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Chapter: 420

Chapter - 420 - Follow-up Events

One week later, the figure of Hyuga Kuroto, or better yet, Watatsumi can be seen walking towards the hideout of Team Ro, as well as the Anbu team led by Morino Ibiki.

In the past week, a lot of things happened.

After retreating from the battlefield, Suijin, and Fujin, met up with Homusubi who was secretly following Utakata.

Even prior to the arrival of Mei and the party at the valley, Suijin with the help of Ichikishima-hime made sure to spread hundreds of simple snakes all over the battlefield to keep track of real-time movements around the battlefield. The purpose was to make sure that nothing unexpected, or out of the calculation happens.

Unexpectedly, Obito and Zetsu were also watching the battle, which didn’t surprise Suijin. Perhaps they were also after the Jinchuriki of Rokubi, and probably wanted to use Kirigakure Shinobi to do the task for them, and reap the benefits without putting in much effort.

But how can Suijin allow that to happen?

Therefore, Suijin had instructed Homusubi to keep a watch on both Obito and Zetsu, as well as, protect Utakata from the shadows to make sure that Akatsuki doesn’t get their hands on Rokubi. In fact, even the last statement of Fujin about finding the enemy’s base was also a ruse to make sure that Obito retreats and does not hinder Kirigakure in bringing back Utakata.

And of course, after retreating away from the battlefield, Suijin and Fujin met up with Homusubi and watched the whole process of the Kirigakure unit led by Yagura bringing Utakata back to the village.

After they had done so, Fujin and Suijin retreated back to the Ancor Vantian.

Fujin had to watch over Gaara sama and Karin sama, while Suijin had to collect data on a lot of things, as well as store both Suijin and Homusubi’s bodies in his laboratory.

On the other hand, Homusubi went in the direction of the capital of the Land of Water, and under Suijin’s instruction started to create trouble for water Daimyo while posing himself as a samurai by the name of Ishikawa Goemon, an honored Samurai.

His task was to steal from the Daimyo and other higher authorities and distribute it to the poor people of the Land of Water. In just two days, the Samurai named Ishikawa Goemon created so much trouble for the authorities of the Land of Water that the Daimyo had to literally beg the Mizukage in solving the problem named Ishikawa Goemon, else the country might have collapsed and ceased to function.

Now obviously it is rather strange that the Daimyo would beg the Mizukage, but he had no other choice, in fact, Daimyo was more so worried about the safety of all his secret lovers, concubines, and even his official wife who suddenly went missing, that he did not hesitate to beg the Mizukage who is the strongest Shinobi in the Land of Water.

The rescue went without a hitch but in just these few days, the name Ishikawa Goemon became a legend in the world, and Ishikawa Goemon was renowned as the legendary Outlaw Hero.

Anyway, after everything was said and done, and since the mission was completed, Itachi sneaked back and merged with the Team-Ro.

And now, Kuroto has also returned back, and since he made sure to not hide from his teammates, therefore, he was soon greeted by them, of course after verification of his identity, Akame asked, "Captain, did you complete the mission?"

The news of Yagura being a puppet at the hands of Akatsuki has yet to be announced by Kirigakure, therefore, nobody in Team-Ro is aware of this news. Moreover, none of the four, except for Weasel is aware of what exactly the mission was so they can only hope that Captain had managed to complete it.

But unfortunately, they had to be disappointed as Watatsumi shook his head, and said: "No, I didn’t."

Rabbit said, "Captain, the failure of the mission is not just your responsibility, all of us are responsible for it so the punishment will be given to all of us, you do not need to bear it alone."

Akame lowered her head, and nodded, "We were the ones who were a burden to you, if not for us getting injured so early, and had managed to provide support, maybe the mission would have progressed differently and completed without a hitch."

Hana also nodded, "Yes, we will all bear the punishment."

