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Chapter: 402

Looking at the exact copy of themselves coming towards them, the expression on the faces of Kisame, Mageta, and Takashi were serious.

As elite shinobi working in the Anbu for quite a while now, they understand that Aqua Mirror Jutsu used by the Mizukage is no simple Jutsu, as long as the Chakra supply is maintained this Jutsu is extremely hard to beat.

Not only are the reflective copies capable of showing the exact same level of strength as their originals, but they are also capable of copying the Kekkei Genkai of all the copies to the level of absolute perfection.

As such dealing with this Jutsu is extremely hard, especially when the user of this Jutsu is a Jinchuriki.

Kisame’s Clone collided with Kisame.

Mageta’s Clone collided with Mageta.

Takashi’s Clone collided with Takashi

Loud Muffled sounds of bones colliding, sounds of metal collision, water, and blood crashing could be heard.

Repelled by their own reflections, Kisame, Mageta, and Takashi jumped backward and were ready to continue the battle.

"Say Mageta-kun… you are from Chinoike Clan, are you not? So, is it not possible for you to perform the same Jutsu but using blood as a medium instead of Water?" – Kisame asked Mageta.

Mageta had a thoughtful look on his face, "Hmm, that certainly is a nice idea, I suppose I can give it a try in the future, but not now while fighting the Mizukage… although I am certain this Jutsu’s limitation is the amount of light present in the surrounding, and considering that today is the moonless night, so this Jutsu used by Mizukage is not at its full power…"

Takashi said, "Which means defeating these reflective copies wouldn’t be so difficult…"

Yagura scolded the three individuals, "Kisame, as a shinobi born and raised in Kirigakure, someone as loyal as you to have betrayed the village to the likes of Akatsuki! Do you have no shame? Or is it that your loyalty to the village was a lie all along?"

Yagura is not only angry at them but he is also shocked, especially at Kisame… he is really sad and angered that someone as loyal as Kisame would betray the village and take refuge in Akatsuki Organization so easily.

Kisame said with a melancholic smile, "I have long since come to understand that this world is filled with lies… someone from Akatsuki vowed to create a world that is not filled with lies, as such I chose the Akatsuki over the village."

"Is that so? In that case, I have nothing more to say to you Kisame. And what about you Takashi? Did you believe the words of that guy so easily? Your life being spared had nothing to do with him or the Akatsuki… I spared you of my own intention, I had hoped that you could become an asset to the village, but now I think that was a mistake… Are you not ashamed of yourself?" – Yagura questioned Takashi.

Takashi was silent when faced with Mizukage’s questioning, he was indeed a bit ashamed, but he knows that he doesn’t have much longer to live. As the last member of the Kaguya Clan, he does not want the Clan to just up and vanish in the annals of history… Akatsuki has promised him a cure, and he has had several talks with Tobi, therefore, his mind has already been made up, "I do not care for this village, never have and never will…"

"So that’s your answer huh?" – Yagura said with a bit of sadness, then continued with his previous angered tone, "In that case, both of you will die as the traitors!"

And the next instant, he along with the three reflections rushed towards the three Akatsuki recruits.

In Kirigakure.

While fending off the attacks from a traitor shinobi, Ao looked at the Mizukage Building not far away with a serious expression.

After a while, he turned to Mei who was fighting against several shinobi not far from him, and said, "There are still no signs of any activity from the Mizukage-sama, and with how the battle is going on, the situation in our side seems a bit disadvantageous."

"How did the situation turn out like this? Last I checked, Momochi Zabuza did not have so many supporters under him… so what just happened in such a short period of time?!" – Mei can’t help but frown, she has started to sense that more than just Momochi Zabuza is involved in this Coup d’état.


Ao said, "Even I am not sure… but if this continues, we will never be able to check the situation of Mizukage-sama as we intended to do."

The objective of the people led by Mei is to verify the situation of Mizukage, they want to use this chaos to their advantage to do so.

