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Chapter: 924

The Huge Ants

Gao Ge has been very curious about those things mentioned by Xie Jue and Shao Shuai by now.

What on earth are they to astonish these people?

Why do they only dare to come inside on the raining days?

Only the thought of that will make him feel… so excited!

Of course, Gao Ge is not a masochist.

He won’t insist on looking for those things for no reason.

It’d be best if he didn’t meet them.

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Suddenly, he hears several shrill cries from behind.

The people who hear the cries are frightened.

The cries must be made by the cultivators who haven’t left in time.

"Alas. This must be the first time that they’ve been here," Shao Shuai says to Gao Ge while running, "The cultivators all know how terrible those things are as long as they’ve been here once. The first thing to do is to stay away from the entrance after one enters the sea of herbs. Only in this way can he keep alive."

"What on earth are those things?" Gao Ge asks.

"Rare beasts."


"Specifically, they are a group of ants," Shao Shuai says.

"Ants?" Gao Ge is a bit perplexed.

If those things are ants, why are they frightening?

Even if the ants have turned into rare beasts, what can they do?

Therefore, Gao Ge feels that Shao Shuai and the others are too uncalm.

They should learn from him.

After all, he is so…

He is lost in thought.

The two cultivators at the realm of Grand Master who are at the front of the team suddenly stop.

They are both brought here by Shao Shuai. Currently, they both look worried.

Gao Ge glimpses them and instantly becomes slack-jawed.

"Is this… an ant?"

Gao Ge doubts whether Shao Shuai is humoring him on purpose.

How can the ants be as big as tigers?

Gao Ge feels that he has experienced a lot but upon seeing the ant that is as tall as 1.5 meters and as long as two or three meters, he feels that he is too naive.

Even though the ant has mutated and become a rare beast, it is too astonishingly big!

As to the ant’s cultivation, he really can’t recognize it.

It’s not that the ant is too terrible. Instead, as Shao Shuai said, when it starts to rain in the sea of herbs, all the Qi will be concealed. Therefore, even if Gao Ge wants to pry into the ant’s cultivation, he can’t.

"Kill it! Now!" Shao Shuai immediately says.

Judging from Shao Shuai’s tone, Gao Ge can feel that he is in a flutter.

Gao Ge immediately realized something. He turns around and takes a glance behind only to see probably a dozen ants of this big size are moving toward them.

Thus, he must deal with this ant and can’t waste too much time here.

The two cultivators at the realm of Grand Master also know that. They work together to kill the ant.

"Keep going!" Shao Shuai shouts.

While running, Shao Shuai says to Gao Ge, "If it were not raining now, it would be really difficult for us to deal with that ant."

Gao Ge knits his eyebrows and wonders whether Shao Shuai is somewhat exaggerating.

No matter how strong the ant is, it is still no match for the two cultivators at the realm of Grand Master.

"This kind of rare beast is actually not very strong but their defense is somewhat terrifying," Shao Shuai explains to Gao Ge.

Gao Ge takes a tumble.

Very quickly, the rain is getting light.

The ants following behind also disappear.

Gao Ge is very curious about that.

Supposedly, the ants move faster and faster. They should be able to stop Gao Ge and the others.

Gao Ge is confident about his ability. Those ants can’t cause too much trouble for him but it’s hard to say whether they will hurt Xie Tong, Xie Zhuang and the others.

Shao Shuai sees through Gao Ge’s confusion and says, "In the sea of herbs, every kind of rare beast has its own territory. The ants are difficult to deal with but they still fear something. Therefore, they don’t dare to trespass on the territories of other rare beasts."

Gao Ge says with a smile, "In this case, aren’t there more terrible rare beasts here?"

"Of course," Shao Shuai says seriously, "The rare beasts in the sea of herbs are unbelievably strong. Think about this. Why do we try so hard to enter the sea of herbs?"

"Because there are so many precious herbs, and Heavenly Treasures and Earthly Materials in this place?" Gao Ge ventures to say.

Shao Shuai nods and says with a bitter smile, "You’re right. Even the people of the blessed spots are eager to gain the herbs in the sea of herbs. And those rare beasts are living here. They feed on the herbs in this place. Well, how competent are the surviving rare beasts?"

Gao Ge looks stern and nods.

Originally, he didn’t feel it was a problem but after seeing that kind of huge ant and hearing what Shao Shuai said, he gradually takes a tumble.

The sea of herbs is a good place indeed.

However, this place is also full of danger.

If he wants to stay alive, he must remain alert all the time.

Otherwise, he would really die here.

Xie Zhuolian’s face is pale. Xie Zhuang is slightly better. It seems that he has entered the sea of herbs before. Xie Tong is clutching Xie Zhuang’s arm and trembling as if the huge ants also caused a great shock for her. In fact, this is very normal. Anyone would feel frightened after experiencing the previous scene. Even Gao Ge feels lingering fear now. Yet, since he has gone into the sea of herbs, he can’t stop. What he can do now is to keep advancing so as to complete the mission.

Moreover, even if they really stop, it may not be safe.

As long as they stay in the sea of herbs, the unknown danger will approach them.

In this case, they may as well take initiative.

At least…

They won’t be bitten by some poisonous mosquitos.

Because this is likely to be the last time that they can come into the sea of herbs, the Xie Family and Shao Shuai feel that it becomes harder to complete their missions.

"Take out as many herbs as possible," Xie Jue coughs and says.

Xie Zhuolian and the others all hasten to nod.

Shao Shuai touches his chin as if pondering over something.

"Forget it. I’ll pick herbs too," after saying that, Shao Shuai also joins in picking the herbs.

Although they really want to find the fire of herbs, it’s hard to tell where the fire of herbs will show up. After all, it’s a matter of luck only. He may as well stay here to take a chance.

Right at the moment, he hears a scream.

"Eh?" Shao Shuai stands up and narrows his eyes.

"You want to meddle?" Gao Ge glances at Shao Shuai and asks.

"No, it’s just that the voice sounds a bit familiar," Shao Shuai says, "It sounds like someone next to Shao Cangfeng."

Gao Ge is a bit surprised.

"Forget it. Regardless, it has nothing to do with us," Shao Shuai shakes his head and says.

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