The only one who was silent was Weasel, as he had nothing to say. To be honest, he actually felt sorry for the other three members of Team-Ro for being kept in the dark the whole time, ‘The mission wouldn’t have succeeded even if we were there.’

Watatsumi chuckled at the behavior of the three and said while shaking his head, "Don’t worry, there would be no punishment, I never said that the mission was failed. I just said that I did not complete the mission."

Akame being the vice-captain of the team asked with a frown, "What do you mean captain?"

Watatsumi said, "The situation in Kirigakure has changed, I am sure everyone is aware of the civil war that occurred in Kirigakure recently, right?"

The four nodded, "Yes."

Watatsumi nodded, and continued, "So, because of this civil war, there have been several changes, and because of these changes, the mission was no longer necessary to be completed."

Hana muttered, "Is that so?"

Watatsumi nodded, "Yes, so anyway, let’s retreat back to the village. We have to pass the information I obtained back to Hokage-sama as early as possible."

The other four looked at each other, then nodded.

Team-Ro bid farewell to Morino Ibiki and his team; then retreated back to the Village.

Of course, Watatsumi did give the Team-Ro a short brief up on the events that took place in Kirigakure, but he made sure to not reveal everything until he informs Hokage sama.

Since the news to be delivered was extremely important, as such, the Team Ro rushed back to Konoha at full speed continuous travel, with minimum brakes. Thus they managed to arrive back at the village in just 1 week.

Arriving back in the village Team-Ro was instantly summoned to the Hokage Office.

Watatsumi passed the mission report that described all the events that took place in Kirigakure to Hokage sama.

Of course, the events and information were from the perspective of the Anbu named Watatsumi, and their description was only limited to what Watatsumi wanted Hokage to know, nothing about the personal business of Amatsukami, however, he did mention the rumor about Amatsukami also appearing in the Kirigakure.


After reading the report, and upon learning the fact that the Mizukage was controlled by Akatsuki, the shocked look on the faces of everyone was clear.

They were speechless, one Kage was killed and the other became a puppet? How much has the status of a Kage of a great Shinobi Village fallen?

It must not be forgotten that the Kage of a great Shinobi Village holds extremely high combat power, and yet such results are happening? If this wouldn’t surprise Sarutobi and the others, then what will?

Seeing the thoughtful expression on Sandaime’s face, Watatsumi continued, "Since Yondaime Mizukage managed to break free of the Genjutsu from Akatsuki, so I decided to not assassinate him, as that would have weakened Kirigakure, and Akatsuki could have used that opportunity to again take control over Kirigakure from the shadows, moreover, the alive Mizukage who thinks of Akatsuki as the top enemy is much better."

Listening to Watatsumi’s words about ‘Assassinating the Mizukage’ Akame, Hana, and Rabbit were incredibly shocked, ‘The mission was to assassinate the Mizukage? And Captain actually sneaked inside Kirigakure to complete this mission alone?’

And, since Watatsumi never shared the exact detail of the mission with Team Ro, so they were more shocked because Watatsumi actually dared to complete such a mission on his own?

Hokage sama did not care about the shocked expression of the four standing behind Watatsumi, he had already read from the report that those four were left behind under the care of Morino Ibiki, but he was still shocked, and wondering what to make of the situation from here on, as he nodded, "Your decision was indeed correct." Then after a pause, he continued, "What do you think about the current situation of the Mizukage, will he remain in power, or will he be forced to abdicate?"

Watatsumi shook his head, and said, "The subordinate can not judge."

Sandaime nodded with a sigh and said with a tired look, "You have done hard work, now go back and rest. As soon as I get the next mission of Team-Ro ready, I will inform the five of you. Now dismiss."

Watatsumi as well as the four members of Team-Ro nodded and left the Hokage Office.

Of course, there were many questions in the minds of the three regarding this mission, but none of them dared to speak anything as per the secrecy code issued by Hokage sama and silently went on their way to their respective homes.

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