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Chapter: 407

A few nights later in Kirigakure.

"You… plop…"

Was all this particular Kirigakure Anbu managed to say before his consciousness became dull and he fell asleep on the floor, Snore…

After taking care of the Anbu, Itachi withdrew his gaze and said to the person who came from the other side of the passage "The guard in this passage has been taken care of Tsukihi-san."

"Hmm, the one on my side has also been resolved. Let’s move forward," said Tsukihi, then together with Itachi she started to go deeper inside the Mizukage Building.

As both Itachi and Tsukihi walked side by side, Itachi suddenly said, "The security here is a bit abnormal."

Tsukihi, knew but asked Itachi nonetheless, "Why do you think so Itachi-kun?"

Itachi said, "The number of guards is very low, moreover, their strength is also not nearly enough for the job."

Tsukihi nodded with a thoughtful expression, "That is true I suppose. The level of security is indeed quite low, it’s almost as if someone is inviting us inside…"

The level of security in the Mizukage Building is indeed abnormal. After sneaking inside the Mizukage Building, Tsukihi and Itachi have only encountered about 6 guards up to now, and their strength was only at the level of an elite Genin…

Such a low level of combat force is being used to protect the Kage of a great shinobi village, not to mention a shinobi village that has just gone through a civil war 3 days ago… it’s obvious that the situation is a bit abnormal, and Tsukihi does not deny this.

Itachi said, "Do you think this is a trap Tsukihi-san?"


Tsukihi shook her head, "It’s possible, but I don’t think that’s the case. I am more inclined to believe in the other possibility."

"The other one? Meaning Kirigakure higher-ups are pressuring Mizukage-sama to abdicate as early as possible?" – Itachi asked with a thoughtful expression.

Tsukihi nodded, "Probably one of the many means Kirigakure elders are using to pressure Karatachi Yagura, into abdicating as soon as possible. Following his confession, Yagura’s political power has been taken away completely, and Yagura did not pose any resistance to it… but no one in Kirigakure has enough strength to match up to Yagura, as such no one can openly ask him to quit the position of Mizukage, so these are just roundabout methods they are using."

After the events following Kirigakure’s civil war, Kirigakure’s senior management has been doing everything in their power to force Yagura’s abdication as early as possible, all the blame for the Civil War was also transferred to Yagura’s head by secretly manipulating information.

The fact that Mizukage became a puppet in the hands of Akatsuki for over a year is only known to a few people, which only includes the Kirigakure higher-ups and a few elite Jonin.

None of the other shinobi or civilians in Kirigakure, nor any other shinobi villages are aware of this information, yet.

So putting the blame for everything on Yagura’s head has been very easy. Moreover, there has been no statement from Yagura himself to deny the blame, perhaps because Yagura does feel guilty about what all happened to Kirigakure, after all, in a way, it was partly his fault, so the accusations against him are not wrong either.

Overall, public opinion has completely shifted in Yagura’s favor, and people are demanding that he abdicates the position of Mizukage as early as possible.

Such things are happening even after Yagura has already stated that he will abdicate from the position of Mizukage, but it seems that few people who lust for power can’t wait anymore, or perhaps they are skeptical about Yagura’s words.

After all, this is Kirigakure, and Kirigakure’s Kage is not selected by the public or the elders of the village, according to the rules and traditions, the strongest shinobi of the village becomes the Mizukage, regardless of their age.

This is also the reason why Zabuza dared to launch a Coup d’état. He knew that, if he proves to be the strongest shinobi in Kirigakure by killing Karatachi Yagura then everyone, even the elders will have to accept him as the Mizukage, although he failed to become the Mizukage, the rules still remain the same.

Therefore, even if Yagura has lost his reputation, his strength is still the strongest in Kirigakure, so anyone weaker than him can not force him to abdicate upfront, as such they are using these indirect underhanded methods, and exploiting the guilt in Yagura’s heart.


Tsukihi does not know how Yagura died in the canon, but suicide is also one of the many possible causes of his death, similar to how Hatake Sakumo killed himself, it is possible that Yagura also killed himself.

And if Yagura were to die, then without a doubt Terumi Mei will become the next Mizukage. Itachi and Tsukihi have already reached the conclusion that Mei’s strength does not meet their requirement for the next Mizukage, and since Zabuza was also a disappointment, so Yagura is the best choice.

The fact that Yagura hates Akatsuki helps a lot, and this hatred in Yagura’s heart can be exploited, so overall, Yagura can be a good pawn, as such Tsukihi does not want this good pawn to die, at least not before he has proven useful to her, therefore, she and Itachi are here. To make sure that Yagura remains the Mizukage, and at the same time becomes a loyal subordinate of Amatsukami similar to Pakura, the Godaime Kazekage.

Itachi said with a sad expression, "No matter which village, there are always people who struggle for power and forget the sight of what’s truly important, and what truly matters."

"This is the kind of world we live in. And this can not be changed, people will always struggle for such petty things, war may stop, peace may come or it may not come, but these basic desires and faults within a human’s heart will never change, and these qualities and differences give rise to conflicts… so in a way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that peace will never come… and if you want to accomplish your dream of ending all wars, then you have a very long road ahead of you… Just being the strongest won’t help you in this…" Tsukihi said.

Itachi had a thoughtful expression on his face as he pondered over Tsukihi’s words.

Tsukihi did not disturb him, and the two continued to silently walk further inside.

The reason for bringing Itachi is fairly obvious, Tsukihi wants to subdue Yagura without causing much of a ruckus

In the blink of an eye, the two of them arrived on the first underground floor of the Mizukage Building.

Along the way, they only encountered two more guards, both of whom were easily taken care of by the two of them, and after extracting information about Yagura’s position from one of the guards, Tsukihi and Itachi proceeded.

Somewhere on the underground floor.


Yagura rubbed the corner of his eye as he tried to make out anything that would give him some lead for the information he has been trying to figure out.

The young adult’s face shows clear signs of fatigue and emptiness.

Physical fatigue because of tirelessly working for the past few days is another thing, Yagura is more fatigued because of the pressure from the elders.

After heaving a sigh, Yagura pondered over his deduction.

Just when he thought that he has reached a conclusion, his mind suddenly shifted, and a bad premonition surged in his heart.

Yagura immediately leaned against the wall adjacent to the door of this room to hide and then used and then tried listening to the sound of silent footsteps.

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