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Chapter: 922

Win at the Starting Line

Even Gao Ge, Shao Shuai and the others are somewhat confused, let alone Guo Caiyang.

The Xuan Family mainly attains Taoism through painting. Supposedly, they aren’t in strong need of herbs or something.

Therefore, she should just go away after learning about the danger. Why does she still insist on going in there?

Probably, the more people, the more eyes. Xuan Siyu puckers her lips and doesn’t explain too much to Guo Caiyang on this issue. Yet, her eyes are still resolute and she doesn’t change her mind.

It seems that she has her own reason to enter the sea of herbs.

Guo Caiyang says dispiritedly, "In this case, I can only go with you."

Xuan Siyu stares at him in surprise, "Why are you going in there?"

"To protect you!" Guo Caiyang rubs his nose and says, "Since you’re going inside, as your cousin, I must go in there and protect you."

Xuan Siyu laughs and shakes her head, "Forget about it. You’re the young master of the Guo Family…"

"Come on. If I really can’t come out, the Guo Family can designate another man as the young master. I’m not the only option," Guo Caiyang says.

While he is speaking, his eyes look very sincere.

It can tell that he is very serious.

Xuan Siyu doesn’t look surprised.

Guo Caiyang is a spoiled kid in the outsiders’ eyes. He proclaims himself the future young master of the Guo Family with a good cultivation level. Therefore, he always acts like an arrogant bully.

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However, Guo Caiyang treats Xuan Siyu very well.

Guo Caiyang is afraid of Xuan Siyu but he also respects her.

The reason is actually very simple.

Guo Caiyang often swaggers in front of others and very few people in the Guo Family dare to mess with him, but he is aware that those people seem to fear him on the surface and even want to fawn on him. In fact, they hold him in contempt and even think that he dares to be so arrogant only with the identity as the future young master of the Guo Family. Without the Guo Family, he’d be nobody.

This is also the reason why he dislikes Gao Ge. He even thinks that Gao Ge who mounts the high horse in the blessed spots in light of his teacher is just like him…

For that reason, he tries his best to cultivate and reaches the realm of Master around his age. However, there are still very few people in favor of him.

The only person who treats him differently is Xuan Siyu, his cousin.

He knows that every time Xuan Siyu hears anyone curse him secretly, she will stand up for him by beating that person.

Therefore, he won’t let Xuan Siyu encounter any danger since he is with her.

"Young Master…" The two cultivators at the realm of Grand Master standing behind Guo Caiyang can hardly retain their composure.

"Enough. I’ve made up my mind. If you are unwilling to go in there, just go back," Guo Caiyang says grumpily.

The two cultivators at the realm of Grand Master exchange glances and see a glint of helplessness in each other’s eyes. They have no other choice but to agree resignedly.

They are clear that if Guo Caiyang goes in there alone, they will be punished even if they are back to the Guo Family.

It’s fine that Guo Caiyang comes back alive.

Once Guo Caiyang can’t come back, they will be dead for sure.

The importance the Guo Family attaches to Guo Caiyang cannot be underestimated!

Xie Jue has been well prepared.

"Our family should take this opportunity to pick as many herbs as possible before going back," Xie Jue says, "Otherwise, it’d be a kind of crisis for the Xie Family."

"I’ll go inside too," Shao Shuai says without thinking.

"Okay. In this case, we shouldn’t hesitate." Xuan Siyu suddenly takes a glance at Shao Shuai as if she wants to say something. However, she still says nothing in the end.

Her reaction makes Shao Shuai very confused.

Can it be that Xuan Siyu has feelings for him?

At the thought of that, he shakes his head.

After all, Xuan Siyu looks normal and doesn’t go blind. She shouldn’t be so stupid.


Is that a bit insulting to himself?

Yet, it’s the truth anyway.

Regardless, Xuan Siyu can’t have feelings for him.

To know oneself is true knowledge.

Since Xuan Siyu says nothing now, he will just pretend that he saw nothing.

It’s not difficult to enter the sea of herbs. To go in there, one just needs to enter the vague light curtain by exerting his aura or strength.

Even a cultivator at the realm of Strength can make it, let alone Gao Ge.

It’s raining more and more heavily.

Suddenly, a beam of lightning flashes by.

For the moment, the whole Mount Changbai is bright as the daytime.

"Now, go in there!" Xie Jue takes the lead in walking to the light curtain with determination.

Shao Shuai follows him inside.

Of course Gao Ge isn’t hesitant at all.

When he rushes into the light curtain, Gao Ge can clearly feel the gale whistling across his ears.

It’s like someone raising a high-power air-blower and pressing the start button around the ears.

He feels as if going through a layer of plastic film with the aura in his body blocked. However, the feeling fleets instantly. Somehow, something invisible seems to be pushing him forward. The scenery on both sides flashes back and turns into ghosts.

When Gao Ge is stabilized, Gao Ge also realizes that the surrounding scenery has changed. On both sides are short bushes.

It’s not the first time that Gao Ge has seen such a scene. Therefore, he is not surprised at all.

Notably, the aura here is extremely rich.

Even in the era of aura recovery, the illusion outside is still utterly different from here. The aura in this place is even richer than that in the yard of good geomantic omen that Gao Ge found before.

According to Shao Shuai, the sea of herbs is kind of a blessed spot.

That’s to say, the blessed spots in Huaxia are more or less the same as here.

The aura in the blessed spots is also so rich?

At the thought of that, Gao Ge can’t help gasping.

No wonder so many people are desperate to enter the blessed spots.

Such an environment is undoubtedly conducive to the cultivators.

Besides, the people in the blessed spots usually cultivate faster than the cultivators outside. Actually, this is without suspense. Putting aside aptitude and talent, simply in terms of the cultivation environment, the people in the blessed spots have a good start. They are literally winning at the starting line!

"This is a good place. What a good place!" Gao Ge sighs.

It makes sense that some spiritual things and herbs can be generated in such an environment.

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