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Chapter: 921

Meet Xuan Siyu Again

Gao Ge has a good memory. Generally, he won’t forget anyone he has met or dealt with before.

Certainly, he remembers this girl.

He is just a bit curious.

Why does this girl have anything to do with the Guo Family?

Besides, it appears that Guo Caiyang is quite afraid of her?

This is somewhat beyond his understanding…

"Cousin, let go! It really hurts! Holy crap. It hurts! Cut me some slack…"

"Hmph. Now you know it hurts? You asked me to cut you some slack. Why don’t you give others some slack? The master of the Xie Family is your senior anyway. What did you say before?" Xuan Siyu’s current behaviors are different from Gao Ge’s impression. She acts extremely fiercely and…

She appears very cute.

"I didn’t speak at first simply to cut you some slack. However, you still reach out for a yard after taking an inch?"

"Cousin, I was wrong. I was wrong…" Guo Caiyang is really freaked out.

His mother is Xuan Siyu’s aunt.

Most resentfully, his mother feels a headache about him and likes Xuan Siyu very much.


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The position of the future young master of the Guo Family is nothing to Xuan Siyu.

As a cultivator at the realm of Master, he can defeat Xuan Siyu with ease. However, if he dares to hurt Xuan Siyu a bit, he will be doomed when he goes back.

In addition, Xuan Siyu’s brush pen is not simple, which is kind of one of the valuable treasures of the Xuan Family. Even if Xuan Siyu is at the realm of Strength, she is not easy to deal with when she uses the brush pen!

Xuan Siyu sweeps several locks of her hair behind her ears before letting go of Guo Caiyang’s ear.

"Hello, I’m Xuan Siyu, this brat’s cousin. I’m sorry for bringing trouble to you," Xuan Siyu says and looks at Shao Shuai, "Eh? You’re here too?"

Shao Shuai waves his hand in reply. Yet, he is not close with Xuan Siyu. They only met in the black market before.

As to Gao Ge, Xuan Siyu can’t recognize him, unless he puts on the Doraemon mask…

Besides, she has tried to look for him. However, the guy called Ge Qian has vanished into thin air since he appeared on the black market. She feels a bit regretful.

Now, she is unwilling to think about that.

She will take him as a passing visitor in her life.

After all, they won’t meet again.

Then, she walks to Xie Jue and salutes him respectfully.

"Master Xie, my cousin is innocent. Please forgive him for his rudeness."

"Never mind." Xie Jue waves his hand and feels somewhat resigned.

Of course he is angry about being dissed by a junior like that.

However, Guo Caiyang is the future young master of the Guo Family.

Even though he is disgruntled, what can he do?

Now that Xuan Siyu is giving him a way out, he should seize the opportunity.

It will be too unwise of him to fuss about this issue.

"Oh right, Master Xie, why haven’t you gone inside yet?" Xuan Siyu suddenly asks, "Is it that you find anything wrong?"

Those cultivators behind all pat their heads upon hearing that.

If Xuan Siyu didn’t ask, they would forget why they were here after Guo Caiyang’s messing around.

"There’s something wrong indeed," Xie Jue heaves a sigh and says, "The sea of herbs may have gone wrong."

"Gone wrong?" Xuan Siyu slightly frowns, "What has gone wrong?"

Xie Jue is about to speak when Guo Caiyang aside has lost his patience.

"Old man, just tell us what you know. Don’t…"

Before he finishes talking, Xuan Siyu strikes a sweep kick at him.

"You’re so rude! Shut up! If you talk again, believe it or not, I’ll give you a beating."

Guo Caiyang always acts like an arrogant and annoying dandy in face of others.

However, as Xuan Siyu speaks, he immediately wusses out.

Evidently, he must have suffered a lot from Xuan Siyu before.

The suffering must be unbearable…

Somehow, some people start to show pity for Guo Caiyang…

As a saying goes, when the cat is away, the mice will play. That’s how Guo Caiyang acted before.

Now that the cat is back, he can only behave himself and show a docile look.

However, such a fact can’t be disclosed in public. Otherwise, both Xuan Siyu and Guo Caiyang wouldn’t be pleased.

Xie Jue never does things sloppily. He speaks out his finding.

After hearing Xie Jue’s words, quite some people present look astonished.

"That’s to say, the sea of herbs is disappearing soon?"

"No, it shouldn’t be put that way. In fact, the sea of herbs won’t disappear. It’s just that we won’t be able to enter the sea of herbs in the future."

"Tsk. I feel faintly sad."

The others are speechless.

A group of people is discussing.

Actually, there are two kinds of opinions.

Some people think that since the entrance to the sea of herbs is about to disappear, they should take the chance to enter the sea of herbs this time.

The others think that they will die in there if they can’t get out after going inside. It will be such a big loss.

All in all, the reason why they differ in views is that some people like the Xie Family and Shao Shuai attach much importance to the sea of herbs.

And some people came here only to join the fun. It’ll be the best if they get something good. On the contrary, even if they get nothing, it won’t be a big deal.

Gao Ge has been annoyed by them. He shouts, "What’s your problem? If you want to go inside, just go together. If you don’t want to, just go home. Why are you arguing?"

Those cultivators dislike Gao Ge but they also take a tumble upon hearing that.

Oh crap.

Gao Ge is right!

They are here for the same goal but they are not associated. Men of totally different principles can never act together. They can just mind their own business. They don’t have to unify their opinions.

Therefore, tens of people leave at once.

Xie Jue, Shao Shuai and the others still stand in situ.

Guo Caiyang is muttering.

"Cousin, since it is so dangerous, shall we go back?"

"Go back?" Xuan Siyu thinks about it and takes a look at him, saying, "You go back yourself if you want to. I must go in there."

Guo Caiyang asks in confusion, "Why?"

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