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Chapter: 902

Spare Your Life

In the Joyoung Sect.

Lyu Chen stands with his hands on his back and a bitter smile on his face.

"Sovereign, the Confucian Saint has gone to the Wu Family. I’m afraid his next target will be the Joyoung Sect," an old man stands behind Lyu Chen and says with a sigh.

"I know."

"Sovereign, it’s still not too late to flee now."

"Flee?" Lyu Chen gives a bitter smile and turns to take a glance at him with complicated eyes, "Uncle, why don’t you tell me where I can go now? Where can I hide without being found?"


"Actually, it doesn’t matter. I think I can survive," Lyu Chen says, "He is a Confucian Saint indeed but the Confucian air doesn’t belong to him. Therefore, he can’t kill me. Besides, when he gets rid of the Wu Family and arrives here, he won’t be able to hang on more or less. Unless he can seize the last opportunity and kill me, I will be safe then."

"Sovereign, I’m worried…"

"Uncle, comparatively, at the moment, there is no other place safer than the Joyoung Sect. Don’t forget that we still have got our grand formation," speaking of that, Lyu Chen has a glimmer of fierceness in his eyes, "I gave up making trouble for Gao Ge but his men still didn’t let go. They killed my guardians and special envoys. Now, they even want to kill me. Humph. Do they really think I’m a pushover?"

The old man also heaves a sigh.

Actually, on second thought, that’s the truth.

There’s also a grand formation in the Joyoung Sect. The rest of the time is enough for them to trigger the grand formation.

With the grand formation, Lyu Chen still has a chance of surviving.

Most importantly…

What Lyu Chen needs to do is stall time rather than defeat Liu Zhongyi.

As long as he stalls long enough, he will be able to defeat Liu Zhongyi without effort.

This is their current greatest advantage.



"I need you to help me trigger the grand formation of the Joyoung Sect."

"Okay." The old man nods without hesitation.

"When the grand formation is more or less triggered, you may leave then," Lyu Chen says with a smile.

The old man knits his eyebrows and shakes his head.

"Uncle, if I really die in the Joyoung Sect, you will have to seek revenge for me," Lyu Chen says with a smile, "We can’t be wiped out by a man who borrows someone else’s power, can we?"

The old man looks hesitant.

"It’s decided then."

After saying that, Lyu Chen turns around and returns to the room.

The old man stands in situ. After thinking for a while, he heaves a sigh slowly.

"This is so not fair…"

Relatively, he doesn’t hate Gao Ge much.

In the final analysis, the Joyoung Sect and Gao Ge are enemies now. If they were Gao Ge faced with such a chance, they would directly kill their enemies too. Would they give their enemies a reprieve and wait for the enemies to kill them?

This is so not wise.

If he really sees Gao Ge now, maybe he will say, "If our roles are swapped, I must torture you to death."

Therefore, he is cursing Jin Yun inwardly.

If it were not because the Jin Family messed with Gao Ge’s buddy, Jin Yun wouldn’t get involved. If Jin Yun didn’t get involved, the Joyoung Sect and Gao Ge wouldn’t become enemies.

Anyway, it’s all Jin Yun’s fault.

He asked for trouble himself.

Why did he have to mess with Gao Ge?

However, it’s too late to think about this.

What they can do is try their best to survive…




Loud bangs come from the Wu Family.

The middle-aged man in white hanging above the Wu Family knits his eyebrows and feels impatient.

Currently, all the members of the Wu Family but Wu Suishan have left.

Wu Suishan knows he is the man’s target.

Among all the members of the Wu Family, no one can really cause trouble for Gao Ge but Wu Suishan, the cultivator at the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State.

Therefore, as long as the people of the Wu Family have left, Liu Zhongyi won’t look for them.

Lyu Chen is not the only one to seize Liu Zhongyi’s weakness. So does Wu Suishan.

Liu Zhongyi’s time is very precious. It can’t be wasted on the insignificant people of the Wu Family.

The only thing he needs to do is survive.

"Wu Suishan, are you going to hide in the shell of Aeon Mysterious Turtle forever?" Liu Zhongyi has been impatient.

He didn’t expect that the Wu Family should have such a treasure–the shell of Aeon Mysterious Turtle.

Even if he motivates his Confucian air in his body and strikes a blow at full strength, he cannot break it directly.

The Confucian air in his body is still waning.

Wu Suishan feels that he is very grieved now but he doesn’t intend to get out of the turtle shell at all.

His face?

How absurd!

If he were so keen on face-saving, he would have been dead many years ago.

People always say that with a little forbearance, one will find calm and peace.

That’s so true.

Those who can’t forebear will choose to survive for now and fight back in the future as he does if they confront an undefeatable opponent.

If he really rushes out and puts up a desperate fight for his face, he will die for sure.

Some believe that it is better to die with dignity than drag out an ignoble existence.

Wu Suishan doesn’t agree at all.

Better a live coward than a dead hero.

As long as he is alive, the Wu Family will still have hope.

"Is it so fun to be a coward?" Liu Zhongyi sneers and motivates his Confucian air again.


A red light pillar strikes the shell of Aeon Mysterious Turtle from the height.

With an explosive bang, even the shell of Aeon Mysterious Turtle is broken.

This is the Wu Family’s significant treasure. Now, it has been ruined too.

Wu Suishan’s body is directly thrown out.

Liu Zhongyi’s brow furrow.

Less than 40% of his Confucian Qi is left now.

Having thought back and forth, he makes a decision.

"I’ll spare your life but your cultivation of the Ancient Martial Arts Natural State can’t remain."

"No! No!" Wu Suishan’s eyes are full of horror.

He has realized what Liu Zhongyi wants to do.

In a trice, a wisp of Qi has rushed into his body.

At the moment, he feels as if thousands of ants were crawling over his body.

"Supposedly, a cultivator at the realm of Grand Master won’t pose any threat to Gao Ge. He will come and kill you." Liu Zhongyi feels his Confucian air.

He still has 30% left.

10% has been used to grant a word–"Kill" to Gao Ge.

30% has been used to eradicate the Poison Sect.

30% has been used to destroy Wu Suishan’s Ancient Martial Arts Natural State.

And the remaining 30% will be left to deal with Lyu Chen, the arrogant sovereign of the Joyoung Sect.

These are all that he can do.

Besides, he believes that Gao Ge should have no problem with handling Wu Suishan now.

When Liu Zhongyi leaves, Wu Suishan who is still at the last gasp finally passes out.

As long as Liu Zhongyi is still here, he doesn’t even dare to pass out.

He must stay alive even at the cost of all his cultivation.

Gladly, Liu Zhongyi also realizes this point. He is unwilling to use more Confucian air to kill Wu Suishan.

Yet, now that he has been reduced to the realm of Grand Master, can Wu Suishan still be enough to resist Gao Ge’s revenge?

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