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Chapter: 428

Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1137 words Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

In a place separated from the main street, Kufar and Cloud were talking while standing. Michelle who was supposed to be next to him was nowhere to be found either. For a moment, I suspected whether Kufar had kidnapped her, so I hesitated to show my face.

If that was the case, making any rash movements would only endanger her. I signaled Finia who was beside me to keep quiet, and listened to their conversation.

"You’ve also gone through hardships after arriving here, right?"

"Well, yeah."

"I’m supporting half-demons like you. I have other comrades too, so how about you drop by once?"

"Still, I’m planning to leave this city soon anyway."

"That’s unfortunate. And here I thought I finally found a fellow half-demon in this city."

He spoke over-familiarly, and shrugged when his invitation was rejected. His forehead was exposed now. In other words, the small horn that was proof of being a half-demon was visible. But in his case, he was disguised so even that horn was fake.

Naturally, exposing it like that would get him rolled up in trouble in this city. But doing so on the street with no people was a way to gain Cloud’s trust.

"If you’re vigilant, you can bring someone along too, you know?"

"No, really, I’m planning to leave really soon. So I have to refuse your invitation. I do understand where your group’s claims are coming from, though."

"So you do understand us! Actually, we had a little gathering soon and—"

Kufar spoke with an innocent smile on his face. He seemed to be trying to get Cloud recruited. In that case, there was probably no harm done to Michelle. Much as I’d have liked to go and finish Kufar off, there were Finia and Cloud’s eyes to consider here.

If I engaged in a battle with him and he realized who I was and exposed it, it would be really troubling for me. It was very regretful, but I had no choice but to stop at just driving him away. For better or worse, he has seen me as Nicole too.


"Cloud, is this your acquaintance?"

"Ah, Nicole, Finia. No, I just met him."


Kufar was shocked to see me. But now that I know what he was, I was aware that his expression was made-up. I could see the ends of his mouth wrinkling up unnaturally.

"You know her too, Kufar? Oh right, they are Nicole and Finia. Nicole is also my combat teacher.""O-Oh… That’s amazing. She looks so dainty on the outside. And yes, we have met."

Back then, he had tried to approach Cortina while disguised but I got in his way. He remembered it too. I took an attitude that said "get lost or I’ll kill you" and put a hand on my katana.

We kept each other in check, but then Kufar stepped back slightly, deciding that there was no point in inviting him. Cloud was looking at us in doubt. But he did not approach us.

Kufar looked bitterly at me, with his eyes saying, "how dare you get in my way."

Anyway, Cloud was safe with this. Since Kufar realized Cloud was with me, following him any more than this would lead to Six Heroes getting involved, something that could be said to be the worst development for him. Still, I had to confirm one more thing.

"Cloud, where’s Michelle?"

"Oh, she went to pee."


Finia looked meaningfully at him for that remark that didn’t have a fragment of delicacy. Michelle was already old enough, so he should really be careful with making such direct remarks.

Still, the fact that she was safe was enough for me, so I felt weight leave my chest. Wait, should I suspect a separate force targeting her?


"Do you know where?"

"What, you wanna pee too, Nicole?"

"Cloud, I’ll kill you, you know?"

"W-Why?! She’s borrowing the restroom in that store…"

"I see, thanks. You and Finia should return to the inn."

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I tried to persuade them, but before Cloud managed to object, Kufar spoke up.

"I see, so you were related to her. Too bad, I have to give up on inviting you."

"That would be wise."

"Then, my business is done here. Don’t follow me okay?"

"Right back at you."

Kufar slowly backed up, and then turned around and disappeared in the corner. Once I saw that to the end, I rushed to the store Michelle was in to confirm her safety.

I was worried about Cloud too, but Finia was there too so Kufar wouldn’t do anything rash. Both Finia and Cloud were considered first-class as Adventurers even if they didn’t seem like it. Even he would find it difficult to face both of them at once.

"Oh, so she really did want to pee. I guess she was at her limit given how fast she rushed in.""Cloud…"

Hearing that voice from behind, I decided to beat him up later. He really was beyond help when even Finia had such a reaction.

The store Cloud pointed at was a magic tool store that sold accessories with effects used for Adventuring. Many Adventurers gathered in this city, so there were many such tool stores. In that sense, Whitey’s store was something similar too.


"Excuse me. Please let me borrow the restroom."

"Huh, um…"

The employee had a pretty bitter expression after asking her to use the restroom despite not being a customer. But once I silently placed three silver coins on the counter, she happily pointed me to it. It wasn’t that big of a sum, but you’d still need to work up some sweat to earn it.


I couldn’t help but be amazed at how self-interested the employee was for switching her attitude around so fast, but confirming Michelle’s safety came first.

Just as I headed to the restroom, Michelle came out of it.

"Huh, Nicole, what’s wrong?""Uh, well, nothing much."

I couldn’t say I got worried because she took too long. I couldn’t talk about Kufar either, so I just vaguely answered her. It seemed that there was no separate force targeting her, so I felt relieved.

"Oh right, take a look at this."

"Huh, what?"

"This necklace has the Surveillance spell cast on it. Cloud bought it for me."

"Oh, good for you."

Gifting an accessory to a girl was quite a nice move considering it was Cloud. Though the magic cast on it was kinda boorish. Michelle looked so radiant with her head tilted in happiness.

"Ah right, we have to return to Cloud’s side fast or he’ll get rolled up in some sales scam.""Huh, this quickly? He really can’t be helped!"

Seeing Michelle run off the store with a yell, I heaved a big sigh.

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