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Chapter: 419

Chapter - 419 - Something More Important?

As the fight went on, the scene of Kuraokami coiling himself around the body of Isobu appeared making the resulting creature look like that of Genbu from the legends.

And while Kuraokami and Isobu appeared to still be at each other’s throats like two beasts, fighting, brawling, and biting each other… Suijin and Yagura started a conversation telepathically on a subconscious plane by linking their Chakra.

Yagura asked Suijin, "So you are taking the Byakugan that Ao had?"

"Yes." Nodded Suijin as if it was obvious, then asked, "Is there a problem with it?"

Yagura shook his head, he had no objection to Suijin taking the Byakugan, "Not really, I just wanted to confirm."

Suijin said, "After this, your position as Mizukage should be fixed, right?"

Yagura nodded gratefully, "Okay, after the events of today, the pressure on me should decrease, and since Mei has realized that she stands no chance against the organization, therefore, I think she would be unwilling to take the position of the Mizukage, unless, of course, something unexpected happens to me."

Suijin continued, "Bring the Jinchuriki of Rokubi back to your village as soon as you can, currently, he is alone himself, so he is an easy target for Akatsuki to capture, which is something the organization does not want, moreover, if you personally bring him back, then you will have Utakata as a subordinate you will be able to trust.

Also, try to make sure that Rokubi cooperates with Utakata because that would make Utakata a perfect Jinchuriki thus Kirigakure’s strength will increase and this will also make it incredibly difficult for Akatsuki to hunt down Utakata, well at least, a little difficult."

As soon as Suijin mentioned Akatsuki, Yagura’s face sank and he nodded, "I will bring him back, and I will have Isobu convince Rokubi into cooperating with Utakata."

Suijin nodded, then spoke, "Next, announce the news of you being controlled by Akatsuki, that should also make things easier, pressure from other Shinobi Villages will decrease. Amatsukami will, of course, add in their input from the sides to make your words believable, and also sign a cooperation treaty with Suna. If the Suna, who has lost their Yondaime Kazekage were to support Kirigakure, then things will become easier for Kirigakure.

Moreover, if Suna and Kiri were to sign a cooperation treaty, then the other villages would not dare to take the advantage of the weakness of the two villages."

"Understood." Yagura nodded again.

Suijin nodded, and said, "Alright, with everything out of the way, I think it’s about time we finish this up, I have other things to take care of, this is the extent of help that the Organization can give you… it’s up to you from here on. Do not disappoint the organization Yagura."

Yagura nodded.

Back to the real world.

At this time, nothing like the valley that once existed is left, if someone were to see the current state of this place, he would much rather call this place a wasteland at the center of which lies an extremely large lake, and two creatures a giant water dragon and a giant tortoise brawling in the middle of this lake.

As the dragon, named Kuraokami was about to bite the head of Isobu with his sharp teeth, he suddenly stopped midway and turned to look at the sky.

The reason for suddenly stopping is because Kuraokami noticed a person coming in their direction at an extremely fast speed. This person was flying and had wings made of black iron sand on his back. He wore the outfit of the Amatsukami and everyone recognized him, even if only by his disguise.

Kuraokami asked with a frowned tone, "Fujin, what are doing here, don’t you see I am enjoying a fight here?"

Fujin said in an indifferent tone, "That’s all the playtime you get, Yama has ordered for you to come back, something important has come up…"

Kuraokami asked, "What has come up?"

Fujin said, "We have found their location, so you no longer have any time to waste here on the Mizukage or Bijuu, the enemy this time is just as strong as Yama had expected, so the entire organization will act this time."

"Heh? Finally, found the location of their base? In that case, we should hurry there; annihilating them is much more important and fun than fighting or capturing a few chakra pets." muttered Kuraokami and uncoiled itself from Isobu.

Then changed back into the Suijin form and said, "Mizukage, our battle will have to wait, as you can see, something has come up, and it is much more important than defeating you, capturing Rokubi’s Jinchuriki or controlling Kirigakure, as such I won’t be seeing you for some time, so you can live as yourself while you still can because after that your happy days will be over…" while simultaneously condensed a floating Ice Platform under his feet.

After he had said so, Suijin did not wait for any reply from the Mizukage and flew away along with the Fujin while telekinetically controlling the Ice Platform.

Isobu had an awkward expression because of the sudden action of Suijin, but he wasn’t complaining and retracted inside Yagura.

Yagura looked at the disappearing figures of Suijin and Fujin as he sensed the hurried arrival of Mei and the others.

"Mizukage sama! A… are you alright?" Mei asked with a worried expression.

Just now when they saw the arrival of another member of Amatsukami, the Kirigakure Shinobi were panicked, because one is already such a big threat whom Mizukage sama was barely holding back, and now a second one?

If he were to attack too, then there was no doubt that Mizukage sama was done for, and worried that the two would work together to kill or capture Mizukage sama, the Kirigakure shinobi regardless of all the consequences they might suffer rushed back here, only to see both Suijin and the other one going away.

Mizukage nodded with a confused expression, "Yes."

Mei asked again, "Why did they just leave?"

Yagura shook his head, "I do not know, but they did mention something much more important related to some enemy."

Kirigakure shinobi were confused, ‘Something much more important than capturing a Bijuu or killing the Mizukage? What could be more important than that?’

Before they can ask any further, Yagura said, "Anyway, it is a relief that they have gone, now focus on finding Utakata, we must bring him back before Akatsuki or Amatsukami get their hands on him."

Ordered by Yagura, Kirigakure shinobi can only nod and went in search of Yagura.

On the side of masked Obito and Zetsu.

Obito asked Zetsu, "Why did the two of them suddenly withdraw?"

Zetsu said, "I can not be certain, but the one called Fujin by Suijin, said about founding the base of someone… and upon hearing that Suijin put away dealing with the Mizukage for the later date and decided to go with Fujin."

Masked Obito frowned, "Do you think that they have found our new base?"

Zetsu said in confusion, "Hard to say, he did not mention anything specific, but he did say that the entire organization will be taking part, so maybe… it’s possible."

Obito nodded, "Let’s go back, Nagato has yet to recover so it’s best that we don’t risk it."

Zetsu asked, "And what about capturing the Jinchuriki of Rokubi?"

"Let Nagato recover all the Bijuu can be captured after that, for now, until he has recovered its best that we stay at the base so that Nagato does not end up dead." – Obito said as his figure disappeared in a spiraling whirl.

Zetsu nodded and he too sunk under the ground.

As both Zetsu and Obito went away, a greenish-brown snake that was coiling around the bark of a tree not far away also uncoiled itself and slithered inside the tree hole.

At the same time, a crow that was sitting on the tree and keeping watch over Zetsu and Obito also flew away.

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