Terumi sighed helplessly when she remembered her past discussion with the Elders of Kirigakure.

She also realizes that this Coup d’état started by Momochi Zabuza is a good opportunity to verify the condition of the Mizukage, but Mizukage doesn’t seem to have any intention to make his appearance, and when she sees the shinobi of Kirigakure fighting and killing each other, she doesn’t really feel good about it.

After melting another shinobi with her Vapor Style, Mei asked Ao, "Where is Momochi Zabuza? Why is it that he hasn’t appeared until now?"

Ao had no answer to Mei’s question, both Mizukage and Zabuza have yet to make their appearance in this Coup d’état.

Amidst the Coup d’état going in Kirigakure, there is a third presence that nobody here has noticed up until now, or perhaps they have noticed but completely ignored this presence as nothing more than crows, this presence is obviously that of Uchiha Itachi.

Using his Yatagarasu no Jutsu, Itachi has been observing the entire situation of Kirigakure as instructed by Tsukihi.

After a while of observing Terumi Mei on the battlefield, he has reached the conclusion that she doesn’t seem to be an appropriate candidate for the position of the next Mizukage. Neither her strength is up to the standard to crush the enemy in one fell swoop, nor is she charismatic enough to turn the shinobi on the enemy side to her side.

At normal times she may have been a good candidate for Mizukage but not when Akatsuki is at your tail. She doesn’t have enough strength to be able to resist Akatsuki fellows.

‘Let’s see if Momochi Zabuza is up to the task.’ – thought Itachi as he observed Zabuza who was rushing towards a particular house in Kirigakure.


Outside the house where the current Mizukage was confronting Kisame, Mageta, and Takashi.

"Hahaha… I never would have expected that you would suddenly bring me intelligence that pointed towards the location of Yondaime Mizukage… When I become the next Mizukage, I will make you a squad commander in the Anbu!" – said Zabuza to a Kirigakure Genin.

"I am unworthy of your praise Zabuza-sama!" – said the Genin with a respectful attitude, it’s just that inside his mind other thoughts were going on, ‘What happened to Obito so suddenly and why did his control over the Mizukage suddenly disappear? I was left with no choice but to lead Momochi Zabuza here to support Kisame and the others… Sigh, I don’t know what happened to the plan Obito had made for Kirigakure…’

This is just a parasitic Zetsu Clone who has taken the form of a Kirigakure Genin.

Because of the support provided by various parasitic Zetsu Clones, the Coup d’état initiated by Momochi Zabuza has been going quite smoothly… this is all according to Obito’s plan, however, because of Obito’s ‘death’ at the hands of Tsukihi, the plans started to change as Mizukage suddenly regained consciousness, and even if Kisame, Mageta and Takashi managed to hold off the Mizukage, they are not strong enough to defeat Karatachi Yagura who is a perfect Jinchuriki and probably the strongest among the current five Kages.

Since the plan has failed so the only option left here is to retreat, and Momochi Zabuza, the initiator of the Coup d’état would serve as good enough of a distraction to give the chance for the three of them to retreat.

It would also allow Kisame to get his hands on Samehada.

And the poor Zabuza does not know that he is being led around by others for the entire time, in his eyes, the seat of the next Mizukage will soon be his, which is just a Genjutsu as it will never be fulfilled.

Hearing the noise coming from the house in front of him, and the excited Samehada in his hands, Zabuza is more than certain that Mizukage is inside and fighting against someone.

Realizing this Zabuza feels closer and closer to the seat of the Mizukage, ‘Now I just have to defeat the Yondaime, after that, I will become the next Mizukage!’

With a smirk, Zabuza waved the Samehada sword and ordered the subordinates to follow him "Surround this building and prepare for the attack, our target is Yondaime Mizukage Karatachi Yagura, anyone who lands the killing blow on him will gain the position of Elder Advisor when I become the Mizukage!"


"Yes!" – the shinobi following him nodded, vigorously, and started to rush inside the house.

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