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Chapter: 923

Enter the Sea of Herbs

"The aura in this place is a lot richer than that in the Xuan Family’s place!" Xuan Siyu stands behind Gao Ge and says slowly.

"Of course. This should be the place of the richest aura among all the blessed spots," Shao Shuai says with a sigh.

Hearing that, Gao Ge also lets out a sigh of relief.

If the aura richness in every blessed spot is the same as that in the sea of herbs…

Gao Ge must do his best to make it into the blessed spots.

It’ll be too pitiful if he can’t let his men enter such a good place.

The cultivators all jump out of the light curtain.

As Shao Shuai said before, likewise, it’s pouring with rain in the sea of herbs.

However, the pain won’t cause any influence on the cultivators.

"Siyu, stand behind me. I’ll protect you!" Guo Caiyang shouts.

"You protect me?" Xuan Siyu snorts, "You’d better take good care of yourself."

Guo Caiyang is unwilling to submit but he doesn’t talk back to Xuan Siyu.

"I’m going south. Are you going with me?" Xuan Siyu asks.

Guo Caiyang keeps nodding.

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"Siyu, why bother to ask me? What’s the point of coming inside if I don’t go with you?"

Xuan Siyu rolls her eyes at him and says grumpily, "I also wonder why you come inside."

"To protect you!"

Xuan Siyu shakes her head, "Cut it out. You didn’t know I would come inside at the very beginning."

Guo Caiyang is dazed and then pats his head, "I almost forgot it. I’m here for the thunder spring."

"For the thunder spring?" Xuan Siyu is taken aback and then takes a tumble, "You want to refine your body?"

"Yes." Guo Caiyang nods but he doesn’t continue talking.

There seems to be some unspeakable secret.

"In this case, follow me then. After all, the thunder spring is in the south," Xuan Siyu says.

Guo Caiyang keeps nodding.

Xuan Siyu leaves Guo Caiyang behind and walks to Shao Shuai.

There is a glint of weirdness in her eyes.

Shao Shuai rubs his nose subconsciously.

Does she really have feelings for him?


Oh, he is so d*mned attractive.

He is so d*mned lucky.


He doesn’t want the luck!

"Shao Shuai, I have something to ask you."

"What is it?"

"A word, please," Xuan Siyu says.

Shao Shuai nods and picks his ears. He often says the same words but he means something different.


They talk for a while. Anyway, when Shao Shuai comes back, his facial expression looks weirder and he also takes a glance at Gao Ge.

Xie Jue is rather sophisticated. He follows Shao Shuai’s gaze and also glances at Gao Ge. Instantly, he has his own conjecture.

Seeing that Xuan Siyu looks sulky and doesn’t seem to get the answer he wants from Shao Shuai, he just leaves.

The other cultivators also hasten to leave.

No one knows when the entrance of the sea of herbs will disappear.

Finding what they need and leaving as soon as possible is the priority.

Otherwise, they would be really stuck in here.

Shao Shuai finds an opportunity and whispers to Gao Ge, "Do you know what she asked me?"

Gao Ge laughs, "I don’t know."

"She asked whether I had seen Ge Qian since we parted at the black market."

Gao Ge is a bit astounded.

Although he has a feeling, he’s still surprised to hear such an answer from Shao Shuai.

In fact, he and Xuan Siyu didn’t spend a lot of time together.

Supposedly, he didn’t leave such a deep impression.

"Alas. Honestly, I kind of envy you. We are both men. Why are you so popular among girls? You spent a few days together only and she just can’t forget you? Tsk. You’ve just reminded me of a saying. That is, girls can never get over Yang Guo after meeting him at the first sight (Yang Guo is a character in the ‘Legend of The Condor Heroes’). Now, I think the saying also applies to you!"

Gao Ge always feels that Shao Shuai is complimenting on his good look in some way.

This guy should have kept it low-key.

"But I didn’t tell her," Shao Shuai says with a grin, "Somehow, I think if you want her to know, you would have told her before."

Gao Ge laughs and doesn’t deny it.

"Honestly, I’ll say you should come clean with her. After all, she’ll find it out sooner or later," Shao Shuai says, "After all, plenty of people know you’ve used the flying boat. I don’t understand why Xuan Siyu doesn’t know but I have a feeling that she’ll know sooner or later. Once she knows you have the flying boat, she’ll easily find out that you are Ge Qian."

"Well… Let’s play it by ear," Gao Ge says.

Shao Shuai nods, "Actually, I think it’s nice if you can hit it off with Xuan Siyu. After all, the Xuan Family is a family of the blessed spots. In addition to the connection between the Xuan Family and the Guo Family, once you two are together, it won’t be difficult for the Star Sect to make it into the blessed spots…"

Speaking of that, Shao Shuai stops.

It’s not because he has finished talking but because he finds that Gao Ge is gazing at him with disgruntlement.

"What do you mean by being together?"

"Ahem. This is not important. Don’t go into the details."

"I’m not interested either." Gao Ge snorts.

He has a good impression of Xuan Siyu but he doesn’t like her to that degree.

Besides, even if they really get to that point, Gao Ge won’t seek personal profits by taking advantage of a woman.

It’s too cheap.

He isn’t a kept man.

"Fine. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide." Shao Shuai shakes his head and feels that Gao Ge is too silly. There’s clearly a shortcut for Gao Ge but he just won’t take it.

Xie Jue walks to them with Xie Zhuolian and others.

"Gao Ge, I’ve just checked around. The entrance of the sea of herbs can only last four or five days at most. Maybe it will be shut tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It won’t remain open for more than five days. Understand?"

"I see." Gao Ge laughs, "We must do it quickly. Actually, this is your own business. As long as you think it’s time to leave, we’ll leave then."

Xie Jue nods, "That being the case, without further ado, let’s act now."

Gao Ge nods but actually, he is a bit perplexed. He looks around.

He has kept one thing to himself.

That is, after entering the sea of herbs, he has a strange feeling.

It seems that there’s something that can make him feel very comfortable.

What’s that?

Suddenly, a rustling sound interrupts Gao Ge’s train of thought.

"Oh no, it’s that thing. It seems that even the rain has failed to stop them. Hurry!"

After saying that, Xie Jue scurries to the east.

The others follow him closely.

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