is he a rogue cultivator without any backing or a strong master… Of course not!

Therefore, it’s fair enough that this man comes here to make trouble for the Poison Sect.

Actually, even if they are with justification, so what?

They are all adults.

For people like them, if whatever they do must be justifiable, what’s the point of having cultivation?

Finally, Liu Zhongyi strikes a palm. Instantly, all the poisonous worms in the Poison Sect turn into bloody fogs.

"Such evil things shouldn’t exist in this world," Liu Zhongyi says calmly. There is no anger, sarcasm or any complicated feelings in his tone.

However, every word, just like a hammer from the sky, strikes all the people of the Poison Sect.

So many people present almost each have their own vital worms.

And the vital worms are inextricably linked to their lives.

"Do you really want to eradicate our Poison Sect?" Wang Pingxiu jerks his head up, his eyes starting to bleed.

He strives to motivate his aura to nurture the poisonous worm in his body to keep alive for now. However, the disciples of the Poison Sect behind him collapse one after another. Meanwhile, their chests also keep blasting with bloody fog. Clearly, their vital worms have exploded.

Liu Zhongyi strikes another palm with a snort.

Within an instant, Wang Pingxiu feels a rush of irresistible power coming at him.

He spits blood continuously. In the end, he still can’t stop his worms from turning into the bloody fog and he himself also collapses.

"The next one will be the Wu Family."

Liu Zhongyi glances around and finds that some people of the Poison Sect are still alive. That’s because they can’t even raise their vital worms. If even such people can pose a threat to Gao Ge, he should doubt his student’s ability.

Most importantly, Liu Zhongyi realizes that his Confucian air is exhausting faster and faster.

In other words, he doesn’t have much time left.

Faced with the frightened gazes of the remaining disciples of the Poison Sect, Liu Zhongyi turns around and heads to the next destination.

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